Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Reach Of Social Media

Look what the beautiful Jo from Love Stamp sent me! Just because. We have gotten to know each other through Twitter. I received it yesterday. These are the second set of photos I took. The first lot? I had to go back and dust my table. That iPhone is so powerful sometimes... it picks up amoebas in photos! 

"You hold the key to my heart". Gorgeous. Thank you Jo! It is so special. Look I can still see dust! How good is that iPhone camera! 

And in other breaking news.....thanks to my beautiful Twitter friends, and their retweeting of my tweeting of my blog post yesterday.....and their addition of the words 'Epic Fail' to their tweets!, Origin made contact with me through Twitter (saves sitting on a mobile phone for 3 hours.... I don't have a landline for portability... always moving!). I have a Case Manager now who arranged for some money to be transferred into my account, which will go towards replacing the contents of my fridge. The most heartbreaking part of cleaning out my festering fridge was tossing out all the beautiful meals my friends had lovingly cooked for me over the past few challenging weeks.

My power came back on yesterday afternoon. 'Mr Energex' arrived with beautifully coiffed hair. He confessed that he thought TV cameras were going to be here so he did his hair in the car. He was rather sheepish, as he was the one who removed all my fuses and locked up my meter yesterday. Just doing his job. Under directions from Origin. We chatted about the meaning of life until he got a phone call saying 'hurry up' from his boss. Yes, heaven forbid some customer service and my need for a chat.... even if it was with 'Mr Energex'. 

My boys had been happily playing their Nintendos in the apartment complex corridor all afternoon, plugged into the cleaner's powerpoints. Big one said to me, "just think Mum, Bill never has electricity, or a hot shower". We all had a gratitude moment back inside, listening to the hum of the fridge and the remote control blinds going ballistic, up and down, up and down, until they worked out that they had a constant source of power and calmed down!

Later on I had a visit from a public relations person from Origin, from here in Brisbane. She confirmed my grocery money and said she'll get back to me about my impending bill for the last 8 months I have been here. It will be interesting to see this bill..... as the meter I have been paying my bills for is at 36 which doesn't exist. But Origin say they have been visiting this address at number 45 to read the meter. But this meter was cut off as no account was attached to it. So my other fictitious account, where did they get the meter readings for that? I still can't get my head around it so it is going to be interesting hearing Origin's take on the whole thing.  I will be taking your advice my dear readers and progressing to the Ombudsman if need be. Definitely. 

And in sad news, it looks like we have lost the whole batch of lizard eggs that my boys were lovingly caring for. An outcome of this whole fiasco that can't be remunerated. There were 15 babies anticipated. 
Nigella is still sitting there protecting them, even though they are all shrivelled... and 'cactus' as my boys keep saying. There have been tears.

But all is good.... fridge full of food, love from our friends and family.
Life is good.

.....and breathe out!

Thank you! :)
PS If you want to chat to me via Twitter, I have a link on my bloggy side bar. I can be found at 'TheHouseOfAM'.... and if you want to get in touch with Origin, they're now in my Twitter followers list!


  1. Great news! I am so glad that your power has been restored and that someone at Origin is finally listening to you. It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that they got this so wrong and it got to a disconnection. It is a little bit frightening, how reliant on electricity we have become.... Ridiculous that it took 24 hours to reconnect you.

    Sorry to hear that the lizards didn't make it, I hope that the boys don't fret too much.

    Here's to a bright and power filled weekend :)


  2. This is some good news - but such a shame that it took a bit of a rant to get some action. I'm glad they are looking after you now BUT this should be part of their normal customer service!!!!!
    I'll be reading on to see the full outcome.
    Happy weekend

  3. Hello AM

    That (so far) is a promising outcome and here it to the "bright and shining future" pardon the pun.

    Oh poor lizards - I am so sorry for B & K - please let them know I am sorry for them and of course the parents - Nigella and Brian!

    Have a wonderful day ahead - and enjoy the humming sounds of the fridge :))



  4. I am so sorry for the lizard babies, and hope the boys aren't too upset. So upsetting that that it was sheer bloody-minded human obstinacy that cut it off in the first place!

    It will be interesting to see how Origin spin it - don't let them off the hook will you...

  5. hi AM, I have been following quietly lately but your Origin experience sounds like it was the last thing you needed right about now. Thinking of you and hoping that you and the boys have a nice weekend enjoying the sunshine. Unfortunately you could replace the word "Origin" with just about any other major energy or telecomms provider and it would be a similar story for many people. Glad that you took the fight to them and enjoy watching them squirm now. XX

  6. the power of the blog/tweet!!
    You were my first thought this morning A-M so I'm pleased things are a little better.
    So sorry to hear about your lizard eggs disappointing!

  7. Yay! Go the power of the twitter and internet! NO company wants to be publicly humiliated and obviously had you not vented like you did they wouldn't have bothered with any renumeration.
    Your boys are very wise. I, too, always try to see the 'good' side of any disaster. Makes you more accepting of the good things we really take for granted.
    Sad the lizards are no more. But in a way it teaches the kids about the fragility of life. Something many kids don't experience any more.
    Glad it all ended with the power back on for you!

  8. Sorry for the baby lizards but yay! for people power. Be grateful that you weren't dealing with Gasp Jeans. xx

  9. I love that Origin were quaking at the thought of all that negative publicity :) Brilliant!!! At least some faith is being restored, but lets see them go all the way.

    LOVE the keyring!

  10. Poor you, poor mama lizard and poor boys! At least you're no longer camped in the corridor!
    Hang in there A-M, things can only get better!
    Cheers fiona

  11. Lucky girl , what a beautiful keychain ! I went straight over to there website. Christmas gifts & new baby to buy for here we come !
    A-M , so sorry to hear of the lizard eggs. The food can be replaced but the loss of life through a bungle cant be.
    Karyn x

  12. It took nearly a year for Origin to take me off one type of power supply to another. Each time I received a bill I would call them & say, "please take me off this" as well as "you are writing this down in your notes section" but it seems like everyone I talked to at Origin seemed to have missed that part of the training. Soooo frustrating!

  13. hi there. i popped over from millie's blog. oh, the lizard eggs.... what a shame. i can sympathize a little bit. our 37-day-old refrigerator went out thursday night. it's still out. the part to fix it is being overnighted. did you know overnighted now means 2-3 days? thankfully, temp fridge is on its way this afternoon. no compensation for the food we lost because we didn't buy the extended warranty. and on a side note, that little chevron card that came with your gift... i made those! i have a stationery shop and lovestamp is one of my customers! so funny seeing that as i scrolled thru your posts. pam


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