Saturday, October 15, 2011

Strong Bonds

It's not until they're separated that I am reminded of the seriously strong bond that exists between my two boys. Big son has gone away for the whole weekend (for the Opti-Minds State Final)...for actually longer than a school camp..... oh dear! He went last night. There were tears from the little one. Quiet ones. He got out of the car after we dropped his big brother off last night and his eyes were red and swollen. Poor little mite.

It worries me sometimes. How is my little one ever going to stand on his own two feet when he and his brother are inseparable?  He has such a loving, nurturing big brother. I thought the advent of the teenage years would change the dynamic... but they really are each others oxygen... and the dynamic is the same both ways. I received a rather late text message from big one in his hotel last night, "I love you both so much. Tell K I love him". Brings me to tears. I'm good at tears when it comes to my boys.

They're a great team at home. They know what jobs have to be done and they've worked it all out between themselves. They swap, they do deals, they do each other favours... "if you do the top row of the dishwasher, I'll do the folding and make our beds". As long as the job gets done for Mum.

I even hear big one giving advice to little one about choosing good friends and managing schoolwork and being self motivated. He really wants the best for his little brother. He's so wise. He always has been.

So it's just the two of us this weekend. We'll have fun. We'll busy ourselves this morning with grocery shopping (little one absolutely loves it... he loves Maths too....just like his brother! he enjoys working out price per weight and all the bargains) and then we'll head off to the shed for some customer pickups and order packing. We're taking the ripsticks to the shed.... for after the customers!... there's lots of smooth concrete, lots of space to play and no supervisor there on the weekends.... boy heaven. I'm hopeless on them but little one loves to see me try.

I am so blessed. I know it. I love them. I am so grateful for them.

Happy Saturday! Big storm here this morning. It's raining buckets.
Four years gone but still an all time favourite.


  1. That is just wonderful and I can definately relate! I think your little guy will become a secure and confident man with that strong, brotherly love in his backbone. They look very sweet together. :-) We sure are blessed! :-)

  2. Aren't we Tinajo. Heartburstingly so. A-M xx

  3. From one blessed mother to another, The moments we spent watching our children grow are truly our best moments in life. Have a lovely weekend A-M xx

  4. Two beautiful boys there A-M, you have a lot to be proud of.

  5. Thank you Tanya. Thank you Belle Inspirations. So grateful. A-M xx

  6. It always amuses me how so many people assume that girls are somehow more loving and affectionate than boys. They obviously haven't seen my sons snuggled on the couch with Mum, or giving out spontaneous hugs for no reason at all.

    Your boys are just lovely, A-M.

  7. Don't know about girls Kek, but I am never short of a cuddle here! A-M xx

  8. What a beautiful post A-M. Don't worry about your little one not being able to stand on his own two feet. He will be stronger and more confident in life because he knows that whatever he does or where ever he goes he has the unconditional love and support of his big brother as well as his beautiful Mum.
    My sister and I were and still are exactly the same as your boys :)

    Kel x

  9. Hello A-M

    A gorgeous heart warming post.

    How did you keep a dry eye when little ones were red and swollen?

    They say you get out what you put into life and look at what you have put in. You are reaping the benefits of the best parenting in the world.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  10. The boys bond will always be and when they are older they have you to thank A-M, a caring beautiful Mum. Mimi xx

  11. So lovely to read that. I always tell my girls that they are each others best friends..unfortunately it is not like that often enough and the claws are out , reow !! Your boys will be best friends for life and you will be included too xx

  12. Bonds like that create strength to draw from when it's needed in the future I think. The more secure, the more independent, funnily enough. What a lovely post. I love mothers like you so much, you really get it. Keep up the good work! Rachaelx

  13. A really lovely post A-M! What beautiful boys you made x

  14. Adorable!! My eldest subcontracts chores to her siblings, it's hilarious. My 3rd girl does the first born's dog poo collection & is making a fortune + showing me that she is THIS dedicated to poo removal, she can handle a pony. I like how her mind works & yes, she will get a pony by high school.
    My 4 are tight, they bond, they have to with a daddy away at war. I know a few soldiers who went to your son's school, they are great men, solid husbands & amazing fathers.
    I think your little bloke will surprise you, as he's learning how to be a leader, strong & capable, just like your eldest, he just doesn't have to be any of these things just yet. I watch my twins, the 2nd born doesn't even bring her homework or notes home, her sister does (same class this year, their teachers find it completely bizarre that she accepts zero responsibility) yet when she needs to, she's the most reliable child i have!! Take the poo/ manure plan.
    For me, i like them to be young, innocent, no pressure, let them be children & enjoy their lack of stress or issues.
    Good luck at the state finals - very exciting!! My girl (the carefree one) got Hons for Maths & Engineering at Tournament of the Minds, who knew, she certainly didn't!! Love Posie

  15. Your boys are so sweet A-M.. it always warms my heart to hear of their relationship and care for each other...

    Funny about the math thing.. I was always teased for loving maths.. my favourite subject .. I wonder if it is more popular now..

    Have a great weekend you two.. ciao xxx Julie

  16. It warms my heart to see such love.

  17. Aw, your boys are wonderful x Good parenting definitely plays a big part!!

  18. I'm new to your blog. This is the sweetest post. What adorable and caring sons you have and you are a wonderful mother. So nice to see this. Happy weekend to you.

  19. I feel all teary, your boys seem delightful. You are truly blessed. x

  20. That bond is for life A-M don't you worry. And they're such strong boys that they will be able to stand on their own two feet ~ look who they have to teach them how! There is nothing more amazing than sibling bonds! :)

    Happy weekend

  21. That is so sweet, and sadly, rather rare. I wish I had such a great relationship with my own sister, but she's either driving me crazy or making me worry about her! Ah, well, maybe in my next lifetime...

  22. go you rip-sticker you!!
    that's hard stuff - all three of my girls love them.
    (I'm a bit of a dismal fail!!)
    hope your eldest went well - and that he's now back home safe and sound.
    cheryl xox.

  23. What a lovely weekend. You must be so proud of you boys! They are too cute!

  24. I think that's absolutely gorgeous, that your boys are such good friends. I have a girl and a boy, 3 years apart and I really hope they develop a bond like your boys have. That would make me really happy.

    How great that they help you out, too. Credit where credit is due - you've raised them well :-)

    Love your blog, A-M. Sometimes it's just what I need to brighten my day and put things into perspective.

  25. This story warmed my heart no end. I love how much your boys mean to each other and that fact that with B being a teenager hasn't stopped him from being an awesome big brother. I love seeing my kids help each other out and be there for each other. I think your boys will have that bond forever. How lucky for the two of them and how your heart must burst in seeing this. Well done A-M, it all starts at home xx


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