Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So my boys are searching for crabs with their friends.....

... while I am 'mentally building' the most spectacular beach house on this 'charming cottage'? site across the road.

Have a guess the listed price.

$1.69 million. For a knockdown on a tiny 589 sqm. On a river that floods. Often. And that's a price reduction, the agent informs me. And there's lots of interest. Yeah, yeah.

How expensive is our real estate? Most expensive in the world. I fear for the world my adult boys will be living in. 

Nice distraction. Thinking of houses.


  1. I say you, me, LouLou and perhaps Will pool our resources, buy the property and then have a good proper beach house and time share that we can all enjoy! I dream of beach house in Australia!


  2. Hello AM

    How awesome is that photo of the "boys" and the "girls" - such innocence and such beauty working magic.

    I bet they will not be able to stop talking about the time they had at Noosa River on their holiday (wouldn't have had anything to do as well with 4 girls would it? :))

    Geeeeee Whiz! You've gotta love the price of our great Australian real estate don't you? Land is so expensive and then there is prime position land... Well we can go on about that can't we.

    I'm chomping at the bit to live at the "beach" or coastal at least and fear the price will just be out of constant reach when the timing is right for us to finally move.

    I totally agree with you - with a fear I have too of my children being able to afford real estate when they are right of age to buy.

    Yep - lets get our money together with some wonderful Canadian Souls and maybe buy this sucker

    have a wonderful relaxing time the rest of your stay


  3. Oh you're in my little part of the world *waves*, sorry about the wind yesterday, that was insane. Hopefully today will be better. Houses along that stretch always sell well's like a little piece of yesteryear along there isn't it, like you've stepped back to the 1950's!
    If only we'd snapped one up in the 1950's though!!
    Have a great day!

  4. B & K must be in seventh heaven A-Me. Takes me back to childhood holidays with family friends, we kids amused ourselves for hours.

    OK so I just reread the cottage price three times! Don't agents and sellers have high hopes for crappy real estate? Nuff said.

    Enjoy the break sweets, I'm sure you will feel somewhat re-energised from the beautiful sea air.
    Love to the boys

  5. Effing hell what a joke. People keep telling us we should buy, I don't think they realise how unattainable it is for us. Oh well.
    I hope you are having a relaxing, peaceful time.

  6. Nothing like a bit of fun in the sun. The water is still a bit chilly though. I attempted it last weekend but just couldn't do it. Enjoy! ;-)

  7. I agree A-M. The price of real estate is just so disheartening. My daughter and her partner are currently looking at acreage to buy here in the valley. It has tripled in price in the last 10 years. Would love to be able to subdivide a block for each of my 3 children off our block which would give us 2000 sq metres each. The local Council won't even consider it! I'm convinced the Government want everyone to be struggling their entire life. So unfair! Enjoy your little break - nothing like sea air to clear the head. ;)Sharyne

  8. Drawing floor plans for imaginary homes is one of my favourite pastimes. Enjoy x

  9. Real estate prices have simply become ridiculous. I think the real estate market needs a Bex and a good lie down.

  10. Unfortunately our real estate prices are artificially inflated and not in keeping with the rest of the world. I've been following the market for a very long time and I know the main cause is; Greed, greed, greed!
    I love that little cottage, I'd be giving it the 'beachy' treatment!

  11. $1.69 million????
    "Tell 'em they're dreamin'"

  12. Crazy isn't it?
    Looks like you're spending time on the same river where I was a few weeks ago. Lovely spot to chill and relax.
    My b-i-l lives on the North Shore where properties are just slightly less expensive that the other side of the river...still crazy prices though, and you have to get used to crossing the river in a tinny if you don't want to drive around the shore line.
    I spent my last visit there dreaming of a little boat house as a weekend retreat.

  13. So glad to see the boys are having a good time:). I hope you are taking some time for yourself too lovely. Enjoy:).
    Those prices are crazy:(. I know move to Perth and we can have coffee regularly:).

  14. I have to say I thought that cottage was extremely charming, especially if it was close to the beach! But wow kind of a shocker that it’s $1.69 mil. Yikes! Definitely not what I was expecting. That said, I do not know much about Queensland real estate, but still!

  15. Hmmm... guess not. Compare to Sweden, one of the riches (still)? I live in a box and that cost me fortune. But, that's the standard living where we live.

    Economy these days isn't a game either. As a banker... this problem makes the world go round, for real. Am afraid, it will be worst and we all get into trouble.

    Hope all is well. GB n hugs to 2 lil M's

    /chie 4evah

  16. OMG!!! how silly more the fool of people that buy would you ever get your money back?? Surely not?? Quiet scarry.


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