Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dark And Stormy

Great first impression. Maximal impact. I mean really... it's not that much black... it just looks like it. It's all the stainless steel that creates the illusion of a 'dark and stormy' kitchen. They're actually grey walls and cabinets. I love how the white ceiling, lighting choices and rustic table and chairs soften the whole look.... and I love those bluestone pavers...super rustic.

I think I would have to lighten the walls... especially the one surrounding the window.....but that's just me and my fear of 'dark and stormy'. The stone benchtops are a great colour and would still look good with lighter walls. I'd still keep the grey cabinets. I'd just need that window wall lighter at least. What do you think? 'Dark and stormy' or 'lighter and brighter'?

Happy Thursday!


  1. This looks like a color that changes all day long.

    Love that.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  2. Hello A-M

    Oh wow - that is a drama shot isn't it!
    That window is gorgeous. I wonder what is outside it?
    Love love love that ceiling and for me I need the rest to be white too.

    Call me stayed or boring but too dark for if it was mine.

    The dining table is gorgeous, the light is divine too (it's like your gorgeous lights you sell.

    The size of it I'm envious of - but I need to have a light coloured floor too - even light or white floorboards.

    The owners are lucky people though :)

    Have a lovely day.



  3. Wow! Dramatic, but I'm with you A-M, at least lighten around the window.
    Colours affect our moods- fact.
    Don't think I could live with this kitchen every day!
    That said, I'd have to steal the table and chairs as they are to die for!
    Have a lovely day- storms forecast here, but I'm off to a pamper at the hairdressers so it's happy days for me!

  4. A bit too dramatic for me. I prefer light and airy and agree with the changes you would make. The window is gorgeous! I would like to see a bit more colour in there some where, perhaps some brightly coloured chairs?

  5. I like it but i would need the wall to be lighter. Mimi xx

  6. I love the dark walls and I'm a great fan of lamps in the kitchen. I think it's fabulous. Having said that, if I had that kitchen (which is about as big as my house!) I think I could live with lighter walls too :)

  7. Love it because it is a departure from the white I am always drawn to. I think the bluestone is gorgeous and would feel great underfoot. The variety of textures adds interest too and talk about appliance heaven!

  8. The walls would be painted white if it was my kitchen, for contrast. I love me some dark but need light for balance or I feel claustrophobic.

  9. Nothing like I would have in my house, but I do love it! Not sure the lamps are practical for the kitchen... with the dark wall a couple of equally dramatic wall lamps either side of the window would be my choice :-)

  10. Definitely lighter and brighter for me.

  11. Love this dark and dramatic kitchen. I think the wall lighter could look great - but I'd be happy with it exactly how it is.

  12. I like the darkness of this picture but I think there needs to be more contrast, maybe white chairs? It's really interesting to read everyones comments on this as I'm thinking of having a black kitchen rather than white!

  13. a bit masculine for me, makes the table look nice tho!

  14. I prefer lighter and brighter, but this is very striking and handsome.

  15. Hi AM,

    You and I exchanged emails a few years back about our mutual love of Hamptons style architecture. I have actually been inside this home and the cabinets are navy, very beautiful. Not pictured here are a gorgeous ladder at the back of the kitchen which glides across open shelve cabinetry which display crisp white serving dishes, beautiful against the navy cabinetry.

    The home was part of a Princess Margaret fundraiser last year here in Southern Ontario. Below is a link to the rest of the tour which you might enjoy:


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