Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Renting Sort Of Really Is The Pits....

Look at that gorgeous Jacaranda tree just outside my place!

... sometimes... well at times. 

Now don't get me wrong..... I'm grateful, grateful, grateful that I have a roof over my head... and such a beautiful view like this (above)... temporarily... until my lease is up. It's the Residential Tenancies Authority's definition of 'Quiet Enjoyment Of The Property' that I am struggling with. 

Our unit was brand new when we moved in, early this year, after the floods. Unbeknownst to us, the unit came with a long list of defects (that the new owner identified after he had taken ownership of it) that needed to be rectified by the developer. These defect repairs have been painstakingly drawn out over the last 9 months..... at the developer's convenience..... and not mine. I get a 24 hrs notice 'Entry Notice' handed to me at least once a week. There's always someone (who doesn't actually live in my unit or pay rent) fixing something in my so-called 'sanctuary from the world'.

Today's entry notice? ... for 'Defects To Be Remedied'... from 9am - 5pm... how's that!!!.... 8 hours access to my home... at their leisure!!! I don't like people being in my home when I am not here... so guess where I'm stuck today.... at their convenience....

.... and to make matters worse, during that time today we also have the routine '3 monthly inspection' by the complex manager (who hates my kids). I suppose he's got to make sure me and my unruly boys haven't trashed the place.... as you do. Ugghh, you know where I'll be ALL day today...stuck at home....listening to hammering, workman chit chat..... while sticking pins in my eyes! 

I still make them coffee you know. Grrr.

End of whinge.
Oh, I was so busy whining that I almost forgot, Dulux has drawn a winner for my 'Dulux Colour Consultant' competition. It's Jodie from 'Life On The River'. Congratulations Jodie! I will make contact with you and pass your details on to Dulux.


  1. Oh that is my friend Jodie! Whoooo!!! Yay!

  2. Sounds to me like your time at home might be best spent looking for new 'digs' if your financial advisor allows for it! Perhaps something unexpected will happen today that will brighten things up ( trying to be positive for u)!

  3. Hope your day had a happy ending?!
    Tomorrow you are free again and will forget all about this.
    Send me some sunshine! Here we only have rain and gray weather.

  4. Something good always happens HMB. Maybe I'll meet my next house builder amongst the tradies today! I think i am going to catch up on the ironing too...forced domesticity! A-M xx

  5. I used to hate renting too A-M. It's a bummer when the landlord doesn't recognise a damn good tenant and is unrealistic in their expectations.
    But I used to tell myself constantly it was only temporary and it was a chance to experience a different sort of "home" so I could work out exactly where I wanted to live.

  6. We rented in between selling our old house and waiting for our new one to be built, and had some similar issues. Brand new house, plenty of defects to be rectified, and the builder thought it was OK to have tradies just turn up at the front door when it suited them, without bothering to check with us.

    I lost count of the number of times one of my boys rang me at work to say "there's a guy at the door who wants to come in and paint/plaster/fix something". At least my kids had the sense to clear it with a parent and not just let some random stranger into our home.

    The owners and the property manager were both great, but the builder... ugh.

  7. I'll be there right with you doing the domestic thang!!! Tradies have no idea, they gave us the run around yesterday and caused inconveniences with school runs etc. Try and have a good day. ;-)

  8. How could you not love your boys, I feel like I know your gorgeous, caring children.
    Last night my hubbie and I were only talking about how we dislike renting. I have itchy feet to move. Only 5 months to go Yippee. Mimi xx

  9. Just a means to an end A-M, so you can focus on your next fabulous build/reno. Then you and your gorgeous boys will enjoy it all the more. K xx

  10. Tradie's can be good viewing sometimes lol.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for my prize. I am very, very, very excited! I can not wait to get stuck into my liquorice all sort coloured house. I will share the final results with you and all your readers.

    Thank you again A-M

    x Jode

  11. Focus on the purple snow from that Jacaranda A-M! Purple snow, purple snow, purple snow.....

  12. Yes I guess that is one of the downsides of renting. On the upside....look at that view!!!

  13. Renting does suck sometimes. I've grown up in rentals since I was 6 so know all about it. I can't wait till we win the lotto and build a beautiful house like yours.

  14. Sounds like the day from hell to me! I've never been a fan of renting, for those exact reasons.
    I hope something wonderful does come out of the day for you, A-M!

  15. Think lovely thoughts of those gorgeous boys, it'll get you through your day, I promise. gotta love those jacarandas xx

  16. We are renting whilst we rent our Brisbane house out :( Rent in PNG is ridiculous, we are in a 3 bedroom townhouse that costs about $2,800 aud a WEEK !! and trust me it is just a typical 3 bedroom townhouse, luckily the rent is provided as part of my husbands contract.

    We are enjoying not having to do any maintenance but on the other hand - there is a constant stream of people in our place - it drives me crazy. Our air-con has monthly maintenance !! MONTHLY !! I totally feel your pain.

  17. Being housebound at the mercy of tradies can be annoying unless they are HOT tradies. Think of it this way, at least you are not paying for the work!
    Enjoy the view.x

  18. So with Kell on that one - praying for some tradie hotness - but so know some of them can be butt uglsters so fingers were crossed all day. Thank the lord you had Brian at hand as a very scary body guard!!!!!

  19. 9mths of repairs!!! uh - that sure sucks, I think that's worse than just 9mths renting, ten times worse surely!!

  20. I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of 3 monthly inspections by the complex manager! What the Hey (for want of a stronger word)??? Forgive me, but that sounds irregular. What a creep...for want of a stronger word ;)

  21. Oh, have I got a doozy for you all tomorrow. I left the building for an hour to do a grocery shop.. and what I came back to... I had a teeny tiny cry over. Tell you tomorrow. Sweet dreams. xx

  22. Oh Sweetheart. I really feel for you. That sucks, big time. Remember this is only one step along the path you will take, although that probably sounds like cold comfort right now ☺. Sending you a huge Hobart ♥ tonight. J x

  23. RTA ... call them. I'm sure having to make your home available all day, and weekly at that, is not on and definitely not quiet enjoyment. I think the mum in us makes us all too accommodating. Those tradies need to be coordinated & out of there. I still say condies crystals in the pool. That complex manager sounds like Scrooge!

  24. Coffee, donuts all day long for painter & 2 week job.

    You know it was 5 weeks.

    OMG, had to keep the coffee/donuts up.

    Let's not forget the complete 5 pound bag of sugar he consumed in his coffee.

    Good painter, I hired him again !!! Just takes too long.

    XO T

  25. Look on the bright least it's not costing you anything. That's the great thing about renting. Unless you need hooks up like I do and have to ask permission. Then it's not a great thing.

    But you're right, you have a gorgeous Jacaranda tree to look at. Streets in older suburbs in South Africa are lined with them and they do make a pretty mess when the purple falls. Except right now tho when my neighbours' one is shedding all over my car and making it a complete mess!


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