Monday, September 5, 2011

Self Gifting

Popped in to see Daryl, in his gorgeous shop ' Du Monde' last week, and 'self gifted' myself this gorgeous Glasshouse scented stick thingy. It's divine. The fragrance is Monet's Garden. Sigh. Very tuberose-ish. I placed it on the little table near my piano near the entrance to our apartment. Very fitting that Daryl did a post on "What Makes A Good Entrance Foyer" over on his bloggy yesterday. I don't have a foyer as such but when you do enter my abode, wham, you are hit with the fragrance of a French Garden.... it's a good start!

I love Daryl's aesthetic. It's classical and elegant, timeless and classy. If I had to hire an interior designer.... or do a TV show challenge (Block/Renovators/Top Design style), I'd pick him. His 'judgements of sentiment and taste' I can really relate to. We wouldn't fight either... he's too nice! 

Check out this beautiful sofa he has just gotten in. The old iphone doesn't capture the beautiful blue it really is. Let's just say, it stopped me in my tracks. I had a bounce all over it. It is as comfy as. 

And look, there's even a chair to match. Sigh.

Daryl also has some beautiful Restoration Hardware pieces too. Seriously gorgeous. Daryl's lovely shop is at 1/169 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, Brisbane. Say hi from me. He also has a bloggy HERE

Finding it hard to get started this Monday morning. I thought a change of environment would be a start so I am digging into a ham and cheese croissant and a 'bucket' of coffee at my 'local' coffee shop. Sometimes it is easier to get motivated around noise and people and general conversations.... which I must stop... if I am going to get any work done and reply to my emails. If you are waiting on an email reply from me, I'm getting there!

Have a Happy Monday my friends,


  1. Hiya,

    I love pieces with character and I love that when you look closely in these pictures there are so so many of them... Love the little keys, and stamps, and notebooks and bottles... in addition to ofcourse the bigger picture.

    Wish I was somewhere closer, would love to swing by.


  2. Oh wow the sofa and chair are to die for. Those colours are YOU A-Me.
    Speaking of entrances and naked wall space, I'm on the lookout for a narrow sideboard table like you suggested and Mr A's been informed :)
    Sweetheart you just KNOW how to dress a house.
    Must pop into Daryl's shop for a thorough sticky beak.
    Lovely post this morning btw.

  3. Hello Miss A-M

    Mmmm... I am a fan of those stick, fragrance, thingys that you so well describe - I have one in every room (yes every room)
    No it doesn't knock your head off when you walk through - they do settle after a week and it is so so subtle.
    Good for you to self gift! Who doesn't self gift? :)

    Love DuMonde - and am sure you will be doing The Block next year - you would do so well.

    Now can I just say - Look at those tufted BUTTONS on that sofa - look at that colour.
    You know me and my buttons AM.....
    Bring back lots of sofas and cushions with buttons!

    Hope you have a productive day and the croissant sound delish!



  4. That is a beautiful sofa indeed. I feel inspired to buy a new scent stick thingy by the way! xx

  5. What a beautiful store. Lots of treasures by the look of it and yes, that sofa is gorgeous. Have a great week :)

  6. LOVE that sofa A-M I feel a trip to paddington coming on. Have a great week xx

  7. Yes a welcoming entry makes all the difference. I have one of those thingy's too. I've since refilled mine up with other frangrances. x

  8. I haven't wandered around Paddington for ages - other than a quick trip the the Antique centre a couple of weeks ago.
    That sofa is beautiful. Can't wait until I move into my yellow & green house so I can get you to come over and give me some suggestions for the inside!

  9. Hi A-M,
    first, a big thank you for your beautiful post, I am flattered and embarrassed to say the least, if you could see my face you would think I have been out in the sun.
    Look out the Block, Top Design and the Renovators Queensland is waiting.
    Your post today has motivated me to just move on and push forward. I think everyone has Monday
    I-tist occassionaly, your blog I am sure helps many to take another breath get up and move on with life.
    Thank you A-M for all your posts your energy and your spirit.

    Warm regards,

  10. oh be still my heat - how much is that sofa??

    - devine!!!!!

  11. GOR-geous sofa. The size of it! It has 'stretch out on me' written all over it.

    Thanks for a peek at Daryl's lovely shop.

  12. Back in the day when I was hauling myself into ye olde coalface 5 days a week I used to hop off the 375 or 374 bus and walk past Ole Dazza's shoppe and I always felt my blood pressure lowering because the window displays were nice and it also meant I was about 60 seconds from being at my favourite place (Home). I omce bought a very nice bamboo chair from him in 2008 when he was in the former shoppe closer to the city. xxxxxxxx

  13. Good girl self write beautifully AM xx

  14. i think you were just leaving duMonde as I was arriving. I too took some pics for my blog. Daryl is so lovely.

  15. Love it all A.M I used to love going around the shops in paddington when I lived in Brisbane :( thanks for sharing the shop looks a real treasure & you have coissants too!! its just not fair (hee) x


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