Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sweet Nothings

I was scolding him for dragging the chain yesterday morning while getting ready for school. Little did I know he was hurriedly writing this. I found it on my computer when I got home. 

Mother guilt.

Apparently that word is 'epic' and I think the j is backwards on the just. That must have been 'just' when I screamed at him from the corridor.... to hurry up! 

Mother guilt.

All is forgiven. 

Yay, it's Saturday, no screaming from the corridor. No school lunches. Just cuddles and coffee.

Happy day!



  1. Give the boys an extra snuggle for me (and give yourself a big hug from me too). Enjoy the weekend A-M and no more guilt, just lots of smiles and love.


  2. Really sweet ;)
    I got a new concept page with lots of cute giveaways coning up.. I would love you to join ;)

  3. Hello A-M

    heart warming
    time pausing

    Keep that note forever :)

    It's true! You are the most epic mum in the world!

    x loulou

  4. I hear you A-M-
    I set off for a quick walk befor dinner last night. My son was riding his bike with his little friends down the end of our street and called out to me. Oh, I just wanted to get going... What did he want now! I waited while he rode up to me ( I called out to him to hurry up) and he came up to me and just gave me a kiss!!!
    Mother guilt....... Patience Helen...
    Holidays drawing to an end here in NSW.... Here come the early mornings and dreaded lunchboxes!!!

  5. Beautiful! Sometimes I forget just how much I must mean to my two boys, it is easy to forget that you are their 'epic mum' when you are caught up in the mundane things like laundry, cleaning and morning rushes.

    Unconditional love, it is a beautiful thing.

    Have a great weekend, Epic Mum.

  6. Yes, most school mornings at our place can get a bit out of control. But, then I have to stop and remember I did the exact same thing to my mother. Oh, the cycle! Messages like that are real keepers! x Jode

  7. Oh how sweet! A note to definately keep forever xx

  8. Frame it and keep it close. Divine xxxx

  9. Oh we have all been there. What a sweetie you have!

    PS Come let me know what you think of my Autumn decor!

    Art by Karena

  10. I don't think you need to feel guilty, not when you get notes like that after doing as all mums do in the mornings - screem like crazy to get out the door on time. Have a nice weekend. ;-)

  11. This is where our boys really come into their own- mum love, my boy calls me " the best little mama in the world " on a daily basis and has trained his sister as well. I giggled over the "it's just nature" comment- is he meaning that it's just his biology to drag the chain or your biology to scream like a banshee on school mornings? Cracker either way! melx

  12. Oh how beautiful! Treasure it forever. Mimi xx

  13. Oh that's just beautiful. You're boys are so lovely.
    My boy is on the grade 6 camp to Moreton Island. Left at 7.15am this morning and I miss him already.

  14. Ahhhh bless what a lovely thing to do my 9 year old has got my mobile no from his big sis & called me at work the other day pleading with me to come home as he was missing me makes your heart ache hey!!!! :))


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