Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When Do You Blog?

Not blogging. Working.

Yesterday, I retweeted a quote on Twitter that said something about not posting a blog post just for the sake of it... post when you've really got something to say.

It made me really think. Do I post every day because you are expecting me to post?... or do I really have something to say? Then it got me thinking... well it all really boils down to why you blog... and how you blog and maybe when you blog?

It's all quite psychologically complex really.

For me?
I blog as soon as I wake up. I wake very early as I crash early at night (not long after my boys). I generally blog about what pops into my head on waking, or anything interesting that happened the day before..... so I've always got something to say... even if it is just categorised under 'waffle'.

The great thing about blogging is that it heightens your senses. I am always 'awake' and aware, living my daily life, interacting with people, noticing interesting things. Anything that stirs an interest?... 'straight to the blog' the next day. For me, blogging has always been a bit of a 'life journaling project' so my posts reflect my life and generally what is relevant on the day.

Child labour.

I look back to why I started blogging... it was to journal my house planning and build back in early 2008, what, almost 4 years ago now. I blogged in the mornings, off the top of head, discussing the house progress and general catastrophes that had occurred the day before. Nothing much has changed! I blog in the mornings, off the top of my head, discussing 'yesterday' generally and possibly the catastrophes that occurred the day before!... oh and occasionally pretty stuff that takes my fancy.

Next door to yesterday's beauty.
Unrenovated perfection.

I often read of bloggers working really hard on the weekends, pre-preparing a whole series of posts for the week. It really is a serious business these days. I must admit every time I come across someone who is well planned and organised in the blog post business, I think oh goodness, now there's a thought, maybe I should do that and be more organised. I mean what if I run out of things to say? Or wake up and have nothing much to say. Na, it's just not me. If I run out of things to say?...so be it. Those days you'll find me AWOL. They don't happen much but at least you know on those days, I just have nothing much to say! "She didn't post today, she must have woken up 'blank'".

Breakfast meeting.
'Posto', Boundary St, West End. My second home.
Justine makes the best scrambled eggs in the universe, with the best tomato relish on the side.

So for me, my posts really reflect the way I live my life. I'm an early riser so I have a couple of deliciously quiet, perfect hours in the new day in which to share my thoughts through my blog. I have a blogging rhythm that fits comfortably into my life. No pressure. Sustaining. A daily connection with you that flows gently.

Can't you tell I am going to the  'Problogger Conference' in Melbourne at the end of the week?!!! I'm thinking. I know we're all going to have to sit down and think seriously about our bloggys. I am asking myself the questions I know they are going to ask..... and trying to answer them.

When do you blog? Why do you blog? Do you pre plan posts? or are you a total waffler like me?
I'd love to know.

Happy Tuesday!
P.S If anyone from my boy's school is reading this... we are wagging Guitar Ensemble practice this morning. We had a late one last night, making the most of the pupil free day off school. I know bad mother all 'round! Shhhhh!

He's still there.
And says 'hi'.


  1. You know; the funny thing is that the longer I blog the more I´ve got to say. It´s a constant flow going on inside my head - not of any specific logic or so, a bit of this and a bit of that. As long as I just let it lose I´m fine. :-)

    I´ve prepared just a couple of blogposts since I started, and those were extra important to me (like my boys birthdays and such).

    And of course, "Tuesdays around the world" that I´m in is something that needs to be thought of before I post since I´m in the team. But other than that, I just write when I feel like it and about what I want and I enjoy it SO much! :-)

    I love the contact it gives me with other great women (mostly) around the world and wouldn´t want to be without it. :-)

    (Usually I blog in the mornings but sometimes I blog both in the morning before my boys get up and after they´ve gone to sleep).

    Have a great day! :-)

  2. I love the fact you blog every day. And daily musings are great to read - it's not waffle. The blogs I abhor are the ones where someone will upload a picture of their latest shoe or bag purchase. So vacuous. Your blog is full of insight, dreaming, wondering and life - love it! Don't change a thing!!!!! lucky you to be off to Melbourne - enjoy!

  3. Totaly agree with you about blogging heightens your senses. I blog only when I have something to share really and I blog about 2 tot 3 times a week.. at the moment even more as I am having 2 giveeaways a week extra but that is only fun ;)

    Rememebering the house that AM Build in the beginning ;) we started blogging about the same time

  4. It's flying by the seat of my pants blogging for me. Ha! Oh to have the discipline! xx

  5. "flying by the seat of my pants blogging'.... I'm going to steal that and use it at 'Problogger'!!! A-M xx

  6. Every morning I go to your blog A-M, I just love reading what your write. You were my inspiration to start my blog so a big hug and thank you to you lovely lady!

    Have a great day! Mimi xx

  7. I must admit - my blogging seems to come in fits and starts. Some weeks I feel like posting every day - other weeks I'm flat out stringing 2 sentences together! I do believe however there is a rhythm to blogging and a sort of dependency about it. I probably prefer to blog at night (after everything is done.) Somehow I don't feel quite as guilty about sitting at the computer for a couple of hours at that time of the day. Off to the airport now to collect my daughter Kendall (and her gorgeous Alan) returning home after 3 weeks in Ireland. So excited! (Will also be excited to see my camera again - missed that as well!) ;)Sharyne

  8. When do I blog? Hmmmm, mainly when I can think of something to say and have the time to say it and mainly in the mornings because I too am a very early riser.
    I have been guilty of preparing a couple of posts, but they were mainly when I was doing a recipe.
    I'm not a great blogger but I try....and I like reading others' musings. It's almost like having a peep at someone's diary, with permission of course.


  9. I'm amazed that you find the time to blog at all, and enjoy the ebb and flow of your blogs which is really a reflection on life. Every day is different and even your 'waffle' days are enjoyable, so don't feel like you have to 'perform' every day for your readers. We enjoy it regardless...enjoy your Tuesday. Kerry x PS. that breakfast made me feel hungry so will have to visit Posto soon!!

  10. I was also worried that I would run out of things to say, but blogging makes you think more about your day and it's funny how many moments throughout a day are potential 'blog fodder'

    I love blogging. It's become a way of capturing a time in my life.x

  11. Perfect timing on this post A-M because I sometimes chastise myself for not blogging enough. I blog when I'm moved to ~ and it's not always about my physical "adventures" sometimes it's the mental ones too.

    I think blogging is what you make of it, and I for one love tuning in to read your posts weekly. Keep it up, it brings you and your family closer to me.


  12. Hello AM?,
    Hope you guys, have/had an enjoyable time together.

    YOU HAVE A GOOD POINT, when I read between your lines.

    Oh yeah... lots of bloggers. For me, I don't really care if I have things to say. I am not earning in my blog so be it? It's another story if blog is my daily bread. You really have to do something, right?

    I love your blog, you know that from the start. It's like my diary. Open my LT in the morning to check how you doing.

    Ahhh..babble babble... chie as usual.

    Happy Tuesday, Downunder. Here it's 00.30am and still up and going. Insomnia is my first name, that is!

    Hugs to you 3AMs

  13. I love that you spontaneously post your thoughts everyday, A-M. Reading your blog is like chatting with a close friend every morning. Don't ever change.

    Kel x

  14. AM- as you know I dont have a blog, but I love reading them. I seem to gravitate to the blogs that are natural and the people writting them seem like real people and not someone trying to teach everything there is about decorating, Im kind of over those blogs. I come to your blog everyday to see whats going on in your part of the world with you and your boys. That being said I really loved when you posted the progress on the bulid of your home , that was alot of fun.
    I loved how you always asked us about what we thought when you were making your choices.

  15. 'I often read of bloggers working really hard on the weekends, pre-preparing a whole series of posts for the week.' RUN THOSE PEOPLE OUT OF BLOG TOWN IMMEDIATELY A-M!! The Hedge is still the shambolic wreck of a blog it's always been, with no direction, no sense of timing & definitely no sense of structure & organization!!
    Millie xx

  16. Moving to the country took me a long way from my girlfriends. Blogging our farmhouse renovation lets me feel like they are a part of the process just as if they were living down the road. We discuss inspiration, ideas, and they give great feedback on my progress. The blog is such an amazing motivator, and it gives me an opportunity to reflect on how far we've come.

    I love your daily posts AM. They are authentic, genuine, and so much fun to read!

  17. Hello A-M ...Why does the anonymity of the internet make people feel they can tell you what to do? Tweet Off would be my response to whoever said that. I don't have a blog..but I enjoy yours...the beautiful photos and stories about your sweet boys. It's a little glimpse for me of life in Australia as I had never really imagined it...I'm Irish, living in Japan...my image of Australia was Ayers Rock ,the Barrier Reef, koalas and opals ....oh and hats with corks swinging off them until I met your lovely blog. Keep blogging whatever way suits you.....if it isn't broken , don't fix it :-)
    Denise in Osaka xx

  18. I usually blog in the evening or early afternoon. Don't ask me why -it's just how I roll!!

    I don't blog if I don't feel like it.

    We had some challenging times back in June or July when the baby had serious heart issues that required extensive investigation and I didn't blog at all around that time because it just wasn't on my radar and I didn't want to say anything about it.

    I try to do it every day and I used to do it twice a day if the mood hit me. When I worked before the baby I never blogged on a Friday night, because we always went out to dinner.

    My blog's a bit different, I don't make money from it and it isn't promoting a business or anything. If it was I would be far more disciplined I think!!

    Let us know about the pro blogger conference!

    And I asm so pleased that you will be actioning a Big tree this year! Hooray. Your boys are always welcome to pop round and see mine again -take care xxx

  19. Just loving reading everyones thoughts about this blogging caper.
    If I ran a business through my blog I would need to be disciplined about posting frequently but at the mo it's a fun creative outlet and is leading me in directions that have surprised me. Originally I planned on mainly showing the house reno but it's evolving into other areas which I'm enjoying immensely. The world appears more interesting now and everything is a photo opportunity.
    I usually do a post late afternoon/night, which suits my night owl personality. Never do drafts, I like it fresh. Some days ideas and time is my enemy but I don't fret. The day blogging becomes a chore is the day I retire.
    Adore your ramblings sweets so please don't change a thing.
    Annie xxx

  20. I recently started blogging about my new house build. And then things slowed right down in the 'getting to site' stage, so I post little bits and pieces about furnishings and design concepts that I like. When there is build progress to blog about, I throw that in. It happens maybe three times a week, or more if there is more to say.

    I agree with another commenter about the planning element being very different if you are earning money from said blog. I don't plan, but love and appreciate the feedback and ideas that come from asking questions of a greater audience, other than my circle of friends.

    I enjoy reading about your daily life and musings - always learning, learning, learning.


  21. It's fascinating to read what everybody has written here. Perhaps your readers are all spontaneous souls, but there seems to be a pattern of "blog when you feel like it". Which is exactly what I do too. So my blog is pretty sporadic, and never planned. I use it to focus my thoughts on whatever I am working on that day. And it is nearly always done in the morning. Virginia xx

  22. There is no possible way I could plan what I will blog about, that would just stress me out. I have to just wing it, like I do most everything in my life! And I tend to go in fits and spurts, with things popping into my head and then I put them on the blog. I started blogging to showcase design and decor but instead I found myself, or at least my love of photography, which was so unexpected.

    I love the way you blog, and the way you live, and I hope you continue for a very long time!

    Kat :)

  23. Looks like we're a bunch of bloggers who 'just wing it' or as Bris Mod put it so aptly, 'flying by the seat of our pants' bloggers! Thanks for all your wonderful comments! A-M xx

  24. I blog at night, usually while watching something mindless on TV, then schedule the post for the next morning.
    Right now I am trying to get into the habit of blogging every day, but I do run out of things to say, I have a list of things I want to blog about, but never get around to taking the photos to go along with the posts!

  25. I have always related more to a 'stream of consciousness' style of writing, therefore I love your waffle!! I also spied a Dormer just now so that would never have happened 'Pre A-M'.

  26. Hi A-M, I'm a bit of a waffly blogger too. I have a little more time at the beginning of the week so I like to catch up on my blog reading and will usually post something then. I just blog about everyday happennings and some weeks lots happen and other weeks are quiet. My blog started as a sharing our life in Australia after a move from the UK journal, and I suppose it still is...So even if we don't do anything completely "Australian" I'll still share what I've been up to.
    I don't have any posts 'in storage' either....never that organised!

  27. Before I started this renovation I was a regular, organised and scheduled blogger. I had plans and schedules for what I would post about and make sure it had some rhyme and reason, some rhythm to the posts and reason for them. Then I started renovating and my whole life turned to s...t. Then suddenly it went from a nicely organised timetable of organised blogging, to doing it whenever I could get around to it at the end of a day tearing around town for builders, looking after kids and downing a bottle of wine. I now have relaxed about it all and only post when I have some decent updates about the house or have found something beautiful I have to share.

  28. I've been blogging for over 5 years now and I mostly write my posts first thing in the morning or late at night. If it's late at night, I generally set the post to publish at 6:00am the next day. Don't ask me why; it just seems right. :))

    I occasionally schedule posts for future dates/times. That's usually been when I've had so many ideas for posts crammed into my head that I've had to write them down NOW, but don't want to bombard my readers with 7 posts in one day. So I schedule them to publish for the next 2, 3, 4 days or whatever.

    I'm about to head off on holidays for two weeks, and I'm trying to stockpile just a few posts so I can have some fresh blog fodder auto-publishing every few days. I'll be overseas, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get regular internet access, so I'm trying to be prepared. I won't be writing posts just for the sake of it though - if I can't think of anything I really want to write about, I'd rather not bother.

    If my blog goes silent for two weeks, so be it. I'll have plenty to share when I get back. :)

  29. I find blogs where the writer blogs for themselves are more real, down to earth and inspiring. And it's interesting how our like for certain blogs changes as we do.

    I started by blog to showcase my cards but I hardly have any cards on there. My blog really is about documenting my life and that of my family. A journal, a place to look back at life.

  30. Don't lose your rhythm A-M & don't change it works so well. KP

  31. my blog is visual, not so much anything worthy of saying, just pretty pics. But your blog is all wordy, and as a result I feel like I know you. I don't think people would say that about me from my blog... not intended, just how it is!!

  32. I am a total blogging novice - there is no method to my madness !! I started blogging earlier this year when we moved our three Brisbane kids to Port Moresby, PNG - our blog is to keep in contact with friends and family.

    Life is very amusing (and a little frustrating at times over here) lots of random things to blog about.

    A-M I love your blog and have been a quiet blog follower for a few years. I now love looking at the familiar Brisbane scenery in your posts and all the familiar surroundings.

  33. I'm pretty new to blogging, it's my little journal. It's a bit of a secret journal as none of my friends or family know I have it. Just strangers for now. I'm not sure why I haven't shared with people I know, I think I'm just looking for a nice creative outlet that's mainly just for me. But if I can inspire anyone or make them smile, that's an extra bonus!
    Love the ducky! He should have his own blog :=)

  34. Hee he is still there he must stay now it wouldn't be the same with out him :)
    Love your blog, puts me to shame I might have to start that going to bed earlier so I can get my act together I have all these idears written down there still written down I need to just stop & do my list before adding any more Planning on organising myself (fingers crossed) :)

  35. Well I was trying to blog every 2nd day... however we've been sick for a month and then my computer died, so that went out the window! I generally schedule my blogs because mostly they are just pics and I just get them done whenever I can! I have 2 babies so it's a little chaotic!


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