Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Ponderings

1. How pretty is lemon, yellow, lemony-yellow? It's such a happy colour. Such a simple room.... but so classical, so elegant. Doesn't take much really does it? Pretty linen, some different textures, great wall colour, fresh flowers, books. It's not complicated, creating ambience.

2. How good is electricity.. and hot water? We so take it for granted.

3. How windy is it in Brisbane today?!! Even the lizards were scratching to get out of the sun and back into their enclosure.

4. How did 'duck' move from the red buoy to the little blue one in the dark of night?

5. Why are pet deaths, or pet egg deaths in this case, always so heartbreaking. We're having a memorial service for all 15 of them tonight. #hastobedone #candles

Happy Sunday!



  1. A-M I love this picture I have a very similar color on one wall in our eating area off the kitchen. I have black and cream ticking curtains and blinds, cream cabnets and belgian bluestone countertops. Yor are right about this being a happy color , we have been here now two and half years and Im not sick of it at all. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you and the boys are doing well....... Julie in Holland xo

  2. Hello A-M

    gorgeous little ray of sunshine that colour.

    I can imagine to paint any room in a house that is the darkest room and doesn't get much natural light this colour. It would make the room sing again.

    Oh - I am sad for the lizards. The heartbreak!

    I know children must know life and death cycles and everything changes and never stays the same - but it is so hard.
    (maybe a little Dr Seuss might help :)

    take care and have a wonderful day (it is so windyyyyy)


  3. It's windy here in Airlie Beach today too. Better than yesterday, though, when the wind was coming from the NW. Eeuucchh. Sticky. My daughter's bedroom is painted in a very similar shade of yellow. I painted it when she was very small and she still complains that it's not pink! One day, I'm sure, she will say "Mum, I like this colour".

  4. 1. who couldn't love the first pic! a bit laura ashley isn't it!
    2. we take everything for granted, food, the sun, reproduction...
    3. don't know about Brissie today, but in Melb it's coming up a treat!
    4. might be another duck!
    5. so sad about your project, don't forget the ombudsman!!!

  5. Hi sweets, I see you too!
    I detest wind like this. Thought of you last night when I had two power cuts (only lasted a few minutes each). Scampered around for torches in the dark and I determined this is a little wake up call for our approaching summer of cyclonic weather and we all should be prepared.
    Will say a little prayer for the ceremony tonight :(

  6. The lizard eggs distill all that went wrong with your electric company. They lost their live's for it.

    People were the caretakers, & failed.

    I adore you, because you care so much.

    XO T

  7. hi there..mmm, find myself noticing yellow alot lately.. sorry about the lizzies...hope you have a spot to plant a special little tree in memory of them..xo Col~ Afrique du Sud..and a WINDY Sunday afternoon.


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