Monday, November 7, 2011


Oh dear, I do apologise, Mr Problogger, for the 'Boring Blog Post Title'.... but I really couldn't think of anything else to call this line up. One of my readers, Natalie, has asked me to help inspire her in the creation of her living room bookshelves. Here are some of my favourites. 

I love the hardware in the shelves above... and the styling is so 'sharp'. I'm ditching the crystal knobs next time and going dark with whole lot. Love. It..... and love the cabinetry profile too.

Image Courtesy Sony Pictures

This very picture, from the movie 'Something's Gotta Give', inspired the corner of my old Great Room, where the piano sat.....which then inspired the shelving in the rest of the Great Room.

Once we boxed up that damn beam... that came out of no-where (long, old story)... I went a bit berserk on the shelving side of things and sort of shelved up the whole room.... as you can see below. There is a French door and transom to the right of the piano... like the movie image above... but do you think I could find a picture of it at this time of the morning?... nope.

I used crystal knobs on my cabinetry. Hey, that's Ness's cushion on the window seat. It's now on my bedside chair. Still loving it to bits Ness.

.... and you had me at ladder. Enough said.

....sigh. Ladder.
All so neat and tidy.

Around doorways is good. seriously good.

... and down hallways. I think I might do something like this next time. 
A blogging nook perhaps.

Or I could aim for a seriously heavenly blogging nook.

Freestanding is good.

See, I did freestanding in the study in 'The House'.
Libraries, in black and white, available through Cape Cod Designs.
Email me.

Love the labels. So organised. 
Appeals to my eternally organising, de-cluttering self.

How's this for a great use of space?
There needs to be a chaise lounge up there for 'blogging lounging'.

So I would have loaded up more bookshelves this morning... but it has gone from pitch dark to sunshine in the time I have put these up! Time to put the coffee on and dig my boys out of bed. Why is it that they are up at the crack of dawn on weekends but so hard to rouse on school days? I wonder!

Off to the shed again this morning... more lights to send out. Sold out of my Hampton's light but I have more coming in this week. Phew!

Oh, if you want some more bookshelf eye candy, I have more over on my Pinterest page HERE.

Happy Monday. Make it a good one.


  1. What can I say - love love love them all!!!

  2. Trouble is - I would never leave that "seriously heavenly" blogging nook! ;)Sharyne

  3. Any one of those would be fine with me!! Oh, and that black and white striped chair is sooooo delicious! Love it!!

  4. They all look wonderful! Bliss is a cosy arm chair and a bookshelf brimming with books!

  5. Now you did it....every time I am considering painting the back of my bookshelves, I see an incredible image like the first one....and I can't do it!

  6. They all look beautiful I wouldn't know where to start. Also a lot of thought seems to go into what goes on the bookshelves after construction to give that perfect look. x

  7. Love, love, love, that black and white striped arm chair!

  8. Oooh, that window seat surrounded by books....I wouldn't move from there.

  9. Oh this blog post appeals to the bookworm in me! I've always promised myself if I won the lotto I would build myself a bookstore in my house so that I could roll out of bed every day and read any book that tickles my fancy. Soooo lovely!


  10. Hi AM Wow, so many beautiful bookshelves for consideration. I tend to like yours the best so I may take inspiration from yours if you don't mind. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to do this for me. When the bookshelves are completed I shall send you some photos. Nataliexx

  11. I am stuck with a pair we bought in hurry from freedom about 8 years ago. Big, dark and ugly. I wish they would just fall apart so I could replace them with some lovely white ones.

  12. Love all of these AM..especially the bookcase built around the doorway..absolutely adore that look..especially when you are limited on space..gorgeous...and of course the ladder..gotta have the ladder! x

  13. I love looking at great big tidy ones. I particularly love the dark grey one that is an archway into the next room. The mezzanine style one is pretty special and the hallway idea is gorgeous with the seat and downlights.

  14. Hi A-M, loving all your shelving pics....I must admit I was a tad envious of all the shelving you had in 'the house' beautifully styled....and yep, 'you had me at ladder,' pretty much sums it up for me! Stop on by my blog if you have a chance..I'm having a giveaway. Wishing you a wonderful your week. x

  15. Why, oh, why can't my shelving look like that? I absolutely love the look of it but in our house just about anything ends on the shelves including tools, tennis balls and a broken juicer! And lots and lots of dust! So I've declared a war to open shelving and proclaimed minimal use of it in our house :). Anything with a door is my saviour.
    Great post!
    Cheers, Maja


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