Friday, September 2, 2011

A Local Beauty

After visiting my client yesterday, I drove past this beauty. It looks like the renovation has just been finished as there is still tape on those beautiful arched windows on the verandah.

I would have stuck my head through the gates to get better photos but there were staff with mops and buckets on the verandahs and I got scared.

Look, there's even a little pool out front.

Yep, it's gobsmackingly beautiful in real life. It has a real street presence. Would love to see inside. Maybe I should put my business card with a little note in the letterbox. I might just get an invite for a tour inside!

Happy Friday!


  1. What a stunner and just the colours I love ! But a pool in the front ? Mmmm....

  2. Oh My! What a stunning house. I like the idea of popping your business card in the mail box. It's worth a try A-M ;) I'd love to see inside that beauty.

    Kel x

  3. It's gorgeous, yes, would so love to see inside!

  4. Hello AM

    Whoa! it is a pearler isn't it.

    gorgeous and stunning all in one!

    Absolutely - you put your best foot forward and put that business card in the letterbox with a packet of M & M's or jelly beans attached with a ribbon :) (you know what I'm thinking :))

    Was it in a flood area and is it a re-build.
    All of it looks to be magnificent.

    Hope your consult / design job went well yesterday - Lucky client to have you.

    have a great day - It's Friday!!!!!!!


  5. Hiya AM,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the detailed woodwork(?!?!) on the porch front!! lol makes me want to move in... I wonder what the house must be like inside... or more like 'should be like' inside...

    I picture a lot of sunlight and whites :)


  6. Oh isn't it just gorgeous, A-M! The details are stunning. Hope you have a great day!

  7. Gorgeous! Funnily enough, the fretwork in the gable is the same design that I have based our "Fretwork" fabric on. If you see my cushion post today you will recognise it. Have a great day! x

  8. What a beautiful home to end the week on. Enjoy your weekend. ;-)

  9. Do it A-M.
    I'm sure there are plenty of us who would love a sneaky peak inside this beauty.

    Happy day Lovely,

    xx Felicity

  10. Of course you will need an assistant on the tour :) hint hint

    Isn't it fun discovering jaw-droppingly beautiful homes.

  11. I'll also put my hand up to be your assistant, should you get the chance to have a sticky beak!

    It's a beauty.

  12. Just gorgeous A-M Thanks for the inspiration. Have a lovely weekend xx

  13. Dear A-M,
    I love this home it is stunning. Details are amazing.

    I would also be a dare devil and pop your business card into the mail box.

    Hope you have a fabulous Friday.

    Much love to you. xox

  14. Go on, I dare you! It is beautiful. I would love to see what lies inside.

  15. What a beauty! Yes def try and get a tour and bring your camera :)

  16. Hee you are so cheeky thank god so we get to see gorgeous homes yes do it I would love to see inside hee have a great weekend A.M :)

  17. I'm depressed and it's all your fault! It's like my dream home and you put up a pic of it! Waaaaah! Oh well, back to renovating this boring old 50's fibro cottage! I can use that pic as inspiration! Yeah! You are forgiven!You'vegiven me something to aim for!Tee hee hee

  18. What a stunner! They should surely want to share its beauty with this small group of admirers.

  19. What a lovely sight! I know you A-M and you will find out who the owners are of that gorgeous house and before you know it you'll be tweeting pictures of the interior of that amazing house.

    Have a lovely weekend friend!

  20. yes that is gorgeous - contemporary colours with a heritage feel, I love it!

  21. HI A-M

    This house is on my walking route and pre-reno I used to look it an imagine the potential. So I've very much enjoyed seeing the reno unfold, especially as they did it pretty much the way I would have done. Like you, I was desperate to see what they had done on the inside.

    Imagine my excitement then when I looked in last month's Home Beautiful and saw that they had done a story on it. That said, the inside for me didn't quite live up to my expectations, it's a little more modern then I would have like. In fact the homeowner said she didn't want too much white, which is what I would have expected.

    I hope you enjoy checking out the images,

  22. Oh my god! Look at it... it's a beauty alright. I wanna see inside it when the people move in!

  23. AM!! You have to get in there!! She's certainly a beauty, such character and charm. You don't see that often.

    Go on, wtite them a letter....

    V x

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  25. absolutely stunning! i LOVE these houses.
    Anybody has any contacts to someone renting one out?
    I'll be bach in Brisi on November 1st, to live and work there for one year.
    well it might be over my budget :-) but if someone has a nice furnished appartment, West End, St.Lucia, Milton, Toowong.. nice view to the river and close to a train, bus or citycat station, let me know...
    your Swiss-Cat

  26. That makes my heart sing. Someone with a delicate touch and a fine eye has brought this grand old lady back to the limelight again. Don't be shy to leave your business card...

  27. I drove a different way home from work on saturday ("the path less travelled by") and drove past this house! How exciting! Your photos make the land look much more spacious than it actually is. Lovely house though!


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