Friday, October 28, 2011

So I Went For A Run

This is my all time favourite running quote. 

It's so motivating that I read it this morning, when I was putting this post together, and promptly decided to go for a run instead of finishing this post. Seriously... THAT motivating!

It's all true... well for me anyway. I took up running a year ago as I needed to do something 'fierce', exhausting, challenging and exhilarating. Tick, tick, tick and tick.

The best thing about running... is waking your body up as the outside world wakes up.....

... oh, and being out amongst pretty things...

... that smell nice too...

...and stumbling upon hidden treasures in your neighbourhood....

.... and being reminded by the universe to.... "never forget Paris"..... (said in a whisper for best effect)...

.... and coming home to this....

... and this....

... and being able to eat this (yes, more from Justine's kitchen).

So I got here, better late than never... to wish you a 'Happy Weekend'.
Thanks for visiting me this week and for all your 'lively contributions' to my comments sections.
I so appreciate you.


Oh and 'Duck' says 'hi'... I think he's being deflated next week.
I'll miss him.

'Duck' yesterday

Oh, and hey, there are some more great running quotes I am collecting over at Pinterest  HERE... if you're interested. If you're not, carry on. xx


  1. Just visiting to wish you and your boys a lovely weekend and to get my daily inspiration for which you always deliver. Have a lovely one A-M xx

  2. A-M you've almost inspired me to run this year, God love you!

  3. Happy weekend to you A-M. Great running quote. Mimi xx

  4. I adore every bit of this.



  5. I'm so pleased you've found something so healthy to be passionate about, A-M. I'd rather fly to the moon than run but each to their own ☺. J x

  6. Great post sweets. Speaking of Paris K & I are off to see the Woody Allen film set in this beautiful city. Keep inspiring us and you might just have runners following after you like Forrest Gump haha. Annie xxx

  7. That duck is wild isn't it? I'll be glad to see him deflate though -kind of looks weird on the river. Happy weekend to you too!

  8. Fab post - has made me hungry! Tell me - did you find running hard to start with? I'd like to be one - I have the gear - but my head gets in the way. Every. Single. Time. Any tips - fire away - I am determined to be a runner - before i am closer to fifty than forty! Eeeeek.

  9. Oh Jossie, I am no expert. I can only go on my experience, never having run before I started a year ago. It hurts in the beginning. Persist. The 1st three weeks are the hardest, then you'll find the endorphins will start to kick in earlier in the run so it doesn't hurt for as long. Listen to your body. If you don't feel 100% don't do it. I give myself 2 days off a week, sometimes just 1 if I have boundless energy. Focus on how good it feels while you're doing it. Feel how strong your large muscles are. Spend time feeling grateful for your health and the fact that you can run. Focus on your breathing and your posture, your core muscles. And enjoy the high at the end of it!! It's the best way to start the day... it puts a spring in your step... although I warn you, you'll be falling asleep in your broccoli in the first few weeks.... early to bed! A-M xx

  10. Oh and try to avoid running on bin day. Puke. I try to take Thursdays off! A-M xx

  11. haha, love that last bit of advice. very wise i think!

    i dowloaded the couch to 5km podcasts just before moving house because i decided that this was going to be the house that i became a runner in. havent quite got there yet. not sure that starting running and renovations really go hand in hand. but you've reminded me to not give up on that idea.

    hope you have a great weekend darl xx

  12. I LOVE that quote - I should have it on my wall for those days when I want to build a nest in the bed and live on cookies..! :-D

  13. Great post A-M... I really enjoy checking in with your blog each ( just about)day.

  14. It's a nice time of the year to run - not too hot and the jacarandas are stunning. Problem is I haven't run for months and after seeing your beautiful photos of food, I've been whipping up scrambled eggs for lunch. Better get those running shoes on again!

  15. Have a lovely weekend ~ I will miss the duck. Mx

  16. Dear A-M,
    your posts are a guarantee "smile-fest"! Thank you over and over. And guess what, I too have started to do a little bit of jogging, it is quite amazing how good it makes you feel at the end!!

    Best wishes to you and your boys for the weekend, we are enjoying a long w/end thanks to CHOGM and Queen Lizzy visiting!

    Christine xo

    P.S Loved your Paris St - I found a "Rue Christine" whilst exploring the streets of the 6th A with Sophie so I have it as my Phone screensaver - memories are precious! as well as aspirations for more travels too!

  17. I really, really want to start running again. I'm just lacking the get up and JFDI! Add to that I keep putting my neck out while gardening...excuses, excuses.
    Those breakfasts make me drool.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  18. Gosh, I am exhausted! Not a big runner here... Hope you have a lovely weekend. ;-)

  19. I'm not a runner even though I'm married to someone who thinks nothing of running up and down a mountain before breakfast! However, just have to comment on the jasmine at the moment as I see you have a photo. Isn't it so gorgeous smelling. I take huge sniffs whenever I walk past wonder people are starting to stare!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  20. I love this post A-M, because I love running too. The weather is turning chilly here, with shorter days and darker evenings, so there isn't much incentive to go out :( Once I go though, and the wind whips through my hair and the cold air hits my face.... I love it!!!!!

  21. Oh i do love the running quote that goes something like: "even if you're shuffling, you're lapping everyone on the couch". I used to be a runner, i want to get back. Just yesterday i picked up a running programme from the gym, now Athletics has been rained out (it's POURING now) i have no time to waste. If only we could blog & run, i might have to work on that one, strap my laptop to the treadmill & do a hill climb?? Love Posie

  22. You are so right A-M. Whenever I feel I can't be bothered but drag on my shoes, I am always glad that I did. I just love that tired, exhausted but happy feeling after a good run.

  23. Love the photos, A-M!

    I really enjoyed my flying visit to your city last weekend. Pity we couldn't catch up for a coffee (darn Her Majesty and those pesky road closures!).

    Exercise is amazing for the way it makes you feel. There's nothing like a hard workout to give your day a great start. :)

  24. gee, nope, sorry, read it all, and I'm not feeling like running - but then again, as you know, I never do, that may have something to do with it!

    glad it made you feel good tho!!

    well done old gal!

  25. Oh lovely! Such a great way to kick off your day A-M! Have a fantastic weekend, and blow a kiss to 'Duck' for me. I shall miss him too :)

  26. Ooh I used to run many moons ago but on a tread mill unfortunatly (due to nature of my job back then) best is definetly around your surroundings which you have kindly shown loving the jasmine star isn't it gorgeous!!
    Thanks AM happy running shame the ducks going he's become part of that river hope he finds a good home :))
    Happy weekend x


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