Friday, October 7, 2011

Now This Is What You Call 'A Before'

Remember this beauty? 

Well my friend 'K' found some photos of it in it's 'before' state. 
They were taken in 2008.

Built in the 1900's.
On 1000sqm, up on a hill, with sweeping views.

If you look really closely at the first photo of the 'after', the first photo in this post, you can see they kept the arched window theme.
Look at the windows on the porch to the left, in the first photo.

Wow. Original.

Who lived here? What was their story? 
A generation passed.

I see 'work' in them VJ's. 'Lotsa work'.

Check out the fruit! Last minute prop! Hello banana.

Wow, now that's what I call 'original'.

... and the bathroom tacked on the back in later years. 
I bet the outhouse was still somewhere in the back yard too. 

Spruced up in the 1950's perhaps? That's a real 50's colour.

Now I've really got to get inside and see the after. I bet it's gobsmacking. Just going on how beautiful the exterior is, I reckon, inside, the new owners would have done her proud. My friend did mutter something about it having a Great Room with pressed metal ceilings. Maybe I should put a little note in the letterbox, saying "will bring cupcakes.... passionfruit ones.... from the Bulimba bakery.... the best in Brisbane". 

Happy Friday!

PS Oh, I am reconstructing my new blog roll, after losing it when my blog template was changed. If I have left you out, sing out and I will add you back on. I had been collecting blogs for years so off the top of my head, I can't remember all who were there!


  1. Call me old fashioned bit I love the "before"

  2. Oh you're not Margaret, I love it too. I could rattle around in that old place forever and be blissfully happy. I'd just have to add a garden.. with roses. A-M xx

  3. Hello A-M,
    I am sure before you know it, you will be excited to share the inside of this beautiful oldie with us. Go on, order the cupcakes,don your boots and march right up! Xo Col-Afrique du Sud

  4. What a glorious old girl! Yes A-M those vj's do shout out work, but it would be a labour of love. You absolutely must score an invite inside.

    I have a confession to make, I love to stalk removal home websites and drool over these venerable old homes.

  5. I love the simplicity of it. You would only have what you really need and nothing more.

  6. Yes, there is something to be said about only having what you really need. It's liberating. I'm getting there! Seriously paring down. A-M xx

  7. Imagine the history behind those old doors! Mimi xx

    P.S. I agree with you A-M. paring down is truly liberating. Enjoy your weekend. x

  8. Hello A-M

    Whoa - gorgeous little piece of history there - and that kitchen in it's original state reminds me of my grandmothers and nan's kitchens at one time.
    Though they had huge cookers in there.

    The Dining room is gorgeous - look at the original pendant light, and the bathroom has carpet - I remember the same at my nan's and I used to think it so rich! Now, as an adult I think "let's rip that sucker up".

    You go girlfriend - I know you will slide that gorgeous Cape Cod Designs business card in that letterbox with a link back to your blog and I know you will be sharing those cupcakes in no time :)

    have a lovely day



  9. Wow! Love the before and I love the after. What a great old home. xx

  10. I remember that house A-M - it was always a stunner, and just crying out for some tlc. Now, get yourself over there quick smart, with said cuppies in hand, and those owners will be putty in your hands...and then blog every single detail for the rest of us to devour :) xx

  11. Hi A-M,

    Please, please find a way inside the renovated version. I bet it is out of this world.

    Have a lovely day A-M.

    Kel x

    p.s. You have left me off your blog roll but this might have been on purpose. In which case, I will stalk you until you put me back on :) xxx

  12. The before is sooooo much better!! They have wrecked the place through their desire to live in the fanciest house in the street!?! What's with all the wrought iron... the original house had so much more grace and style! Less in more people!

  13. Oh sweets, Mr redroses could write a book on 'The Frustration Levels associated with working on VJ's'!

    A visit to the interior of this beauty is a must and don't forget your willing and able assistant. No pressure :) lol.
    Restoring these oldies is a great service to our communities, keeping history alive is so important.
    Good detective work K.
    Annie xx

  14. I LOVE the bent corrugated iron cooker alcove - sorry it was renovated really... it has gone a bit gussy~

  15. Come on A-M we are all cheering you on to grab those cupcakes & bribe these gorgeous homeowners to let us stalk their spectacular transformation. Nothing beats the character of an older home.
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  16. You can see why someone would want to love her to bits can't you. Hope the cupcakes swing the deal :)

  17. Oh wow, how lovely to see the before shots and picture how it used to be. There's an old home in a nearby suburb here which reminds me of the before shots above - huge wrap around verandah etc. and every time I pass it, I think of the amazing potential it has. I just wish someone would give it a makeover like the one you've shared above. Enjoy your weekend A-M! x

  18. Love it A-M, you've got to get inside, and definately white iceburg roses. Have a lovely weekend xx

  19. Hi A-M, the before photos remind me of this house

    that I have been realestalking for years and is now up for sale! I am desparately sad that I'm not in a position to buy it... I used to take my son (who is about to turn 7) in his pram walking past this place and we would talk to the old lady and her cat who lived there and even then I used to imagine what would I do if the old beauty became mine- chimneys, verandahs, big rooms, pressed metal, city view, big block- everything that I adored. Still, I hope to visit the open house tomorrow just to fuel my imagination and I hope that someone will buy it and make it fabulous. My finger was getting sore just looking at all of the no-more-gapping to be done to those VJ's, a bit like the one you've posted today!! K x

  20. What an amazing job the new owners did with it. Thank god they didn't tear it down. The fruit arrangement made me laugh, it must have done the job for the new owners to go ahead and purchase. I hope that through this funny world of blog you get to have a look inside and share the pics with all of us. Have a great weekend. ;-)

  21. What a beautiful home - both before and after. A-M - we are relying on you to get the full story!!

  22. Wow A-M.... I am behind you 100%... I'll even make the cupcakes if I can come with you! We should start a campaign to see who owns it..... The Bulimba Connect Facebook page maybe.... if we all start talking about it the owner might just approach you.....

  23. Wow thats amazing! What a gorgeous home. There's hope for my renovation yet!

  24. Yes Bulimba Bakery is insanely GOOD!! Love their vege foccacias and the butterfly patty cakes YUM!!!!!!

  25. I love that old place.

    I posted recently about how we need to update our bathrooms, but everything standard is just white. I want to keep the 1960s bathroom, it is totally original except the lion on the floor. I just don't know where to start or how to do it.

    If you do a post on 1960s bathrooms, let me, think green bath for us!

  26. Wow! What a score, finding the old photos. I'd love to see "before" photos of our house. Before it was moved here it was divided into two units.

    I really think you should drop a note in their box. And I need to head over to Bulimba to get passionfruit cupcakes...yum!

  27. Oh! How I soooooo want that house 'before' It is soooo me! Ok, maybe not the green bathroom! I do hope the new owners didn't change it too drastically inside.

  28. Wow that hadn't been touched in many many years!
    I'm pretty sure that house was in a recent home beautiful....looks very familiar and there was a lap pool at the front of the house (might have to have a look in the morning for you!)

  29. I found it, I found it (pics of the inside)! Will send you an email.


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