Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 Sort Of Interesting Things About Me

Taken at Problogger to prove to my friends I was wearing a frock. I don't do frocks. 
I'm a leggings girl. But as I have learnt from Katrina and Mutsy, "leggings are not pants".

The lovely TuTu, from TuTu Ames blog passed on a '10 things about me' challenge.

Ok, 10 things....

1.Well, I used to be a bit of a serious nerd. I did a Science degree at Uni, majoring in Biochemistry, then postgrad in Nutrition and Dietetics.

2. I floated around under the guise of a Dietitian for many years... but if I wasn't working in the real technical areas, like 'inborn errors of metabolism' or 'renal' or exciting stuff like that, everything else bored me to death. Sorry to Dietitians reading this. Dietetics has changed significantly since the advent of the computer, I might add. This was back in the late 80's, early 90's, when nothing technical was happening and you had to pay $10 to get the cranky librarian to do a med-line search if you wanted to research anything ....and then you had to physically drive to whatever library a journal article turned up in and then physically search for that journal. Yawn. I think I would enjoy it more these days with the internet and all.

3. I played violin in a bushband for 19 years. We did everything...schools, weddings, pubs, country halls. We played one school bushdance 17 years in a row!!.... I swear the original kids were bringing their kids back. We played a regular gig in an Irish bar in town until the smoke got to me and I killed that gig. I was pregnant with my first boy and I was worried that he was going to be deformed from all the smoke I passively inhaled every Friday and Saturday night.  I once drove 7 hours out west.... to play a gig from the back of a semi trailer out in a paddock..... and then drove straight home.

If I never play 'Knees Up Mother Brown' again... it will be too soon.

4. I'm a pretty tragic cook. Nutrition and Dietetics back in the 80's did not teach you to cook. I manage to keep my boys alive and healthy, with good food... but things are pretty basic in this household. They're none the wiser and think I am a champion.

5. I bungy jumped from a bridge in New Zealand. I didn't scream until it was over... and I was hanging like a limp rag doll at the end of the cord waiting for someone to get me down. The video recording is highly embarassing.

6. My favourite food is sushi. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So could my boys. If I give them a choice between a fast food joint and sushi, sushi wins hands down every time. For this I am very proud. Good mother?

7. I have perfect pitch. Sing me a note and I can tell you what it is. I should have been some sort of professional musician but I was just so damn lazy and didn't practice. I also can't stand solo performing. I'm ok in a band, surrounded by loud instruments but put me on my own and I shake. It's funny though, I could whack out a solo in the band no problems because I knew the other band members were there next to me, not playing, but ready to come in and support me ... but without them... toast.

8. My favourite colour is blue. Threw that in because it's sort of design-ish.

9. My boys are the centre of my world. I love them to death and think seriously about how to be the best Mum I can so that I send them out into the world balanced, independent, confident men, with good self esteems. I also want my future Daughter-In-Laws to seriously like me as I am going to be a helicopter grandma and babysit lots. I could have seriously had more babies.

10. All I really want to do with my life is build houses, one at a time.... just hang out on building sites and supervise the creation of pretty houses. Design, scheme, build, decorate, sell. That's it. That's all I want to do. If I could do that forever, I would die seriously happy.



  1. Hahaha!!! I am laughing! To clarify: leggins are great under stuff like a skirt or a dress, but they can't be pants. No one wants to see how snug they are around your bits!

  2. Love the dress too A-M !! You are a woman of many talents! x

  3. I SERIOUSLY laugh every time I put them on now as I hear that little voice, "leggings are not pants, leggings are not pants" every time! A-M xx

  4. I can seriously relate to that last one A-M. That is all I want to do, one house at a time. A dream of mine :)

  5. I agree with FF. Love that dress! And bungy jumping! So brave. xx

  6. Well A-M I must say you've gobsmacked me.
    Not sure if this is the same as jaw dropping but it should be.

    I knew you had a deep love of music and have encouraged this with your boys - but a bushband? Never would have picked it - how fantastic!

    I remember attending a picnic race day at Burrandowan and hearing a fabulous band who played off the back of a huge trailer.
    It was such a fun atmosphere and I can imagine you enjoying these live gigs.

    Thank you for this share Lovely You, I'm seeing you through an entirely different [and even more wonderful] lens.

  7. Ok, middle of the night, almost on my way to bed and had to comment, because you really make me go to bed smiling....thanks for this post, it's real (love legging too, but I know....they're not pants, but still...), it's funny, and I think that your boys have a wonderful mama!
    Maureen x

  8. YAY...good on you rock the frock!! Must say Im pretty much the a pants girl..but always admire dresses...just never wear them enough...although I think this summer I will just to be able to handle the heat this summer.
    Loved reading more..and knowing more about you ; ) x

  9. Wow AM what a load of different things you have done thats amazing can relate to the7 hour drive just to perform I used to be a dancer.
    Know wonder your boys love there music with a talented mum to help them I always wished I had done saxophone, my first lesson I split my lip wish I had continued ( what a wussI was).
    You could be the Ozzy version of Grand Designs I bet you would be great!! :)

  10. oh, this was fun!! I loved hearing all this stuff about you! A band for 19 years?! wow.
    you look fabulous btw!


  11. So: you are musical, nerdy, brave, maternal and into construction! Quite a bunch!

  12. Now tell me...did pb give tutorials on snapping self-portraits for ones blog?
    Can't for the life of me do it!

    Rocking the frock A-Me.

  13. Love the dress!!

    I have to agree that school/Uni would have been WAY more interesting with the techo stuff available now. Hell, even email would have been handy!

  14. Ooh, loving this one, A-M. So fabbo to find out more about you - who knew? "Encore, encore" they cry ☺. J x

  15. Hi AM,

    Great work with the 10 points just before boarding a plane back to your boys. Love your work. The conference must have been so interesting.

    Point 10 I agree with completely, wouldn't that be unreal... Sometimes it is a little hard though to sell after you have fall in love with the house. Never stop being inspired and never stop learning when it comes to renovating though I guess.

    Have a great week.

    Louwink ; )

  16. Oh I LOVE your dress - love it !!

    I never was a dress girl but am a new convert - now I love a good frock.

    I haven't heard a bushband since my uni days - oh the memories.

  17. Well, there you go! All sorts of things I never would have guessed about you.

    I had to laugh at the "Knee's up mother brown" comment, our kiddies had their bushdance/fete this weekend, and that was what the preppies danced to. Super cute. And yes, I danced too.

    I wondering if my little one would be too young for one of your boys - in quite a few years though!

  18. Bushband? Mother Brown? I checked it out on YouTube.

  19. You. Look. Stunning! Thank you for the picture A-M and for sharing all of the wonderful things that make you tick. Reading about you makes me understand more and more why we're friends (so many similarities). You are an amazing woman and I hope you had fun in Melbourne!


  20. Hi A-M,

    A lovely little insight into the fabulous A-M. You are a woman of many talents. Great post.

    Kel x

  21. Something I received in my inbox yesterday. Can't please everyone!


    sort of interesting is right, sort of dull and boring too well mostly dull and boring actually

    ho hum I am so bored...that's how it reads
    you just went to Problogger's Training Day
    What happened?

    If I was not a friend I wouldn't bother reading any further and I'd probable stop reading the blog
    after all the house it built now...oh but wait you do tell me you want to build more...but not when or how

    this is what I got
    1st you tell me it's a rehash and that nothing has happened for years. hmmm
    I plod in
    by the end I have read that you are intelligent but it's yawn so boring to do anything with it
    and you are talented but that's boring too
    yes I know what you said about the smoke but...
    you love blue, what? you are a designer and you cant elaborate on that?
    you cant cook
    apparently you can't even bungy jump properly
    you love sushi, but you don't make it - why not? - are these boys marring girls that can cook? what about the gap years?
    you can sing but dont
    you boys are the center of your world and what kind of grandmother you want to be
    honey you even haven't it the teenage-challenge years yet,
    if I was anew reader I would think they boys were mid to late teens

    so I know know lots about that you dont do

    I don't know that you adore Paris.
    I don't know that you make fabulous raspberry Donna Hay Muffins
    I dont know that have boundless energy
    I dont know that you run everyday no matter what
    I dont know that you fly to Melbourne at the drop of a hat for fabulous events
    I dont know that in the floods the water stopped a mere 2cms from your door and that you measured it
    I don't know that you have a compassionate heart and care for people like Ken and Bill? even when Papal disowns you
    I dont know that you in fact have been seen in public in a frock before (and may I say an nicer one) at the book launch for Pia's book
    I don't know that as a mother you have taken a tough stand and banned all TV during the week
    I dont know that you have faced some of life's toughest challenges just like the reader and just like the readers you are working in them
    winning some days and just getting through others.

    I could go on, but you get the idea right?

    see AM there is so much I do not know - if I was a new reader, or a recent one or or?
    why or why are women so good at listing what they don't want, don't like etc instead of the things they do want
    or love.
    I am right aren't I?
    so speak to me again or don't. Its your call.
    Just don't insult your readers again, because bottom line AM that's what it felt like.

    you said it yesterday the Frost quote No Surprises in the writer none in the reader...yawn there were now.

    I know that's tough but if you are going to make blogging a business you need to be more thoughtful of your readers.

    I was tempted to write this in a comment however out of friendship I have not

    the next step is your call.
    and Hey I am not a perfect blogger either

    but I didn't get to go to Problogger. I dont get to go to all these things,
    I'm the one with the limitations...."

  22. What a waste of your time having to read that, at times illegible, drivel.

  23. Wow - someone needs to take a moment and give herself a good talking to! I loved the post and totally agree - you rock the frock! Keep on doing what you do - that's why you have so many loyal followers! xx

  24. Thanks for sharing this... and thanks for blogging... I'm one of the lurkers who never comments but enjoys hearing and seeing about your life! Cheers...

  25. Hi A-M,

    That is outrageous! Who the hell does this person think she is. Certainly not a friend. I hope you told her to shove it. I'm furious!

    Kel x

  26. I've had to catch up on my blog roll tonight, so I wanted to ask if how come I live in Melbourne and no nothing about the Probloggers conference? Maybe I don't yet fit into that catogory. Mmm, now there's a thought I hadn't contemplated ;-)

  27. I cant believe that someone could be so horrible. i thought what you had written was interesting as most of us do already know many of the positive things they did say. This blogworld should not be about any negativity. We should only be here if we can be open and non judgemental. Dont listen to any of it. You deserve only better.Fiona

  28. huh! bushband aye! that explains the leggins!!!

    (ps. tell your friend to have a scotch and not take themselves so seriously!!)


  29. You are a woman after my own heart. I have an interior design degree that I used in both the retail/design business and wholesale business selling to designers. Now I'm in my very favorite job. I am an estimator and project manager for a general contractor. I get to hang out at job sites and shop/design with and for our clients. Best job I ever had.

  30. Huh? What on earth? Is this someone you know, A-M? She (I presume it's a she) calls herself your friend!

    Is this the same person who left snarky comments a couple of months ago, about you not being open with your readers and telling them every single detail of your life?

  31. Different 'snarker' Kathryn. Cannot please everyone. The risk you take when you put yourself out there on a blog. Getting used to it now after 4 years. It's my blog, and if I feel like 'underselling' myself and writing boring drivel, I will. :) A-M xx

  32. Loved the boring drivel!
    I was visiting my old haunts in Brisbane at the weekend, hoping I might bump into you as my friend was staying in the same apartment block as you- I think! I said hello to the duck and marveled at the ferry stop and then remembered that you were in Melbourne learning how to write boring drivel!!
    Keep on doing what you are doing, love your blog x


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