Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kitchen Detail

Look at these glorious tiles! Deep breaths everyone. Would love to see the rest of this beautiful kitchen. Sorry, I don't know the source of this image. When I found it I must have been so focussed on the tiles I didn't record where I found it. If anyone knows the source AND the tiles!!!, let me know!

I've got kitchens on my mind this morning as I am off to help a client plan her new kitchen. Speaking of clients, pop over HERE to see one of my lights just recently installed in my customer's home. Warms my heart to follow the progress of my customers exciting renovations and house builds and to see my lights featured!


  1. Hello Miss AM

    Yes definitely gorgeous

    Very French or Italian to me - they are lovely and subtle.

    I popped over to the Gorgeous Cape Cod Design Blog of yours and - Cathy has great taste - She has styled your items beautifully in her house - very nice indeed.

    have a wonderful day lovely lady

    Happy styling today



  2. Hey AM,

    Good Morning :)) (as Loulou has just told me its about 7am where you are)

    I love modern kitchens but my heart lies in beautiful rustic wild cottage like cooking spaces... Seems they're becoming obolsete :(( is it true? are rustic kitchens a thing of the past?


  3. Ohh, that tile, divine!!! I would almost trade my slab backsplash for that...almost. ;) Hope you are well dear, miss you!

  4. I'm it a mosaic A-Me? xx

  5. wow I love how it reflects on the work surface. :)

  6. It reminds me of the pressed tin they use on the wall in the TV show Offspring. Check out the link

    The pressed tin, would make a great splashback

  7. Oh glorious tiles. While we're still very much in the planning stages of tiles versus splash back, i'm thinking giant plain tiles, as i loathe grout but not sure splash backs will suit the style, in the country. Off to spy your lights now, love Posie

  8. Hi lovely, your ligjts look amazing. Happy Spring to you x x

  9. I would not have even known that is a tile.
    I can't work out how they join?
    This decorating business is all way to complicated for me, thank goodness I have your blog to read.
    PS absolutely DITTO re: group assignmetns at Uni

  10. I had to enlarge the photo to confirm that it was actually tiled. That was one very patient tiler. Keep the photos of your lights in situ coming - I keep showing them to my hubby....
    Clare x

  11. what an amazing wall - how could that not be the feature of your home, let alone kitchen. Glorious. I've seen floors like this tho, and they are equally spectacular!


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