Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Neighbourhood Patrol

Remember this, from a few days ago?

Err, why? Someone tell me why? Why was this necessary?
I almost burst into tears, when I came across it.

Remember this?....looking like it had to be preserved under some sort of weird demolition rule?

Good news. 
It has been replaced by something that is somewhat colonial in appearance.
Must have only been required to keep a token stud wall to comply with the demolition code thingy.

Don't know about the back bit though.

I don't understand why developers comply with the code at the front and then build some modern, "not of like terms" (my son's favourite maths speak...."not like terms and therefore cannot be simplified any further"... he loves his maths) contraption out the back. It's like a naughty school boy, "ok, I'll do what I've been told out the front but I'm gonna do what I want out the back".
Just imagine if the back units were of a colonial aesthetic too. Would have actually looked good. Consistent. Just sayin'.

And in other news:

There is a giant duck floating outside my place.

My friend 'LouLou' made me some chicken soup. She made me 'instagram it' so it didn't look too disgusting (her words). It was the most divinely, tasty, nutritious meal I have had in over a week! My boys 'hoovered' it down. I love it when people leave me tupperware. Means I have to visit them to give it back.

My neighbour, Mary, gave me the most beautiful roses in the whole wide world.
Big statement, but true. 
She has 4 girls... which pleases my boys no end.

And in a brazen act of defiance against our cranky site manager, I have said my boy can 'jump rocks'.
Go son, be a little boy!

I'll get back to you about the duck.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Hello A-M

    Such a lovely post.

    So sad isn't it when people just destroy anything. What is it that actually runs through a persons head that gives them the impulse of destruction?

    Nice duck love! Some people have boats on their water or debris at least float past but you have a 'duck' as a visitor.

    And lets hope the new owner of the house decides to keep with an aesthetic befitting with the house.

    I hope the soup was good. You needed something nourishing with that cough and cold you had and I thought chicken soup was the food medicine you needed - it's good for the sole too. :)
    My husband sometimes calls me "meals on wheels".

    have a lovely day lovely lady



  2. Hope u find some land or a house soon- those boys need a yard:-)

  3. I know, my kingdom for a yard. A-M xx

  4. The floating duck has given me a good chuckle this morning. I wonder what the story is?
    How lovely of Loulou to bring you chicken soup, it really is the best tonic for colds and general yukkiness.
    Gorgeous roses, beautiful son, destructive vandalism and building codes, wow there's a lot happening in today's post A-Me!

  5. You know it is time to lay off the vino when you see giant yellow ducks in the river..LOL

  6. Loulou, she certainly is a rare gem!

  7. That duck is hilarious. What could it mean? xx

  8. Perhaps the duck is connected to the annual duck race to be held on October 30? I've sent them an email to ask.

  9. I took photos of the duck too. From the car. While it was moving. I also got some photos of people, bush and cars.

    With the prices of Box Vintage's wares I'm sure they'll be able to afford to replace the broken TV but seriously that sucks. Big time.

  10. I love random whimsical moments in life - your duck made me smile!

  11. Re the duck.
    The Great Brisbane Duck Race is being launched tonight on Ten News weather report. It will be held on Sunday 30/10. Details at www.greatbrisbaneduckrace.org.au .

  12. That site manager is obviously underworked if that is what he spends his time worrying about. Love the duck.

  13. Thx, BusyBrissieMama. It would be great if the race happened just outside my place! Must do some research! A-M xx PS.... Duck Update: the duck is deflating rapidly. All the early morning rowers were running into it. Stay tuned!

  14. I know what you mean about developers! Surely there is enough people that appreciate classic architecture to develop some pretty buildings?! That soup looks delicious Loulou!

  15. Hello dear A-M. This post just made me feel good in all sorts of ways. It's full of whimsy, it's full of warm hugs (I'm especially thinking of the homemade soup) and it's full of fiesty ~ keep climbing those rocks!

    I'm in love with and am intrigued by the duck...can't wait to hear more :) Have a fantastic week lovely lady.


  16. Ah, Chicken Soup for the Soul! Nourishing gifts of food are so thoughtful. Having a night off the cooking is blessed relief too! Hope you are feeling much better.

    Go for it little K!!!

  17. I love the duck, how cool to see this out your window and even cooler to possibly have the race out you front door! Your cranky site manager needs to get a grip! If this is considered being defiant he definitely does not want to meet my three boys! lol Have a lovely day. x Jode

  18. Why would someone destroy the TV? That's pretty sad and stupid.

  19. You have a beautiful friend in Lou Lou! Mimi xx

  20. Glorious duck and even more glorious roses - bella, bella!


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