Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Tried, I Really Tried.

I tried to replicate the 'special scrambled eggs' that Justine cooks for me in her little coffee shop, 'Posto', in Boundary St, West End. I am seriously addicted to them and often only do half a run, 'cause when I run past, I stop to have her 'special scrambled eggs'..... and then have to walk home, full of scrambled eggs and coffee.

Failed miserably. Looks sort of disgusting doesn't it. A bit too 'real'. I didn't have any fresh basil either.

If anyone can tell me the secret to seriously good scrambled eggs I will change my last born's name to yours (sorry little K). No really, tell me....and don't say 'cream' because my Dietitan friends (#Australia's Leading Dietitian) read this blog and I'll get into trouble. Well if you do have to say cream, just whisper it..... because I really need to know. 
PS Totally off topic, 'Apartment Therapy' has a really great article on decluttering over HERE.... reminding us all that we are not cavemen anymore, needing to hoard stuff otherwise we might die.

I love this paragraph: "Holding onto ANYTHING that doesn't have a working role in your home won't allow you to create new space for ANYTHING new to come into your life — things, jobs, people, opportunities, etc. Even as we bring new things in, we need to bring old things out. In this way, we ensure a vital life flow in our lives".

It identifies that there are really 2 problems with decluttering.. how to sort out the clutter and how to detach from it! The comments are good too. This one's a goodie: "The problem isn't "getting rid" of stuff, the problem is "getting stuff". Stop bringing stuff into your home, and you'll stop needing to get rid of stuff. Don't buy cheap, trendy furniture, and clothes, buy quality, classic things that will appreciate rather than depreciate. The focus should be on the "inbox"--what you bring into your home. You can take a 1-week waiting period here too: if you want to buy something, think about it for a week, and go back to get it if you really need it".

It's a great read..... but please come back and tell me how to cook a decent scrambled eggs when you've read it.

PPS. I'm filing everything under 'waffle' these days. That's not a good sign is it? See, Problogger did make me start thinking about things. Gotta sort out my 'categories'. The list goes on.


  1. Hi! Yep, either a dash of cream or dollop of butter- actually add the butter regardless. Cook them very slowly and on the lowest heat possible. And don't salt them till you have served them onto a plate. The salt toughens theprotein and makes them dry. Also best to slightly under cook as once off the heat they will cook a little more. Adding fresh herbs or spring onions and chilly really ups the anti too!

  2. For all things scrambled egg I head to the King himself Bill Grainger.

    Here's his special tip just for you A-M...

    "Don't overdo it. Actually, don't scramble it. It's more like gently folded eggs than scrambled eggs."

    I'm guessing that after you've gently folded them, and they're almost ready, you would add in the tomatoes and basil.

    Whispering now....his recipe has cream in it and so does mine.

    Happy day!

  3. Ugh, don´t remind me about the labels - mine are a mess too! I really didn´t think about it when I started blogging and now I dread to begin dealing with them... Oh well. :-D

    Sorry; I´ve never managed to make the perfect scrambled eggs either so I´d like to know too! :-)

  4. I'm a disaster in the kitchen so I don't even know why I'm chiming in but I use soy cream when I need cream.

  5. You inspired me A-M! This recipe is for you!

  6. The best tip I ever heard for scrambled eggs is, when it looks like there almost ready, they are. By the look of the eggs in the picture, they look like organic/free range eggs as they are much more yellow in colour and it looks like they have been finished in the oven or dare I say it cooked in the micrwave...

  7. Your post today really rings true to me.
    I too am having a de-clutter day to day as I'm not 'working' today (well, not paid work anyway)
    first to tidy my linen cupboard in the laundry then onto my sewing room/junk room.
    I often cry out loud,"How much do we really need?"
    Hi ho hi ho off to de-clutter I go!
    Wishing you a lovely day A-M

  8. Fold rather than scramble and slightly undercook the eggs A-M. that will make them appear to be creamier without the cream.
    I'd say add the tomato and the rest when they're almost done, just so it's all heated through rather than blended into the eggs.
    That's my only advice...the de-cluttering advice sounds fantastic! Just what I need. I have trouble discarding stuff big time! but I think it's time for a real cleanout, without regret or angst. Hope I can do it because my spare room looks like a wardrobe and linen store exploded in there

  9. Im here for the comments A-M, I cant cook, but I do love scrambled eggs, Thanks for putting this one out there. Mmmmm, I think I should have eggs for breaky!!!

  10. Im here for the comments A-M, I cant cook, but I do love scrambled eggs, Thanks for putting this one out there. Mmmmm, I think I should have eggs for breaky!!!

  11. We have a curbside pick up this weekend, Steve put some scrappy things out yesterday and within and hour two things had gone. It feels good to de-clutter.
    Now for scrambled eggs I agree with Felicity don't stir the eggs to much, fold the eggs and yes shhh cream! Mimi xx

  12. Sorry can't help with the scrambled eggs, I'd just keep helping your friend, Justine, by boosting her sales. She'll be happy and so will you!!

  13. My secret is sloooooooow cooking on the lowest possible heat. I actually take the pan off the heat a few times so it cooks even slower. I only whisk the eggs before cooking and just nudge with a wooden spoon when cooking.
    Like Shandy mentions, no salt or pepper until cooked and always a touch underdone.
    I never add cream or milk, but have recently started adding some of the Philadelphia extra lite cooking cream with great success.

  14. Sheesh I've finally gotten caught up on your blog, why can't there be a few more hours in the day?! I'm so glad you had fun at the Problogger conference, and I loved the 10 things about you rock girl, but I already knew that! ;-)

    I think the key to really good scrambled eggs lies in using really fresh eggs and not heating the pan too quickly or too slowly...if that makes sense?! Eggs are very fickle about heat and so low heat is always better I've found.

    And I so can relate to the decluttering article. I took a huge amount of "stuff," mostly autumn decor to a donation place yesterday. I actually cried while I was packing it up. My husband said "why give it away if it makes you cry," and I said that I was ready to give it away, but it made me sad that it represented a different period in my life and that some of the things had belonged to my mom, or reminded me of when she was alive. But it felt good to let it go, and to know that someone else would enjoy the things instead of them sitting in tubs in my garage. Phew, that was a long reply wasn't it?!

    xo Kat

  15. No cream in my scrambled eggs, just a tiny amount of skim milk and a tiny amount of olive oil spread in the pan :). I add salt and pepper before putting them in the pan, keep the heat on low and drag the outsides into the middle until there is no more liquid in the pan. When they look like they still need a little more cooking they are ready. I don't usually add anything more than some herbs to mine, but you will probably need to remove the seeds from a tomato if you were putting it in. P.S Love your blog :)

  16. Beautiful, I'm thinking one of the problems lies with the eggs themselves. They look pale in comparison to the cafe ones. I'm sure you go organic, but farm fresh eggs usually give the best true yellow yolks. And me thinks too that you are absolutely right with the lack of herbs, it definitely needs a good shot of continental parsley. That fresh green burst makes a world of difference. Fresh cracked pepper too. But hey, so long as they taste good and the Queen isn't joining you, then it doesn't matter the look!

    Have a lovely day, Beck xx

  17. Love your post this morning, I love it when someone gives me something to think about, so insiteful, sorry I can't help with the eggs. Have a beautiful day A-M xx

  18. Loved your post! My eggs would hae looked the same. My guess is they have more yolk than white- perhaps two yolks to each white. Then lots of butter and maybe finished in the oven - Just thoughts.
    xox Gina

  19. Looks like those scrambled eggs were cooked and then thrown under the salamander for that melty-cheesy baked look. Much more appealing! Have a great day A-M!

  20. Okay - divulging a HUGE family secret recipe here....
    My grandad made the best scrambled eggs and he always used the freshest free range eggs, but his secret was to add half an egg shell of water to the bowl of mixed eggs instead of milk or cream.
    Don't know whether it's the sentimentality behind it, but it seems to work for me. Oh, and cooking very slowly also helps.
    Happy cooking,

  21. Im off to make some scrambled eggs and read apartment therepy whilst eating them. mmm
    Oh i'm a terrible cook so not really one to offer advice, but since Ive had chooks and a herb garden my scrambled eggs have been much better - fresh is best!

  22. Great advice! Thank you so much everyone! You'll never guess where I sat and answered my morning emails.... eating Justine's scrambled eggs. Once a week. My 'be nice to me treat'! As good as always! A-M xx

  23. Felicity said it... fold gently and cream, just a dash. You can't beat proper fresh eggs either... it absolutely makes a difference. gxo

  24. Thanks for the decluttering comments - I loved it, and I really need it!

  25. Another tip - don't whisk the raw eggs too much. Just gently break them up with a fork and a gentle whisk. Low heat and undercook slightly, like others have said. I don't usually use cream, just a dash of milk.

  26. Ohh dare I say Microwave you can fold egg just a bit in a ceramic dish knob of butter & dash of water (healthy) cream if feeling naughty, only needs a min have a look then 30 secs should be done as when cooking in Micro food can still be cooking once out I do in Micro when pushed for time hope you find the right recipe for you!! :) x

  27. If I can't make a damn fine scrambled eggs now with all these helpful tips, then Bob IS my uncle. Thank you all. A-M xx

  28. I know it's all been said but...well...I'm renowned for my scramblies so I'll add my ha'peth worth:

    Break eggs into a bowl, salt, pepper, whisk with a fork. Melt a good dollop of butter in a frying pan (proper butter is the *key* ingredient). I usually have the heat up quite high so that when I pour in the eggs they start to set pretty much immediately. Keep drawing a spoon through the mixture to stop them sticking but don't go bonkers stirring (the scramblies should end up looking like curds). Just before you *think* they're ready, pull off the heat (they do continue to set in their own heat). I usually add more cracked black pepper but that's because I'm a pepper nutter. *Serve immediately*. Like me, they don't take kindly to idly sitting around. :D

  29. The answer to making everything yummy is always cream, isn't it?!? Enjoy those eggs!

    No 'physical' birthday present for my 8 year old girl this year - I am adamant I will not buy a single one! Instead, we are doing an 'experience': off to the Harry Potter exhibit in Sydney. The only cluttering we will be doing is to our brains...with loads and loads of wonderful memories!

  30. From my inbox. An email from 'Catherine'....with another interesting technique involving 2 pans......

    Catherine says:

    "My Mum is usually not the most imaginative of cooks. However she did know how to make light fluffy scrambled eggs. I think the effect you may be looking for is more method driven, than ingredients led.

    There is probably a fancy french cooking term for this...however Mum ( and now I) simply get two pans ready when doing scrambled eggs. One slightly bigger than the other. Put the large pan on your cooktop hub and half fill with water. Place the other pan ( I still hit the interior with a spray of olive oil) in the water. Have whatever scrambled egg mix you like prepared in a bowl. Turn the heat to about half way on your cook top. Slide your mix in and let cook till it looks like it is setting a bit. Gently fold the uncooked egg to the bottom of the pan until all the egg is set. The idea of the pan of water underneath your cooking pan maintains a gentler heat, so you don't have to stir the egg so much. I think looking at your cafe eggs they may of put your portion of scrambled egg under the grill too, as it looks sort of crunchy on top.

    A variation on this is to precook a mix of capsicum, zucchini, and eggplant with chorizo whatever herbs you fancy and add this to your scramble. I've had something like this at Anouk a few times...although I think they may also add some crusty torn pieces of sourdough....

    Anyways the pan of water method is worth a shot.

    Thanks for including the review/link about de-cluttering.... I'm accepting now that as I evolve as a person my former stuff does not always suit my present self. So it's de-cluttering is a regular part of my household inspiration or motivational catch cries are very welcome.

    Reading the article I could feel myself laughing at cave woman imagery...thinking when I need to self motivate, the question, Am I prepared to live like a cave woman? ...should get me focussed on continuing to evolve and let go of the old."


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