Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How's This For A Butler's Pantry?

I was visiting a client yesterday and she showed me her new Butler's Pantry. 
Now Kelly Wearstler has officially been everywhere!...even an Aussie Butler's Pantry!
 Isn't it fabulous! 

It's attached to this kitchen. Sigh!

Amazing client.... high powered job, plus studying, plus mother of a 3 year old, plus due to have second baby in 8 weeks, plus full on living in and renovating a super large house  (and doing a spectacular job at it I might add).... all with a big smile on her face. I felt empowered when I left her yesterday!

Look how teeny tiny his is... had to take a photo.

All this talk about my violin the other day made me want to get it out and have a fiddle.

Little one got his out too and played me a song that had something to do with a squirrel running up a tree. His performance didn't go too well according to him and it all ended in tears. That damn G string kept getting in the way of the D string and he thought tears would help. I tried to console but apparently it's just 'so not fair' as I am much better than him. I tried to explain that I had a good forty years on him and that everyone 'gets better when they practice' ...(I have become my mother!)....and he said, "well you said you never practised". Point taken. 

My violin still lives in it's original case. Tragic isn't it. The zip still works. 
It's close to 40 years old. It was sort of a good feral look for the bushband. 
You couldn't have anything too posh.

Well, I am sort of super busy this week. It's amazing what a few days away does to one's inbox. I'm off to the shed this morning as more gorgeous French glass lights arrived yesterday so I'm sending them off. Might don a pair of leggings for the occasion! 

Oh and my lovely chair says hello. I realised it hasn't made an appearance since it survived the January flood, by the skin of it's teeth. It's still trying to get used to the modern wood panelling in my apartment.
That's my messy desk behind it. Sorry I didn't style the chair or take any of the junk off it. I couldn't be bothered getting up from the couch..... just zoomed in. Oh dear, I hope Mr Problogger isn't reading this... this has been a rather lazy post. Well, it is 4.15am and I am leaving at 6.30am this morning for the Tuesday morning 'Guitar Ensemble run'. At least I popped in and said hi and 'respected my readers'.

I'm going to crank up that Nespresso machine right now. I hope it doesn't wake the boys. Yet. 

Have a great day!


  1. I LOVE the wallpaper in that pantry - oh my goodness! I love "real" pics so don´t you worry about a little mess. That´s how it´s supposed to look with two boys in the house. ;-)

  2. Love the kitchen and butlers pantry, the wallpaper really makes it pop! I don't think your violin case is tragic it has "character" !

  3. Yes, I too am loving that wallpaper! Awesome. Have a great day love xo

  4. Always love a picture of your gorgeous chair. I was awoken at 5.15am by an excited little boy because the tooth fairy had been. Have a good day! ;-)

  5. Beautiful wallpaper and the kitchen I would love! I love how your Violin case has so much character and history! Have a great day! Mimi xx P.S. Do you think you will be a little hot in leggings?

  6. I have a couple of violin cases (just like yours!) lying around my place also. Reminders of Adam's violin playing days. He has moved onto mandolin now - which he tells me has the same strings as a violin. Who would have guessed? Never get sick of seeing that gorgeous chair. Just keep it out of the way of visiting tradesmen (preferably wrapped in plastic!) ;)Sharyne

  7. Hi A-M,

    I love the whole look of the butlers pantry, I had been searching the net yesterday for them! Love it.

    How cute does that little violin look against yours, adorable.

    And please, if my house was as messy as yours, I would be one happy lady. lol Love your chair.

    Have a great day. Hope the coffee has kicked in by now, for your 'guitar ensemble run'.

    x Jode

  8. Oh I do love your chair :) Even with 'stuff' on it! Love that tray on the chair by the way - been searching for similar myself!

    I am empowered just reading about your client!!

    4.15am? Wow. Much respect felt here..

  9. wow! what an amazing kitchen! love the wallpaper and still dream about a butler's pantry for my kitchen..it's all about the space!
    that chair would look beautiful anywhere. Have a great day with the lights! K

  10. beautiful butlers pantry and kitchen!
    love seeing your violin case! oh, the stories it could tell, yes?!!
    little one will be playing like Mom in no time!

  11. Hi A-M, love the butlers pantry, does that include butler, if so I'll take two;) Love your chair and its survival story. We too have a plypanel kind of wall that still getting used to,the staining was trial and error though!

  12. I have dreams about butler's pantries ~ this just adds to them ~ thanks for sharing. Mx

  13. If you ever decide you don't want that chair, or the couch in the background...

  14. Good morning A-M,

    Wow! you are up early.

    Lovely to see you special chair looking as fabulous as always.

    Kel x

  15. *pouts* I so want a butler's pantry. And a butler. ;)

    I think I'd have a hard time getting used to that panelling - and I love modern, as I told you. Perhaps I'm more modern-classic?

  16. I love how even the "junk" on the chair is tidy. You crack me up!

  17. MOTH's been rejigging the plans for my new kitchen & much to my distress has shrunk my beautiful Butler's Pantry down by half. Something about it being easier to build. I reminded him he's already on a pretty slippery slope over other trouble he's in & he may just want to rethink his idea. This post has caused me to cry.
    Millie xx

  18. AM,

    Love the kitchen and the amazing butlers pantry to go with it. Something different is the key; you don't want what everyone else has got.

    Still finalising my butlers pantry, the only amazing thing it has so far is some old church doors that I had installed. Your client sounds like she has amazing taste and she has taken the whole reno, mum and pregnancy thing in her stride. Boom!
    ; ) Louwink

  19. How do women manage to live like that? Career, family, house, the lot and keep all the balls in the air. I'm struggling to keep sane while my 2 year old has a tantrum at the dinner table and I'm pulling my hair out. Can only dream about having a business/job, life, completed renovation and still be half normal. PS that chair is so amazing.

  20. The wallpaper is sensational...the fact that you play the violin is super impressive and the extra little early morning detail on blogging is totally awesome...Who cares about Mr Problogger....I think you have it nailed A-M....xv

  21. Hi A-M

    I am just awfully impressed that you are up at such an hour. Hope you enjoyed your day.


  22. Youch about the "never practiced" comment. They say everything we mothers say comes back to haunt us. So - very - true!!

    Gorgeous to have a bit of fun with glamour in a butler's pantry. Why not, I say.

    And as for you, up and blogging at 4.15, sounds like you are giving your super client a good run in the energy stakes! Virginia xx

  23. What a fantastic pantry. I am plotting a butlers pantry right this minute so thanks for the inspiration. And what on earth are you doing up voluntarily at 4 am without an infant in the house! melx

  24. Love the butlers pantry...I dream on in my tiny cottage!

    Love your clients kitchen too.

    I have a viola tucked up away somewhere that I really should dust off...I totally understand your little one's frustration about the other strings getting in the way! I share it! It's easier on a bigger instrument. The tiny wee ones are so hard to play!

  25. I love it all every single thing & glad you got out your violin for a play how fun wow the case has lasted oozzess character :))
    Ps love the blue fabric on your chair :)


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