Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Chance

Hello. Just popping in to remind you all that the 'Dulux Colour Consultant Competition' from my post HERE, ends at 5pm this afternoon. You have just over 4 hours left in which to enter. Dulux is drawing it over the weekend and I will announce the winner on Monday 17th October. 

Hmm, I wonder what white this beautiful room above is painted in. It's got some blue in it, or maybe the bed linen is 'throwing' a bit of blue. Don't I sound like an expert! Ha!, 
Oh how I love that bedside table. Heartstopping.

I'm at the shed, packing lights. Tis good.

Speak to you tomorrow. Have a great night.
PS.... received an email this morning from a happy lighting customer: "My lights arrived yesterday, and I’ve only managed to open one so far but it’s more beautiful than I thought it was going to be!" Thank you Emma! Sigh! It's good to know they present so much better than the tragic iphone photo of them, in a cardboard box, that I am selling them off. Note to self...action a better photo.


  1. Those beds are beautiful aren't they, they come up a treat in the powder blue. Am also loving the old oak beam along the ceiling.

  2. It's a shame most queenslanders don't have a steep enough pitch for attic bedrooms, although imagine the heat!

  3. Gorgeous blue. Would love an afternoon nap there!


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