Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 Things I Learnt About Blogging at The Problogger Conference Yesterday

It's ok to use your your own photos - it really is. It's original content and it shares a little bit about who you really are and helps your readers get to know you.

Can I do this in 10 minutes?...... as I am about to board my plane, to head home to my lads.
Let's give it a go!

1. Be yourself. No really. Don't pretend. Be who you really are. Write like you talk and think... and it will come out in your blog. Your readers want to know you. They really do.

2. Your blog has to have soul. Be passionate. Be excited.

"No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader".
"No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader".

Hmmm, have had a few tears here.... and surprises. Tick.

3. Tell stories. Stories inspire. Stories drive people to find information. Readers don't always want to be bombarded with information. Inspire, then teach. Inspire, then be useful.

4. Know your dreams.... and dream big.

5. Experiment - test - tweak.

6. Know your readers. Understand your readers. Do not assume your reader is you. Engage your readers. Give something back. Appreciate your readers. Respond to readers (as best you can... I add that as I sat there guilty as hell when all the newbies were rabbiting on about how they respond to every single comment). I'm trying. Post life catastrophes, I will get better at responding to every one of my readers.... somehow!

7. Look at your 'Blog Post Title' or your 'Headline' if your content bombs!
Hmmm, maybe the post title, 'Yesterday', which I use ALL the time..... is just super lazy!

8. Share and share. Create shareable content.....and share. You know... what you give out... comes back to you. Share. Be generous... and enable readers to share your stuff... you know all those social media buttons, stick them around so readers can share your content.

9. Have original content. Don't sort of copy. Be you. Create your own stuff. Use your own photos as much as you can.... yes, me and the 'duck'.... totally vindicated.

10. Give readers a reason to stick around. Give them something now and something for later. Give readers a reason to come back.

11. Clearly define what success looks like to you... in 3-4 years from now... and hold on to that.

Ok, so that's 11.

Final boarding call. Speak tomorrow.
Have a great Saturday!

Duck photos?.... 'original content'!!! 
Crappy iPhone photos are a.ok!


  1. I am leaving a comment to see if you respond...JUST JOKING :) You have responded to me...and visited my blog before, so thank you...good tips!

  2. Hi A-M,
    Thank you for sharing, very interesting information. I will try and put it into practice. Have a happy weekend with your boys. Mimi xx

    P.S. Love my button, thank you!

  3. Thanks for the tips A-M, have a fabulous weekend.x

  4. It was wonderful to meet you, A_M after being a long-time blog stalker. There was so much to learn, and now so many ideas to put into action, but the best part was meeting lots of bloggers in person. Even the slightly out-there ones... LOL

    I think your post has distilled the essence of the pages and pages of notes I have. Perhaps I'll just save your page instead. ;)

  5. I'm laughing so much at the first photo...totally hilarious!

    Love all the tips, they sound really sensible. Hope you had a great time.
    xxx DJ

  6. I think you are doing all that already. It is a fun thing after all, you don't want to feel pressured by it. Glad you enjoyed it, though. No need to respond, life is busy! Have a lovely weekend. ;-)

  7. A-M, isn't this exactly what you already do? Seems to me you knew all of this prior to being told
    Did you get any surprises at the conference?

  8. hahha just love the photo. Do not look at them.....classic.

    Hope you enjoyed yesterday!+

  9. A-M, Love the message to brother. I ticked all the boxes for you, you have blogging done pat. KP

  10. Thanks for your blogger tips A-M!
    I love your sons sign, my boys leave little notes around for their brothers with similar demands!
    Because saying it to each other just isn't enough.
    Very funny!
    Have a great day
    x Jode

  11. Am taking this all on board A-Me. Thanks for sharing!!
    btw I love the ducky and expect your readers are going to miss him when he floats away...
    Annie xxx

  12. AM- so glad that you got so much out of the seminar..these are really useful and valid tips...and I totally agree with your first point...Being who you are...and YOU have always done this AM..right from the start ..which is way you have so many loyal and dedicated followers..many of which have become your close friends.

    LOVE the DO NOT SIGN..gave me a good chuckle ; )
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend catching up with your boys x

  13. Oh love it, so what did they say about stick insects?? Or was the Blogging Conference for the Under 12s?? I think we can all pick a fake or a flake.
    Now, how do you know your reader exactly, i just looked up my stats for fun (as so many people seem to love their own statistics) & found not one but TWO people found my blog from typing 'anal amateur' into Google?? Um, my demographic??
    Safe travels & MEGA hugs to the boys. Love Posie

  14. I still read you every day no matter what the title of the post is. I don't mind if you call it 'yesterday'!

  15. I still live by the Thoughts of Chairman MOTH - 'A blog is like one of those light, airy, souffle, spongey cake things Millie - it can start off really good, but if you're not careful, it can end up a real mess.'

    You didn't need to register as an Attendee mate, you needed to be a Guest Speaker.
    Millie xx

  16. It's amazing how the world connects and this way is far more interesting than trying to bond over Humalog!

  17. Great round up - thanks for sharing A-M!

  18. I have just read these with interest..they're good tips! Ninety nine percent of my photos are my own..I just love seeing the world myself from a different a little rectangle!

  19. you are such a sweetie taking the time to post this, plane waiting and all... all your tips relate to how you blog anyway, glad you loved the show tho!!

  20. Great tips A-M, thanks for taking the time to share. Maybe you should run your own conference/get together locally...we could all chip in and bring a cake? Enjoy being back at home with your boys.

  21. Inspiring yet again, yes those tips on bloging are great, it must coem straight from your heart, you cant fake it day after day just to be liked /followed. It should not matter who and how many follow it should be about sharing and offering inspiration. I know I go on line to check out what others are doing in there own fascinating world. We are all individual, let it shine.
    Great post A-M,
    warm wishes, Daryl

  22. Thanks for sharing the tip's AM will take some of them on board have a lovely weekend with the boys :)

  23. Great summary! You definitely got the top tips I took away from the day too. Thanks for your tweets on the day too!


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