Monday, October 10, 2011

My Favourite Transoms

Original source unknown - please notify me if known.

I spent yesterday tidying up my computer files. Oh, the things I found! I got very side tracked... and ended up obsessing over pictures of transoms and moldings for practically the whole afternoon. I have always loved this (rather blurred) image above as I love the gentle curve in the transom lights....... so different. I can't seem to find the original source of this image so if you know please let me know.

According to Wikipedia, in architecture, a 'transom' is a transverse beam or bar in a frame, or a crosspiece separating a door or doorway from a window or 'fanlight' above it. 'Transom' is also the customary U.S word used for a 'transom light', the window over this crosspiece. In Britain, the transom above a door is usually referred to as a 'fanlight', irrespective of it's shape. In Australia we use both terms... depending on whether we are feeling particularly British or not at the time. 'Fanlight' is most often the lingo used with reference to our traditional Australian colonial architecture.

The original inspiration for the Great Room double-hung windows above window seats, next to a stone fireplace... with voluminous curtains thrown in for good measrure! 

Yep, beautiful skirtings, architraves, cornices, moldings and door and window assemblies set my heart a flutter. I think if you get the basics right and create a beautiful canvas with these features, when you build or renovate, you really can't go wrong and you set the foundations for a beautiful, timeless aesthetic.

This is rather glorious I say. Love the floors too.

Heartstopping. Oh the symmetry.

An oldie but a goodie. 
This was the original inspiration for me for 'The House' and all it's transoms, windows and door assemblies.

Original inspiration from the movie 'Something's Gotta Give'... for the west elevation of the Great Room.... the corner housing the piano and bookshelves.

... and my version. 
Remember the beam? Now that's going back.

The back assemblies at 'The House'. Another set ran off the dining room... so they were a matching pair right across the back of the place....I'm a sucker for symmetry. The secret to affording nice joinery? .... go for the 'stock' assemblies wherever you can. Custom-made totally blow the budget. I changed my plans around over and over so I could fit in stock windows and doors wherever I could. 

.... and I couldn't resist.....the 'transom-ed' front door.

Am I allowed to critique my own work? Next time, I will leave more 'freeboard' on the right side of the front door assembly. See how it sits flush in the corner? I had to do that to fit in a 'stock' door (eye on the budget) and I didn't want to consequently widen the hall any more (it was already 1.5m wide) and then throw out all the dimensions of all the other rooms. Just sayin'.

Week Two of term already! Only 8 weeks to go and the year is all over.... well the school year anyway.
Ok, now for the morning rush!

Happy Monday!


  1. You are so right A-M good window fittings and door assemblies add so much to the style and feel of a house. Those sash windows in the second photo are truly a joy to behold, and what a beautiful place to sit and just 'be'.

  2. Well, I learn something every day. I did not even know what a transom was until now. They definitely add style. Thanks for the architectural lesson. x

  3. Hello A-M

    I have become a bit of a zombie over your powers you emitted this morning.

    Each photo I saw so much to stare at and each photo is a talking piece for your blog (you could do one a day Mon > weekend).

    You describe things so well for us the reader and we get what you are saying :)

    The only thing that I hate with my quarter glasses is cleaning them all - that is the painful job.

    have a great day

    x Loulou

  4. Love a good window/door/transom/architrave/skirting :)

    I've already got a folder of pics for "the next house", one which isn't from a spec home builder so I can customise these details more. Husband would kill me if he knew that! haha!

  5. Oh A-M, thanks for teaching me another architectural word - love it! Using TinEye, I found the top photo here ( which takes you back to a US company called 212box. Goggle it - it's really hard to give you a link to their site. The photo is taken from 'an apartment in Gramercy Park in NYC', according to the blog post. J x

  6. I'm another that had never heard the term Transom. I thought for a minute you had made a typo! Learning something new!

    I'm not fond of our front door, so maybe when we get a new one, (eventually) I could try come convincing to get one like that, Love it.

  7. That last photo is my favorite A-M. What a gorgeous space :)

  8. It is always lovely to see your house again A-M. I hope to see your work again soon one day... One day... When you can, be sure to blog it. Such lovely styling... ;-)

  9. Well I don't know what to comment on because I just adore every photo and detail.
    Full stop.
    A-Me do you realise your beautiful kitchen always pops up in google images under Hamptons style/homes?

  10. And now I know what a transom is!!
    Very beautiful, and I look forward to seeing what's next for you :)

  11. Lovely! I spent a long time gazing at all the detail. Inspiring!

  12. I love those big windows with the light shining through! Gorgeous!

  13. Transoms, indeedy do. I have heaps of them in our place and I never ever knew what they were called. I shall impress hubby with the term tonight.

  14. Oh how I miss "The House" A-M. But it's so fascinating to see some of the photos that inspired you to build your big beautiful space. The next one will be even better!

    :) A.


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