Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Renovation Fantasy


I love this place I run past each morning. It's old and lopsided and sort of 'spooky', as my little one would say....but it's got the whole 'bungalow thing' happening. 

I love it's roof line and the fact that it's low to the ground. It's got a beautiful big, L-shaped, closed-in verandah around to the left.... that runs down the whole left hand side.... that is screaming to be opened up for our summery climate. 

I like the entrance. I'd turn those steps into some solid random stone steps to anchor the whole house and get the whole 'bungalow thing' happening. I'd rip out the iron bars (I know why they are there though... 'interesting' street), change the skillion roofline a bit and open out the verandah, whack on a new colourbond roof, do the picket fence thing complete with the prettiest gate, stone the path to the steps and do lavender hedging along the path. I'd add some pretty, double-hung 4 x 4's in the bay window too, trim the tree, grow some lawn in the shade and put in a pretty garden seat......

...stop me now! Stop me. 

It's lovely isn't it? Would love to see inside. I bet it's all very original.... archways, sleepouts... maybe even the original kitchen with an old stove recess ....or some groovy 1950's kitchen. The heritage colours on the bay window suggest even maybe a 1980's touch up? Those colours were all the rage in the 80's.... heritage green, mustard yellow and maroon. There could even be a funky 1980's, canary yellow kitchen inside??!!

What would you do? What colours would you use? Would you keep the entrance as it is or take it back to the verandah and start from there?

I want to do a low house next time. No steps. Bungalow-ish. Next time.

Happy Wednesday! 
My boys are off for a play date so I have the whole day to work.... uninterrupted. Delicious.



  1. Yes just love Bungalow style homes, my sister is interested in buying one in Ashgrove. Mimi xx PS Enjoy your day to yourself. xx

  2. Very cute, and what a great canvas to work with. Love the bay window at the front, and yes that veranda is crying out to be opened up. As for colours, well I am torn between going the heritage colours or charming whites and greys.

    How lovely for you that you live in an area packed full of inspiration and beauty.

  3. Hi A-M

    How are you lovely lady?

    Well - I think you said it very well - how could I change what the maestro says?!?

    I'd put a big secure fence up - but I'm like that!

    Love the thought of a sweeping verandah - cool breezes to flow through.

    If you're putting in a picket fence - don't the obligatory agapanthus go perfectly with it too?

    I can imagine what you would make it look like :)

    I think one would need a good bank roll for that - it looks like it needs it though.

    have a wonderful and productive day working - hope you achieve lots.



  4. I believe you have it covered sweets, agree about the verandah and opening this space up.
    Love your street description...interesting hey!
    Whatever road you travel with the next house will be fabulous, I have no doubts whatsoever.

  5. Oh see i'm a big fan of Queenslanders, of course, never lived in Qld, but i love the style. I don't think Bungalow when i think of Qld or Brisbane in particular. I shall keep my eyes open when next i visit.
    Colour scheme, for the spooky dark house, lots of light shades, with some dark accents for drama. Love Posie

  6. Ooh that would look devine after a make over. Wonder if they'd sell to you for a good price, or at least let you project manage a reno for them?

  7. You know what A-M? I love that you run past these properties day after day and you think of the outside, the inside and what it must all look like (plus what you'd like to do with it if it were yours). It's like daydreaming about who lives at the end of a driveway as a child, but for grown-ups! Have a lovely day!


  8. I bet the kitchen is full of peeling formica. In yellow and aqua.
    I'd absolutely open the verandah. I'm loving verandah living and thing everyone needs it. Great for people watching and meeting the neighbours!

  9. Picture are really wonderful.
    I am finding that kind of info.

  10. I love this house too. The asymmetry, the bay window, the rambling garden. I think it would have an original 40's kitchen with pale green walls and a stove recess. We have a low set california style bungalow and it is the absolute best with kids to be all on one level.

  11. Oh dear A-M we've been through this before. Now repeat after me once more 'I will build again, not renovate, I will build again, not renovate.'
    Millie xx

  12. Cinderella, she is.
    She would look wonderful all dressed in white well almost with cool dove greay walls, all white trim, windows, architraves, verandah, charcoal hand rails and charcoal treads to her new steps. a new timber toppped chain wire fence to match and a smart new timber gate, a garden filled with gardenia's, box hedges and a small round pond to the left in front of the bay window. The roof!!, we would need to do something about that too, I think she is a sliver blond. So a new tin roof would be in order. She would then be ready for a generation of happy memories.
    Have a good week A-M,
    warm wishes,

  13. She has lovely bones indeed,maybe some curly scrolled iron gates on the front of the house for "pretty security".We've found a six foot picket fence keeps out the undesirables.


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