Thursday, October 6, 2011


Notice something? 

I've been spruced, tidied up, renovated! Yes, Katrina, 'The Media Maid', has been over here tinkering around, giving me a bit of a facelift. She's given me more space to spread out, added some finer details.. like the little compasses between my page headings above (love detail!), prettied up my fonts and added a great scrolly-thingy-link-bar to all my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages...and my soon to be Shop (which is just linked to Cape Cod Designs for the time being ... until I get my act together). 

I also have some more room for advertising spaces... so email me for my rate card if you wish to hang your shingle on my bloggy. It's all for a good cause.... feeding those beautiful boys of mine. I will try to talk about really interesting things here so everyone visits me and then you!

So if you are up for a change on your blog, you can find Katrina HERE in her business or HERE on her blog. She's wonderful to work with, way clever, can do anything you ask, gives you her undivided attention for as long as it takes... and she calls you cute names like 'chick', 'love', 'pet'.... essential for a good bloggy working relationship. 

Wow, Thursday already... where do the weeks go?
Happy Day!
It's raining here... delicious.
PS. In the process of changing templates, one loses one's blog roll. So when I have a spare 72 hours or so, I will load a new one up. It was miles long :)


  1. And a lovely sprucing it is too! Thrilled to see my little painting on your "special things" page in Pinterest. Made my day! ;)Sharyne

  2. Love it!!!!!

    PS You and I must be the two biggest insomniacs around! I often pop in early and love the fact you have already posted AND are an hour behind me!

  3. My pleasure Sharyne. Yes Jossie, I just can't sleep much past 4am. Tragic. A-M xx

  4. Looking good! Love the spaciousness and the details are gorgeous. :)

    Katrina's so clever - I'm in love with my renovated blog.

  5. Nice, very nice, it still has the classic A-M look but with a few tweaks and tucks. My, between you and Loulou the bloggy world has undergone some marvelous transformations this week!

    Have a good Thursday!

  6. Hey chicky! Ha! Ohhh you are so very welcome! Glad you love it. Thanks for letting me spruce you up :)


  7. Looking good A-M! Katrina is a magic weaver. So clever too. xx

  8. Hi A-M

    It's gorgeous

    very "spacious" indeed.

    she is a clever chicky that Miss Katrina :) - she has done a wonderful job.

    Yes Please - I am interested in a rate card for your advertising - can I have one please.

    I'm with you there I'm loving my pinterest too - I think it will take a while to get all my 'millions' of photos on there though :)

    have a wonderful day ahead lovely



  9. Like the tweaking A-M, Katrina is amazingly talented. Mimi xx

  10. I love it and can't believe I didn't have your button on my blog. You should have kicked my ass!

  11. Lovely tweaking! It still looks lovely and "clean" and full of white space though.
    Have just found you on Pinterest too :)

  12. Hi A-M,

    Everyone is having a bit of a bloggy facelift. I think I need one too. Love your new look and now that I know how to grab a button, I have grabbed yours too. :)

    Kel x

  13. A fab tweak by Planet Baby's Resident Magician, A-M! Loving it. J x

  14. like the noew look, really... there is only one little thing I don't like (and its something I don't like in ALL of the blogs): that all the comments are always visible...
    I read quite a few blogs and sometimes I miss some for a few days; if I want to read older posts I always have to scroll down... and down... and down through all the comments to come to the "older post" button... (hmmm... I want to read primarily the blogs and onlysecondarily the comments... sorry.) would really prefer if the comments where integrated /folded in... uhm sorry its hard to explain what I mean ;-) (English is not my mother tongue)
    but anyway: the posts from you are great!!
    xx Cat - who moves to Brisi, soon ;-)

  15. Oooh, Cat, I don't know if there is anything one can do about that? If you are viewing the post after clicking on the title of the post, perhaps just quickly go up and click on the blog header at the top to reload the page? ....then you'll get the whole blog loaded up with the comments hidden and you can just scroll down through the posts without having to see the comments. Anyone else have a solution? IT is not my forte! I only know on a 'need to know basis' only. As my boys would say, "you run a blog? .. and you don't know THAT?"!!! A-M xx

  16. Very pretty little facelift, the style suits you perfectly!

  17. @A-M : thanks, THANKS!
    problem solved, Cat happy.
    *hug you*
    yeah, your boys could also say: READING blogs and you don't know that?!! *lol* -give them a hug, too.


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