Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Snippets

I'm sorry, but how good is the iPhone camera?!!

These are the flowers, currently on my kitchen bench.. with a bit of Instagram added for good measure.

The view from my deck... at the time I plonk myself down to write a blog post in the mornings. 

The best time of day..... when the world is waking up.
Here comes the sun!

Have given up caffeine entirely... to see if that changes anything. Boy, I am tired. I didn't realise how much my previous caffeine intake put a spring in my step. A hasty trip into town was needed for the placebo decaf option.

Loving my $49 bike to bits. Run out of milk?... on the bike. Dr's appointment?... on the bike. New battery needed for the Spy Kids motion detector (toy that chews batteries)?....... on the bike. Any excuse. I don't think I could do the suburbs thing again. Everything is so close.... living in the city. It's a different life entirely, to what I am used to, and I am seriously loving it. 'Seize the day' as they say.

'Boy's cooking' this week.... Tacos on the deck.
One candle each. 

Caught up with James.
He's doing 'Movember'.

Helping a client transform this into a 'Cape Cod/Queenslander Coastal Masterpiece'.
You can just see it, can't you!
What a great canvas.
If only I could find something like this in Brissie to do over.
Find me one? Please?

These came in this week. I love them.
I have been climbing over pallets. My shed is full to the brim.
Email me if you want one... before they go quick smart.

Meanwhile, the 'tinseling' continues.....

Happy Friday!
PS. Dear Pinterest, Am I ever going to see my collection of 'Joinery' pins ever again? I know you had a site meltdown last week... but it has been days, and I needed them for a client yesterday. I know you're a free service and I have no right to whinge... but it took me ages to find them all. May I please have them back now? Thanks, Love A-M xx.... oh and I would dearly love my 'Home Elevations' collection back too... but not as urgent. Thx.


  1. I do the bike thing too now. It is so much quicker than walking to the shops and you feel so much better than popping down in the car. According to my teenage daughter, my k'mart bike is not cool enough. I do have a basket on the front (very uncool) but she thinks I need a know those pastel coloured upright old fashioned ones.

  2. I would love to do the bike thing everywhere. Its like you live in the village, but your in the big city.
    Karyn x

  3. How lovely to be within easy cycling or walking distance of everything! It's the one thing I would change about where we live if I could.

    Unfortunately, you can't have bushland and kangaroos AND be close to the CBD. :(

  4. Enjoyed your post today, glad you are enjoying the bike. Brave girl to go cold turkey on the coffee, are you getting headaches? Have a lovely weekend. ;-)

  5. Dear AM I do sympathise with you loosing stuff. Since we did work on our house things have mysteriously been disappearing. New shorts still in the DJ bag to be returned, a gorgeous skirt I'd ordered from the UK and my passport amongst others....perhaps I should be changing the locks.

  6. A great little week round up there AM...and you pointed out the most simple and beautiful things that are free...Wishing you a wonderful weekend lovely x

  7. Fabric E. I am dying for a basket. Have put it on my Christmas list.. along with a Home Beautiful subscription... and maybe a gel seat for my bike! Ha!

    That's a great way of looking at it Karyn, living in a village. I do feel like that here in West End. It is a very close knit community.

    I'd happily trade for bush and kangaroos, Kek. My boys would be in their element. Don't know about the snakes though. A-Mx x

  8. No headaches Jenny, just dog tired! Anna, it's always the really simple things that do bring happiness ... and they are generally priceless too. Ironic. Health, sunshine, loved ones.... priceless. Magnolia, I'd be changin' my locks! A-M xx

  9. I so want a bike and this cements it for sure. Your view is stunning. Bet you love waking up to that.Have a great weekend, Fiona

  10. Goodness, what a superb selection of snippets, A-M. That sunrise is heavenly. I felt transported. And I'm so impressed at your cycling prowess - go you! J x

  11. I know just where you are, on the river! wonderful place, perfect for biking everywhere.

    It is sobering to give up something like caffeine and realise yes, it does make a difference, but the upside is once you are used to decaff, you can use a cup for regular coffee for an emergency kick start when you really, really need it. Same in reverse with alcohol!

  12. Not being an early morning person I don't do sunrise as well as you A-M! Sounds like your week has been frenetic & yep, what's going on with Pinterest. After the dramas with Photobucket earlier in the year I trust no-one, no-one.
    Millie xx

  13. Oh A-M, your sunrise photos are breath-taking. I would love scenery like that to blog to each morning. Inspiring! Have such a lovely Friday :)

    P.S.- I'm pretty sure I saw on Twitter yesterday that Pintrest is going down completely, entirely forever. But I could be wrong...just thought I'd let you know.


  14. Hi
    I follow your Pins and I can see your Joinery and Home Elevations Boards. Perhaps you can log in as someone else and follow yourself. Sounds weird but it might work. Otherwise let me know and I'll re pin them to one of my boards and you can star again.

  15. Oh no! I just looked at Andrea's comment! A few days ago I started setting up Tumblr boards as I'd be devastated to lose some of my design stuff. (People had been complaining on Facebook that their pins are disappearing). I'd better get on it then! (if I don't keep get the old '500 Oops' page). I think the lack of communication from Pinterest is starting to wind people up. Such a shame - they have what could be a great product ...if only it worked.

    You pictures are lovely but you're making me hanker for an iPhone. :)

  16. FranTic. Thank you so much for offering to 'save my pins'!! I can see some have come back... but not all. I have read that others have had some of their pins come back but not all as well. I have my fingers crossed that they will eventually reappear.... but I have taken note Angelcel, about the instability of Pinterest and the lack of communication from them. I might head over to Tumblr and start up there as Pinterest seems to be quite unstable with the volume of traffic that they are getting. Thank you! A-M xx

  17. I adore that table photo all set for dinner with your boys - a great example of enjoying one of life's simple little pleasures x


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