Friday, October 21, 2011

Learning Some Stuff

Well I'm here in glorious Melbourne, all fired up for the Problogger Conference today.

I caught a red eye flight yesterday morning, once my boys were safely tucked up in bed the night before at a dear friend's place. Thank you 'S'. I spent yesterday tending to a few work things and then I had a leisurely coffee with my friend 'K' and her partner. 'K' and I go way back to our single, 'pharmaceutical repping' days (yes, I ditched Dietetics in the early 90's and flogged insulin). 'K' is always good for a real belly laugh so we did lots of that yesterday.... in a little coffee shop in Degraves. I also managed to squeeze in lunch with my legal eagle cousin. We have this little cafe up near the courts that we meet in each time I am down here. We sit and watch the 'wigs' go by. 

So being in the fashion mecca of Australia you'd think I'd make the most of it and go shopping. The only time I had left, I spent sourcing soccer shirts for my lads. Light blue and white this time. Argentina. I am sick of the red Manchester United ones making my white towels pink. Besides I like light blue and white. Hope the boys don't have an issue with team Argentina!

Ok, so Problogger..... I don't think I am going to be sitting doing the laptop, mobile phone full on tweeting everything thing. I'm a bit old fashioned and tend to lean towards pen and paper (I'm from the time when all uni assignments had to be hand written, no personal computers back then) BUT..... if you are interested in all the live goss, there is a hashtag on twitter you can follow at #pbevent. There will be heaps of goss there. There will be lots of other dextrous attendees doing the tweet thing. I think that #pbevent stream will be moving rather fast. I will still have my mobile phone on hand for tweets.... but for important things like..... 'what Treens decided to wear after her fashion deliberations yesterday'... and 'how good the morning tea is'. 

If you want to follow my tweets, you can click on the link to the right of this post that says, 'Twitter'.... or you can find me at:!/TheHouseOfAM

I will provide you with all the useful blogging links, resources and super fabulous stuff I source when I get back. Promise.

So yay, a day of learning. This will be great. Being amongst other bloggers will be a blast too!

I'll chat to you via twitter today.

Have a great day!


  1. Hahaha! Yes you know me, always thinking about my clothes. I'm very shallow haha! You'll be pleased to know it's all sorted and I'm about to board... ;)

  2. Have fun and tell us all later! :-)

  3. Looking forward to some blogging tips! Enjoy. ;-)

  4. Have a fabulous day, I look forward to hearing more about your day and stay in Melbourne. I am sure your boys will love their new soccer shirts.

    Mimi xx

  5. Ohh... How I wish I could take trips like that! Leave everything behind for a day or two and meet new people, learn new things...
    Enjoy this moment A-M!!! Have fun!

  6. Soak it all in A-M, I'm sure you'll have a blast.

  7. Have an amazing time A-M. And I hope your boys like their new soccer tshirts :)


  8. Oh I really wish I was there to catch those tips. Take lots of notes for us. x

  9. Have fun! And yes I see Wordpress in your future.

  10. It sounds like you're having a great time there already! Am madly jealous and wish I could go to the conference too! Maybe next time.

  11. I will learn from you! Go for it!

  12. Being a Victoria stuck in NSw I'm sOOOOOOO jealous!
    I love love love LOVE Melbourne. It's got everything and runs rings around any other capital city- sorry Brisbane!
    Thanks for the photo!
    HAve a wonderful Victorian experience!

  13. Are you tired?
    I'm tired just keeping up with twitter lol.

  14. Exhausted... but a great day. Some great speakers. Now to integrate it all! ... and oh, how I love Melbourne :)
    A-M xx

  15. welcome back down here to melb AM - yes you def should buy stuff - clothes, why not!!!


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