Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happenings, Gifts, Lights, Everything

Had a coffee (and apple pie) with Rachael, from the Boutique Markets, and Clare from Mondo Cherry yesterday. Lovely. Rachael bought me these beautiful flowers. Honestly Rachael, they're prettier than my wedding bouquet was! Here they are plonked in my kitchen sink so I could take a photo of them.

Rachael also showered me in gifts from some of the Boutique Markets from around the country of late. I was so jealous she got to meet Ness, from Marley and Lockyer, at the recent Hobart Boutique Market, so she bought me back some gorgeous little clay tags from Ness's stall. 

I also scored some beautiful hand-cut gift tags from Mondo Cherry and some yummy Guava Vinegar from Your Inspiration At Home. Apparently you add it to champagne for an 'out of body experience'. Must add champagne to my grocery list. Aren't I a lucky girl? Thank you girls! 

Mondo Cherry and Boutique Markets have joined my little list of advertisers on my side bar so you can head directly over to their sites to catch up on all the goss. I actually loaded up the code for their ads all by myself after following a rather technical emailed tutorial from the 'Guru That Is Katrina'. I was slightly jumping for joy when I got them all to work and link. I'm generally not good with code. #IT Gumby.

So I got the call from 'Carl at the shed' (never just 'Carl', but 'Carl at the shed') excitedly informing me that my first load of lights had arrived. I am receiving them in stages as I don't have enough storage room for them as I send them out. I'm a one-man-band you know! No staff .. oh except for darling TuTu ...when I get desperate and when she can get a babysitter!

I took one look at the 'triple towers' and thought to myself, "how the hell am I going to start taking them apart from the top?"... so I parked my car close to them and climbed up on my car so I could reach the top! I bet the guys in the office were having a laugh viewing the security cameras! 

So I managed to get all these unpacked and out to customers in the span of 2 hours. Pretty good hey! Nothing like a school pick-up to move one along. Next batch is due today. So readers if you wish to order some lights, the ones HERE, I have them 'IN STOCK'... such glorious words.... let me say them just one more time..... 'IN STOCK'... aahhhh! I am sending out the orders of customers, who have been waiting for months, this week (the most patient customers in the world - big statement but true) and then I will send out all my new orders next week. 

I was hoping big son would be able to help me out with the 'light-assembly-line' this week-end but he is off to the 'Opti-Minds' State Final (bit proud of him). It's an all weekend affair where his school team stays in a posh city hotel and competes out at the University of Queensland. I get to see their final presentation on Sunday. 

Little one is already in mourning about not having his brother attached to his side this weekend. He's already looking at me with sad eyes every time we mention the weekend. Little does he know, I am putting him to work in 'the shed'!!!!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. You had a fabulous day yesterday! Look at those goodies and look at those lights! If I am building a new house next year - you know you'll be flying here to help me with all my lighting! xoxo

  2. I'd help too! Just had a little package delivered form Ness - her new Xmas stockings are to die for - check them out in her online store - you'll ADORE them. Have a lovely weekend with child labour at hand! Start them young I say!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful flowers, what a lucky girl! Also very ingenious, using the car as a work platform.

    I agree, child labour is the best kind, get them started young. I get my boys to clean the windows, give them a bottle of windex and a cloth and say "off you go!"

  4. Ahhh those clay tags are lovely!

  5. had a lovely morning too A-M! Clare and I said we'd help you unpack the pallets, I would have killed to see you on top of your car! Hilarious!


  6. Beautiful flowers and pressies! Oh I wish I was renovating to buy your beautiful lights. Mimi xx

  7. Lucky you! Those flowers are beautiful, have a lovely day x

  8. Hi A-M

    It all looks so lovely, The flowers are so pretty and feminine.
    I need to try some of that Guava Vinegar in a salad - it sounds divine.

    I am so glad the lights are making their way to you - you have had so many hiccups with them of late and it's time to enjoy the unpacking and re-sending :)

    have a wonderful day


  9. Wow! You are a busy lady.
    I too, would have loved to have seen you teetering on the top of your car to unpack that tower :) You be careful.

    Kel x

  10. I think moving the car to stand on is a stroke of genius!

    Gorgeous flowers and gifts, lucky lady.

  11. Now, that is no way for a lady to be hoisted into the air! You need some bronzed Adonis type Men for that!!!
    Thanks for the mention lovely. I would LOVE to meet you one day. Maybe I'll fly to Brissy and do a Boutique Market up there =0)
    Now let's see if Blogger will let me comment =0/
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  12. Impressive unpacking time - good thing you didn't have the apple pie like Rachael and I would have slowed you right down! I didn't need to eat again until dinner. I'm wishing my reno was at the stage that I could buy lights but I'm too scared to tempt fate and buy anything before signing a contract.
    Clare x

  13. Gorgeous goodies A-M....what a great time you girls must have had....xv

  14. Gorgeous flowers! I really like those eye test labels. Super cute!

  15. Gorgeous gorgeous SUMPTUOUS gorgeous A-M, flowers and labels~
    Don't boys love sheds? I thought they always went together.

  16. Wow some gorgeous items lucky you!!! And look at that stack you go AM so glad the lights are going well :))))


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