Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feeding Offspring

I don't know about you... but having 2 growing, active boys home on school holidays.... I seem to spend my life in the kitchen feeding them....especially the big one. 

I'm going to try this....spend the time I usually spend making school lunches in the morning making a 'snack box' for the day. Hungry son? Sort yourself out.... head to the 'snack box'.

My 'snack box' might have to be bigger than this though. That's the size of my almost 14 year old's school lunch. He takes an esky to school! He's already up to the 6 weetbix for breakfast.

Any tips? How do you cope with the school holiday feeding frenzies?


  1. oh lord a sign of of things to come for me. How much do boys eat? It's insane. Mine's only four and it is already a matter of constant feeding during the day, and this is a boy who eats everything at mealtimes.

    I am afraid that I am very undisciplined - as long as they have enough cheese and fruit and veg I also let them have Tiny Teddies and biscuits. Within reason.

  2. Love it, love it! I have two boys, younger than yours, and have found that having plenty of fruit available is a must. Your snack box idea is pure genius and in fact, I am going to put one together right now, it might just return a bit of sanity to my day.
    Have a good one.

  3. Ooooh, A-M. I am feeling.your.pain!

    I considered preparing food in the morning for the kidlets to help themselves to, but decided that takes the fun out of my holiday! So, yesterday, I told them they could eat at 9:30, 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30, with water in between.

    I was only asked once outside of this time, with about ten minutes to go, and told him to wait. He did! Yay!

    We will be back on this schedule today. I am so sick of spending the whole day in the kitchen.

    Have a great day

  4. Hello A-M

    I often make some "snacks" and "lunch boxes" in the morning so the kitchen isn't a constant dirty bench all day.

    I only have little (ish) ones and they are not massive eaters for now.

    Something that might help you too
    For a quick snack -
    I have one of those sandwich press machines
    I use (silicone bake or baking paper) on the bottom plate (this saves soooo much wiping up the plates)

    eg; crumbed chicken strips are so quick and easy to place on and bring the lid down and cook away.
    A lot of people don't know you can cook on these machines and they are so fast.

    I cook sausages, breast nuggets, small chicken breasts and of course sandwiches, toasties, toast melts what ever you like.

    If you don't have one - you can even buy some good cheapie ones just at the larger supermarkets - and they are in the kitchen section - you know - where the kettles are sold too.

    I hope that helps

    Protein snacks fill up more I think or then again carb load and make pasta salads have them in the fridge and they can be warmed too in a bowl when ever you want.

    have a lovely day



  5. I think Lou Lou needs to come over to my place and feed my boys. Wow!

    I'm constantly being food nagged these holidays. Yesterday I told them to make some biscuits (jam drops). After eating the biscuit dough and the finished baked product, they seemed satisfied for a few hours! xx

  6. Oh my goodness, I need to do this! My kids are driving me crazy about food! It's like they are desperate for it. I have an extra 2 kids here today so I am going to have to try and calm myself down for the day and just go with the flow, or my blood pressure will be through the roof!

  7. I make up a big batch of pasta, which they heat up through the day, they love it. It an easy receipe. Here it is:

    500 g Penne Pasta or any Small Pasta
    6 Rashers Bacon - Chopped Finely
    1 Can of Corn or Peas
    Grated Parmesean Cheese
    Olive oil
    Salt and Pepper

    Boil Pasta and Drain. Fry Bacon in Olive Oil, once fried add pasta, stir in corn or peas add Parmesean cheese, salt and pepper. EASY!

    I have the my children and my nieces ask me to cook this all the time.

    Have a wonderful day! Mimi xxx

  8. I used to say (when my 2 boys were teenagers) that I HAD to keep working to be able to feed them! Holidays were always a nightmare as they seemed to be even more hungry. The way I got around it was in Summer: fruit smoothies (milk/whatever fruit was in season/yoghurt/milo + a scoop of protein powder. I would leave the blender set up on the kitchen bench and then they would just whip up one when they felt like it. Then in Winter: I always had a big pot of soup simmering away on the stove or in a crockpot - usually something with lots of beans/chirizo sausage/vegetables. Seemed to work well! When son #2 left home to go to Uni in Brisbane - he left with the Blender and Crock Pot - couldn't bear to be without them. 3 years later and they are still going strong! ;)Sharyne

  9. I'm hearing you! THis week is play over week so as well as my 6 we sometimes have an extra 2 or 3 kids and it is all I can do to keep on top of the food. If I am organised I have a few healthy dips and lots of veg sticks for morning tea plus a batch of muffins or a slab cake. For lunch I often do a healthy hamburger, which seems to fill them up for a while, or toasted sandwiches. The most asked for afternoon treat is 2 minute noodles -not the healthiest snack ever but they take a long time to eat which is always a good thing! If anyone is still hungry there is usually lots of fruit and yoghurt. I also do the smoothie/milkshake thing once a day.

    That sound alike such a lot of food, but they do burn it all up - the amount of exercise they get in our pool is incredible!

    Clare x

  10. When my son with the hollow legs was a teenager I would try and have a constant supply of the following,
    Bread and cheese/tomato/ham for toasties
    Cornflakes/vitabrits for afternoon breaky
    Pasta/frozen peas/tomato sauce/cheese for lazy bolognase
    Milk and milo (the largest tin)
    Bananas - mind you they were cheaper back then
    Cake - muffins and patty cakes freeze well and can be grabbed and devoured frozen if one is starving
    Fresh/tinned fruit - M could plough through four fresh apples in one day or one large tin of pie apples
    Little tins of tuna

    Good luck A-Me!!

  11. OK, I just had heart palpitations as I realised I have three boys growing up fast!!! HELP!!! Great idea with the snack box but I freaked out at the thought of 6 weetbix! How will I afford groceries?

    Some great ideas from the other Mums on here. There is hope for us yet.

  12. Teach them to cook! My 12 year old is an expert at toasted sandwiches, pancakes, noodles, muffins and we always have a fridge full of fruit and sandwich fillings. It is amazing how unhungry a boy can get when he has to make the food himself. As for my nearly 8 year old, he can also make his own sandwiches, noodles and fruit. Admittedly it does make a mess that often requires Mum to clean up but there is nothing like a little self reliance.

  13. Ooh forgot to mention...a popcorn machine is a great investment and something they can do themselves. It also has the benefit of being cheap and much more healthier than bagged potato chips.

  14. Hi AM!

    Love you blog so much. I think you should have an "ASK AM" post where we get to ask you all sorts of decorating questions to help us poor, unimaginative souls out of their design dilemmas! While I wait I do have a burning question:

    I am moving into 2 bed apartment with my boyfriend shortly and we literally are starting with nothing! Do you have any great bogs you can point me to that show great ideas for small spaces (and small budgets!)

    Thanks! Felicity xx

  15. That's a great snack box, but my (rapidly) growing 4-year-old girl could eat that whole thing in one sitting when she's going through a growth spurt. She's a rail, but tall like her daddy! It's crazy to see how much kids can eat.

  16. Mine is only 5 (and a half), but she's constantly asking for food. I've moved foods she can graze on to a lower shelf in the pantry so she can help herself.
    With her though, I don't think it's so much hunger as boredom and a desire to be snacking.
    Pepitas and cashews are a current favourite.

  17. Hi A-M
    it gets a little easier my 24 year old still loves his food
    Kind regards

  18. Sounds like a really good idea - especially my youngest always says he´s hungry! :-D

  19. You can't! you know the phrase 'bottomless pit' - must have been coined for a teenaged boy.

    My mother taught my brothers to make an omelette if they were faint with hunger (and wash up afterwards). My children swear my only response was to say 'eat an apple'. Heartless.

  20. He takes an esky to school, that's so funny! I think the snack box is a good idea. I've got a snack box in the cupboard that Will can go and help himself to if he's hungry (because he wont tell me he's hungry he'll only go hunting for food). The other day he ate 5 dry weetbix for breakfast - blah I know! So I can see I'll be in the same predicament as you (and he's only 2.5yrs old!). Enjoy your holidays with your boys A-M,

  21. A-M I am terrified. My 4yo eats five Weet-Bix every single morning as well as a piece of fruit and has done for the last year. If he doesn't get his five Weet-Bix he's whingeing for food half an hour later.
    He just eats so much! If I ate what he did I'm sure I'd be morbidly obese, but not he!

    When I was a teenager my mum would bake and freeze savoury and sweet muffins, zucchini slice (sometimes with grated carrot and canned corn) and lasagne. She'd also cook fried rice and bought cartons upon cartons of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  22. I remember cereal being a good friend as a teenage and milk more milk, I think we should have had our own cow.
    We were lucky and our parents grew lots of fruit and veg in our back yard and what was left over was preserved for winter. We also had a run chickens, omletts were high on the agenda.
    A friend now says very mild thai chicken curries are great, dont just use chicken breast use the whole pieces it make them eat slowly as they need to rip it off the bones and helps hold down the appetite, add lots of potatoes, eggplant as well and frozen beans at the last minute to bulk it up. Any left overs can be used in a sandwich maker or in quick bake pies with pre rolled frozen pastry.
    I think the supermarkets must do a roaring trade at school holiday time, I am sure people eat more,
    Thanks for your post A-M,
    warm wishes,


  23. I'm scared. I've got 4 boys (4, 3, 2 x 10months) and the older 2 already polish off 3 weetbix and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast! Chain myself to the kitchen now me thinks.

  24. Loved the idea! I would add lots of granola bars to this box.


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