Monday, September 26, 2011

Still Stuck On Grey

Cruising my favourite design blogs again, while the boys are on school holidays and I am spending hours by the pool supervising their fights play.

I am such a grey addict. I love grey. Doesn't this hallway just pop with the grey walls and crisp white wainscoting?! Don't know if I like that bit of dowling between the floors and the wainscot though. What's the story there? 

I've never had floors that clean by the way. 

I have a house full of 'play dates' this morning. Lots of girls for my boys to play with. My boys are going to be up early this morning I think!

Happy Monday!


  1. I love a grey and white combo, clothes as well as interiors, can't beat it! Bx

  2. The stairs caught my eye, I love the white risers underneath the timber treads.

    Have fun with the playdates, I love them, they seem to take the "pressure" off and the kids just seem to take care of themselves for a few hours, giving more time for blog cruising ; )

  3. Those bits of trim between the floor and the skirting drive me crazy too, the sign of a lazy floor-layer who can't be bothered to remove and refit the skirting, the proper way!

    It also bothers me that the skirtings are miss-matched in height. Call me picky...

    My 1820 London house was painted a slightly lighter gray, the colour of storm clouds, with white ceilings and mouldings - it was delicious~

  4. Grey and white alllll the way. Love soft and dark grey together and sometimes a pop of black works well too. Silver for a girle twist - perfect!!!!!

  5. Yes, with pops of black and silver. Perfection. Drool, Drool. A-M xx

  6. Yes very clean and dramatic. Playdays come hand in hand with the school holidays. Mine are beginning today also, but My little gal is going to someone elses today Yeh!!

  7. I can't get enough of grey either. I miss my kitchen
    walls that we painted grey. Mimi xx

  8. My boys were up early and they cleaned up the whole apartment while I was out on my run. How much do I love them????!!!! A-M xx

  9. Hello A-M

    Lovely find today and I must say I love the staircase.
    I can't really get past the beige colour carpet with the grey - I've never thought those colours go well together.

    I am liking the new grey trend coming through - I love it in a light oyster grey.

    Looking into the other room there looks to be a classic sitting room with a butter yellow warmth.
    Did you see the flowers in that vase on the butlers tray - beautiful.

    Girls - boys! It is so cute - they will be all show-offy or shy - which one? I love it!

    Have a wonderful day observing human nature and hormones at their best :)



  10. LouLou, the 'show offing' has started. My big son's voice gets so deep and he says the word 'like' a lot. Never uses it with me! Ahh, teenagers! It's fun! A-M xx

  11. I love the grey too and am considering a very light shade in the bedroom. As for the teenagers, apparently when their voices change unexpectantly during conversaion, they call it a 'blow out', so my 13 year old says. It's 'like' always happening to them. Fun times ahead no doubt! Have a good day. ;-)

  12. Grey, white, black and silver.
    Does it get any better...Bliss.
    Could the dowel be applied to create a flush finish with the floorboards? I know that bits of fluff used to get trapped under the skirting boards in our Qld'er and it drove me spare. Not sure I actually like it but the dowel may serve a purpose?

    Boys and girls...yes you will be entertained with the 'dynamics' all day long A-Me :)

  13. A-M we have So fresh hits blaring, ipods a going and lots of eye rolling happening here. Your lovely image is very soothing in these early teen times.

  14. Mmmmmm Bought a 1950's white weatherboard two years ago and the master was painted in Wattyl ID Alabaster a beautiful soft grey which indeed set the white trim and colonial white window panes off a treat. Just this weekend painted the teenage boys room in the same grey!!
    It is the new black....

  15. I think 'grey is the new beige'! Love this picture AM and I love school holidays! My 9 year old son just started his this week. Looking forward to lots of sunshine and hanging out!
    x KL

  16. Still freezing in Melbourne so I can't even imagine swimming in a pool just yet....brrr...

    What I like best about this image is the beautiful grey front door. Makes a welcome change from black. But I also love the crisp grey and white with lots of natural timber for a bit of down to earth-ness.

  17. I LOVE grey. Am hoping to (eventually) paint our bedroom in a lovely soft shade and change to white furniture. One day!

  18. Those floors are particularly clean.... bet no-one has tipped over a full bowl of Weet-bix, cut up pieces of paper into hundreds of little pieces, or decided to make muddy potions inside...all of which has happened to my poor floors this morning! Love the grey and white, and panelling details too.
    Clare x

  19. Beautiful place - and my floors are never that clean either..! :-D

  20. Gorgeous - love it too, although not for me.
    The dowel is to cover the gaps around the edge when you install a floating floor. Because timber expands a fair bit when used this way, they leave expansion room at the edges & cover the gaps with the dowel. Our nearly finished house has this too.

  21. you're so right, the dark grey and crisp white is a spectacular combination!

  22. The trim piece that you don't like is called "shoe mold". It's used to finish off the trim at the floor. Quarter round stock is used to make for a nice finish. At least that's what it's called here in the States. I have seen base installed both with and without the shoe mold. To my knowledge it's only a personal preference but could be wrong.

  23. Thank you Lori and Kim for enlightening me! A-M xx

  24. AAAhhhh, nothing like the sound of children killing each other while searching the web. You go girl! The gray is BEAUTIFUL!

  25. Fabulous drama - what a punchy entrance. Once you walk in that gorgeous black door with that super door handle you are hit by that impact. Love the stark white paintwork, very arresting. Not sure about the beige carpet runner on the stairs though, apart from that - amazing.

  26. I quite like the grey in such a large and light filled house.

    We are currently renovating our 1930s bungalow house and due to movement (we have sandstone footings and are on clay, too), we have a gap between the skirting and the floor boards and along one wall of the hallway there is even a gap between the skirting and floorboard horizontally.

    This worked fine when there was carpet there years ago but now, we have to finish the edges with what we call in Australia "quad" (quarter round stock in the USA).

    It is either do this or remove the skirting and damage the render in the process, re-render the wall and replace with new skirting. This is the easiest and cheapest solution (even though hubby is cursing as I type).

    Renovating is like opening a can of worms which is fine if you have a money tree in your back yard. Sadly, we don't.

  27. I am saving this photo for my next home. I might need to move after divorce, after all!


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