Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Garden Thoughts

I need a 'greenery' post, a garden of some sort, on this blog today. Something with water ... as it's getting very hot here in Brisbane (someone stole our Spring). How about this beautiful pool by Paul Bangay?... with a bit of shade for us fair skinned, some sun for some sparkle .....and greenery... oh I miss having a garden. So do the boys. "It's not forever", I tell them.

We have been discussing the concept of 'Impermanence' in life, us three..... the one thing that we can count on in life... that everything is always changing, and there is nothing we can do to change this. I am learning myself that the less you fight change, the more you accept impermanence, the more secure you feel. The more you fight it, the harsher it feels. We want things to be certain and last... but they aren't and they don't....but this is good.... because recognising this makes us more open to the beauty of each moment, each task, knowing that it will come and go... and that's ok.

Rather deep? Relevant to this little family at the moment. More changes....but it is all good.
Helps to contemplate it all being surrounded by greenery... even if it is a Paul Bangay garden on a computer screen!

Happy Sunday!
I'm scoffing cake and coffee on my deck. Some Dietitian. Well that was ages ago....and that's my excuse!


  1. I enjoyed this post whilst I scoffed tea and toast with honey. I am enjoying the warmer weather too. I dream of one day having some sort of water feature in the backyard, be it pool or spa or just something bubbling away. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I hope the change around you is for the good. ;-)

  2. This beautiful image has set me up for the day sweetheart.
    I'm hearing you on the Acceptance bit. I guess I bang on about how much my Mum taught me but I consider the single most important lesson she imparted was the meaning of acceptance and when we allow that understanding to infiltrate our mind and body then life is, in itself, easier. Some stuff in life is, what it is.

    It's taken me many years to act on her wise words but I'm finally heeding this advise, not fighting against it and life is good.

  3. a beautiful post A-M.
    Change does help us live in the moment more and be more appreciative I think.
    That pool looks great - he is such a clever man.
    Blessings to you and your boys

  4. Hi A-M

    What a find - I'm doing a lap now - though probably gasping for oxygen at the end out of breath :) I am not sure what those vines are but they even look like grape vines to me.
    I want garden and a view, water too (sound greedy don't I).

    I gave up stress a little while ago in my life with regard to certain change.
    I have found in my travels that once I let go of resistance - I have no stress about that subject anymore as I am more relaxed about that journey that I have to take.

    There are still things I resist to change on - I"m practicing though.... I'll get there.

    have a lovely day



  5. I like your Sunday thoughts. They are relevant to all of us and I think you are right about acceptance bringing a kind of peace and security. Enjoy the sunshine. x

  6. Oh A-M, I'm so heartened to read your thoughts here. There's a lot of self-awareness and personal growth going on - brilliant, Lovely! J x

  7. So wise A-M, thank you for your words.

    Best wishes to you and your dear boys.

    Christine xo

  8. Ah A-M what a gorgeous pool to relax by. I am there right now in spirit....I need some calm waters and relaxing greenery to focus me for this upcoming week.

    As for the change and impermanence just think of it this way, you're setting the three of you up for success early on. You're right once you stop fighting it, life ultimately becomes easier. And allows you more time to daydream by the pool!



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