Monday, October 17, 2011

Real Life Lessons

After an 'emergency' trip into town yesterday.... once we discovered that the 16th of October was the last day you could visit an 'EB Games' shop and download a free 'Pokemon Thingy' to help you on your way in the 'big mystery that is Pokemon'....... we took a detour from our normal route home. We found this gorgeous place. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. The fence was too high to get the whole front elevation. This was the best I could do from the street. Look how the white pops against that lovely grey!

In our travels, we also found Bill. 
I almost didn't recognise him in his new hat! 

It was the first time my son had met Bill so he gave him a strong, firm handshake.... which impressed Bill no end. Bill showed us his new artwork and taught my boy all about 'mixed media' and what the word 'versatile' meant. Little one waxed lyrical about his lizards and how good he is at Maths... as one does. 

I also managed to purchase a beautiful Australian themed artwork (above) for 'Lauren', who has been waiting patiently for me to find Bill again. Lauren you were lucky!..... as Bill has changed focus and is doing a lot of angular, modern pieces at the moment as well as a few 'viking/pirate inspired' works thrown in for good measure! 

Look! Bill displays all his work in beautiful (waterproof!) folders now. Thanks to you and your generosity! These drawings are also on beautiful thick card and not the flimsy stuff anymore.... thanks to your donations!

I love this one!

Lots of ships!

We sat with Bill for a while and watched the birds (who love Bill because he feeds them) frolic in roadside puddles. It was such a beautiful day. Bill notices these things and kept telling me how beautiful the day was. He was happy for our visit. I said to my son, as we were driving away, "you know what?.... that time we spent with Bill? ... it just made his day". Little one said, "Yes, he was happy, I could tell... and Mum, I learnt heaps more about art, than I do in Art". 

Yes, that's because it's real life, my son. You just had a real life lesson about lots of 'stuff' then I reckon!

I have my lads home with me today as it is a pupil free day at school. Yay! 
Off to the shed first thing though. I need my big boy's muscles!

Happy Monday!


  1. Love Bill´s art - so colorful and interesting. And that house - WOW! Goooorgeous to say the least! :-)

  2. How dashing does Bill look in his new hat. Quite befitting the artist that he is! His subject matter constantly intrigues me - what an imagination he has.
    Love the house. I've always dreamt of having a house with gable windows (or are they called dormers?)and a window seat. Can't imagine they would go too well in the tropics however not unless the room was massively insulated with a powerful A/C unit! I'll keep dreaming. How did Optiminds go? Good luck at your "bulging" shed! ;)Sharyne

  3. This post warms the heart. I especially love that your little one appreciated his real life art lesson. Have a great week lovely family! x

  4. Oh Sharyne, Opti-Minds?... they had fun... didn't win this round... I think they had too much fun to win! He came home very happy... with a skip in his step. A-M xx

  5. That home is gorgeous.
    Isn't it interesting how someone like Bill who doesn't have many material possessions is so appreciative of life?x

  6. This post made me feel so warm and fuzzy A-M! And I love that viking drawing that Bill's done with all the boats - it's fantastic! He has an amazing imagination to draw from things he can't see.

  7. Hi A-M, Thank you for sharing your day with us. Bill's artwork is amazing a very talented man and for your little one to learn from him is just beautiful. I will share your post with my son who just loves to paint and draw. Take care and have a lovely pupil free day. Mimi xx

  8. Real life lessons are so priceless aren't they and that house would have stopped me in my tracks too! Pupil free day as well, sent 12year old to "CAM" CREATIVELY ACTIVE MINDS,[you know the one]for some serious girly inspiration for her new bedroom. Have a lovely day xx

  9. Sounds like a superb day A-Me. Glad little tacker sourced his Pokemon thingy and lovely that you caught up with Bill. His artwork presentation is looking very impressive.
    Enjoy today with your helpers!
    Oh and yes, gorgeous house.
    Annie xxx

  10. Oh A-M, you really are teaching precious life lessons to your sons, you clever mum. They are so lucky to have you. J x

  11. Hi A-M,

    I start to worry about Bill if you don't mention him for a while. I'm so glad your young man got to spend some quality time with such an amazing character.

    Kel x

  12. nice to read this..and the a beautym//Marie

  13. Great to hear that you managed to catch up with Bill and see his artwork. Your boys are sweethearts!

  14. Bill looks really well and I love the Viking stuff!

    That photo of Bill and little K is pure gold!

  15. Hi A-M,
    There's a beautiful tree to the left of this house that usually flowers the most gorgeous pale pink. I just can't remember what time of year. Simply breathtaking when it does...

  16. Oh that is my dream house A-M:). Bill looks wonderful too:)

  17. Such a coincidence - I live in the area and have taken to wandering the streets, taking photos of the more wacky and wonderful houses in the West End/Highgate Hill/South Brisbane area. (The shots so far are here, in case you are interested: Homes of South Brisbane.)

    The coincidence is that I only discovered that gorgeous house (and its more downtrodden triplets) on Sunday too. Such lovely places - a touch of gothic American mid-West about them.

    Love your blog A-M; I especially love the Bill updates. I see him all the time but am too bashful to say hello.

  18. Good Evening A-M,
    I blog at night... usually a reflection on the day and when my hubby crashes into bed.... I can then spend sometime to put together my thoughts and somehow plan tomorrow.

    I do try to blog in advance for more "ongoing topics", but day to day things I whack up there to keep it rolling...

    I am still learning though... and love reading your blog!

    Ginger Me

  19. OMG Bill I said I was going to make a pencil case for all his pencils arrr I am terrible will get on to it A.S.A.P you must think I'm terrible :(


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