Saturday, November 26, 2011

... And It Ended In Paris.

It's been a busy week.

I know I have already told you.... but I just can't help mentioning it again (that's the great thing about being able to waffle on about anything on your own blog)......I'm adding to my lighting collection over at Cape Cod Designs. The latest is this beauty. Sort of stops my heart. 

It was so hot this week, I resorted to hiding out in an airconditioned establishment between appointments. The coffee was unexpectedly nice. 

I met a bloggy friend for coffee in this nice French place that had bookcases and ladders and stuff.

I wore my favourite cuff. An item I coveted over at 'The Old Boathouse' for a very long time. Katherine held it for me for my birthday early this year... because she knew I had my eye on it.
It has a matching ring and brooch.... but I only ever wear one of them at a time. I'm not much of a fashionista... is that the right thing to do?... not be too matchy, matchy?

Went hunting for rugs for a customer.

Aren't these nice?

She took this one. I would have too. So plush. 
Very 'Greg Natale-ish'. I love his talent and his penchant for black and white.

We're enjoying our Christmas tree like you wouldn't believe. The lights go on before sun up. I kid you not.. I am so grateful you shamed me into being a decent mother and putting it up.

My little Eiffel Tower, in my kitchen, inspired me to ditch the shed yesterday morning and scoot off to the movies to see Woody Allen's latest...'Midnight in Paris'. Oh it was magical... Paris...the music... lots of Col Porter!

There was even a really close shot of 'Shakespeare and Co', on the left bank. I was there this past March. I need to get there again. Soon. Movies about Paris do that to you, don't they?

The trailer for the movie, if you're interested, is HERE.

One more week of school and then we're on school holidays. Yay.

Happy Saturday!



  1. I am in love with your latest light!!! And I would be afraid to go see a movie about Paris right now. Since our trip to France and Germany a few months ago, I have been clamoring to go back! Enjoy your beautiful tree, and yay for school holidays!

    Kat :)

  2. Where oh where could I put that light , let me find somewhere & I will get back to you.
    I havent had a chance to see the MIdnight in Paris but I think I will make tonight the night.
    LOve how you have displayed your Eiffel Tower under the cloche (I might have to borrow that idea once I get mine) Its funny you talk about heart stopping moments , as soon as I saw that photo thats what happened to me. Im sure I lived in France in a previous life . Ever since I was in year 7 & started learning French I was in love it. When we went there I would have tears in my eyes most days , like I had come home.
    Wow that turned into a long comment maybe I should have made it a post ! See how your light post moved me this morning.
    Thankyou A-M
    Karyn x

  3. I have to find a Christmas tree poste haste and get it decorated. It tickles my funny bone that you turn on the lights before dawn! Thats never going to happen at my place.
    Just adore the new light and your client has great taste in rugs.
    Paris is so nice at this time of year with Chrissy decs appearing. A shame it's too far to just pop over for a quick visit!

  4. loving the cuff - too divine - and yes I would not wear them all at once ... too much of a good thing ... best le xox

  5. Dear A-M, Your cuff looks wonderful. It really was destined to be yours, and I am so happy you love it. Thank -you for sharing a picture of it. I love Woody Allen, I can't believe I still haven't seen that movie yet. I hope you have a lovely time at the nusery today, xx Katherine

  6. Fabulous bits and pieces A-M
    Katherine's a sweetheart to hold that lovely bracelet for you!!! I think meeting up at the garden centre would be a great place for coffee and chat!!

    So.. I've seen half the movie on the plane.. fell asleep.. and really looking forward to seeing the rest.. I was there in August!! Must say seems March adds it beauty with the lovely winter clad passerby's...

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. So much to comment on

    Of COURSE you are enjoying your tree, I mean who WOULDN'T??? You should see the baby commando roll towards mine and grab the lower decorations- it is a sight to behold I'm telling you.

    Love the Paris photo. Hope you've got it framed somewhere.

    Nice would to the cuff. It's Cufftastic.

    Good floor rugs too. I embrace them wholeheartedly x

    PS, twitter FB Blogging emailing are so tiring atm. pls tell me it gets easier!

  8. Beautiful cuff, good reminder that the tree must be actioned and those rugs...drool. Could you share the manufacturer or store where they're available from. Not ready to purchase yet but would like to record for when the time is right. All three are stunning and I agree, very Greg Natale!
    x KL

  9. HI A-M, since you've been to Paris already maybe you could advise when is the best time of year to go there? My husband has just said that he'd take me this year!!!!
    Sandy x

  10. Sandy, I was there in Spring.... late March, early April. It was wonderful... still cool enough to wear coats and hats and boots and enjoy the warmth of the little coffee shops but pleasant enough to walk the streets all day and not get hot or too cold. Day temps were anywhere from 10 - 15 degrees and couple of days it made it to 18-20 degrees!!! Cool enough at night to warrant heating. It wasn't crowded with tourists (no queues) and the accommodation and airfare prices were very reasonable. If I go back, it will be at that time again. Keeping in mind, I have always been an off peak traveller and I love the cold!
    A-M xx

  11. Love the Wall Sconces. I am thinking about my next reno...& I am dreaming about wall sconces in the bathrooms. KP

  12. I just love the thoughts you share every day A-M. I've never been to Paris but would love to go someday based on your experiences.

    Try and stay cool, I can only imagine how humid it must be getting (we're enjoying warm winds this weekend).

    P.S.- that wrist is much too skinny. Come to Edmonton and let me cook for you!


  13. I loved the film too, so great. It took me straight back. boo hoo, i miss paris too!! xxx

  14. Oh der, this post answers my question in the next post. The movie was so nice & i thought, hang on, i've seen a photo of that bookshop on A-M's blog. Yay!! Love Posie


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