Friday, September 23, 2011

A Lighting Idea

Look at this great idea! 

It's a row of pretty little lights in a new eatery near my local supermarket.... well actually the supermarket I drive over the bridge to now the addicts sniffing the cleaning products in the cleaning aisle in my real local one frightened my boys.... real life lessons hey... I digress....

Anyway, they were still building the place so I stalked the workers and finally found the designer out the back pouring over plans. He told me the lights are made from old glass lamp bases. These are the bases the lamp used to sit on. The rest of the lamp was turfed. They must have gotten their hands on a heap of them.

I went back when the place had opened. Unfortunately the trusty ol' iphone camera didn't pick up the detail in them all. I should have asked them to turn them all off so I could take a decent photo. They were not all the same which made the row of them even more exquisite.

I am now obsessed and searching for old glass lamps!

Happy Friday.



  1. Hello A-M

    Wow - I want to shop there to just see those gorgeous lights.

    It really takes me back to when I was little with all my Aunties and my Grandmothers treasures.

    I think you did a great job with the iphone by the way!

    ohhh... I wonder what food they serve at that cafe?

    Have a wonderful day



  2. Lou, Lou we could ditch the local and head there for coffee AND grocery shopping! A-M xx

  3. Addicts sniffing cleaning products in full view of everyone! Oh dear - that would be too much of a real life lesson for me as well. Thank goodness for the prettiness of those lights. Reminds me of my collection of pre-war cut glass candle stick holders - only on a much bigger scale. These look like crystal however? Lovely place to have a coffee. Would make the whole grocery shopping ordeal much more bearable! ;)Sharyne

  4. cleaning product sniffing?!?!?! really?!?!?!?!

    LOVE the lights though - very nice!
    cheryl xox.

  5. Next grocery shop or movie I'm going to check out these beauties. I can imagine you ferreting out the restaurant designer, priceless!

    Glass lights..sublime. I've always had a soft spot for glass.

  6. How interesting and very clever. I really like those lights. x

  7. Guess it wasn't an eco product they had their stinky noses in?! I saw something you would love love love recently - china cup and saucers sets upended and turned into lamps - a group of them hanging at different lengths in the window of Jo Malone. So pretty!!!!! Imagine them dangling over a girlie bed? Heaven!

    Have lovely spring break!!!!

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  9. Oooh I can tell those are very cool lights! I love how they all hang down. Great shape!

  10. Wow, gorgeous! Hope the food is as good as the place looks!

    You have got a great eye for detail. By the way, if you want to see a great American bungalow, watch the movie, Must Love Dogs.


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