Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Messages From The Universe

Look what was graffitied on the road outside my apartment the other morning! Just what I needed. 

It was a perfect morning in every sense.

... even 'duck' had a glow about him.

Does life send you little messages? Or am I the only one out there looking for meaning in everything?!! 
I suppose as I'm getting older, and my boys are growing up way too fast, I am just really trying to stop and smell the roses every day. Isn't that what they say?.... gratitude = happiness. 

My boys and I have been invited to a friend's beach house for a couple of days.
I'll blog to you from there :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hello AM

    Great photos to start my morning - thank you!

    Yes I think life does send us messages all the time - it is only the smart or wise that "get" them.

    I also think we can speed through life a bit too quick and we forget to either look or listen for these messages, all the while puzzled and looking for answers - when they are quite often right in front of us all along.

    Have a wonderful time at the the beach - put those feet up and have a great read (well as best as you can with 2 children).

    (PS that duck makes me smile each time I see it - love it).



  2. I find when I'm at the biggest crossroads of my life that is when the messages appear. I think that graffiti was meant for you my dear.

    Enjoy the beach house!


  3. What a great message! Yes, I look for messages in everything. Have fun at the beach house!

  4. Soak up the sea air, soak up the calming beachy vibes, feel the sand between your toes and just...

  5. Enjoy your few days at the beach and relax. Breathe and feel the sun on your face. ;-)

  6. I love these messages from the Gods so much!! Yes and I see meaning in so much around me! Thank you, thank you!


    Art by Karena

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  7. Dear A-M,
    thanks for yet another bright start to the day. Enjoy every moment with the boys at the beach.

    Christine xo

  8. Hiya AM,

    You've made me fall in love with Mr. Duckie lol :) Honestly... Life is so wonderful if we only stop by to admire it.


  9. What a great sign. Seems like when I ask the right question, I end up getting the answer from the universe. Let the beach wash away your worries and build a fantastic sand castle with your boys. Even a sand octopus. They will remember that forever. Love ya, Heidi

  10. Life DOES send you messages... you just need to be open to hearing them.

    A beach house you say?? Lucky 'ducks'

  11. I used to think that everything was a message or sign but now I'm not so sure. I do agree that gratitude = happiness. Enjoy your time at the beach. xx

  12. It's a bit like Charlotte's Web.

  13. I love looking for the little messages and am loving your messages!

    Enjoy your time out at the holiday house. It sounds perfect.

  14. Gratitude does make me happier.

    I think everything's a "sign". But that's just how I roll.

  15. oh my DH always says "stop and smell the roses" and that kinda jibe, so annoying! but it's true of course, and I do it daily... (well I try!)

  16. Perfection is such a dangerous word & my idea of perfection, to me or to impress others?? Well it's probably not anyone else's idea of perfection anyway, or would they even notice??!!
    I just love that they almost made a spelling mistake with the word imperfection, brilliant, ironic, giggles. Have a blast at the beach house, love Posie

  17. Yes, I loved the 'almost spelling mistake'... there is a message in that too! A-M xx

  18. How cool. I'm always looking for signs and hidden meanings and any kind of special something. This would have been a big one! Hope you are well!
    xx Trina


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