Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Glass Kitchen Pendant Lights

I had a bit of 'catastrophe' over at my Pinterest account this week. My pinboards experienced a name change? for some strange reason, and then they ceased to exist and no-one could access them. I salvaged what I could.... but learnt the hard way that you can't save a pin... from a pin, listed in your pins... if it theoretically 'no longer exists' as a pin. As a result of the time I spent, rescuing my favourite Pinterest images, I reckon I have some serious skills in the 'Surviving A Pinterest Catastrophe' department now.

This image, I was afraid I would never find again. I love it. It is not the usual 'white on white' kitchen I usually drool over. I love the contrasting black and white, the symmetry and those glass lights. I am currently in the midst of a glass light obsession.... and I am so going to do similar to the above in my next kitchen. I have my eye on my Dijon French Lights in the clear glass. These ones:

I love their gorgeous shape... with the little 'hat' on the top.

You can see the shape a little better in the silver version:

Sigh. I love them. 
I only sell what I seriously love to bits.
You can get them HERE.

Don't quote me on this, but I reckon they are the next big thing..... delicate, elegant glass kitchen pendant lights. Ok, but then, these could be big too:

I am SERIOUSLY in love with these. I am thinking of getting my hands on some. What do you think? Would they take off here?

I'm off for my run now, before it gets light. Boy, it was a shocker yesterday. 36 degrees. I rode into town to stock up on some more Nespresso and to save on '$50 a minute' car parking fees. It was seriously hot. I came home and jumped straight in the pool to cool down... and then drank my body weight in water. 

Another hot one is forecast today. I love reading all about the freezing cold in my Northern Hemisphere bloggy friend's blogs. I'm a cold kinda gal. How am I going to survive this summer? How to stay active in this heat? Why do I live in Brisbane again? I ask myself the same question every summer. I sort of forget how bad it is during our mild winters. Ok, gritted teeth.... out into it!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. AM you get up so early. Says the woman who sleeps 11.30 to 4.30...I am at a loose end til the baby wakes up at 7. That kid sleeps in 12 hours windows, I wish I could.

    It was TOO hot yesterday and my bedroom was 36 degrees at 8pm! Thank heavens for aircon.

    Enjoy your tree xx

  2. I think those Pottery Barn lights would definitely take off. I just love the kitchen you've featured. The contrast with the upper cabinets looks beautiful and the lights are gorgeous. Enjoy your run, I admire you! Rachaelxx

  3. The lights are gorgeous. Love the size. KP

  4. Hi A-M! Love the lights...elegant-industrial illumination! I went for a walk with my 11 yr old son this morning at 5.15am. We live in Brisbane too...yes, I catch myself saying the same thing every summer. I gues the only way to beat the heat & exercise is to do exactly do what you're doing...up n at it early! Keep cool! :) F

  5. I love the Dijon French Lights, the clear glass are my favourites. Have a nice day x

  6. In the full swing of Summer I think your lovely pool would be my choice of exercise- buy a kickboard and flippers and chew up the laps!!! Been hot down here on mid-north coast of NSW too. Home to Victoria for Christmas and hoping for mild 20 degree weather if u don't mind, mr weatherman!

  7. I love the Dijon light and the Pottery Barn light. I actually have a few Pottery Barn lights that I would love to get so let me know if you have them. Love the kitchen too. Exactly what I wanted one day :)

  8. I love experiencing your summer while we shiver in the northern hemisphere! Makes me have hope that summer will return. BTW there was an article in the NY Times Magazine on Sunday about the origin of Rubber Duckies...look it up!

  9. ohh! love those silver lights seriously beautiful!!!Have a lovely day stay cool xx

  10. Love all of your little lights A-M. I do think they'll take off on your site so perhaps take the plunge and bring some in.

    Sending you some snow and chillier temps!


  11. thank you thank you thank you !!!! I have been searching for a kitchen design incorporating a dark island bench and white wall cabinetry for our renovation which we are about to embark upon. Finally I've found it !!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. they are stunning. i want them for my new place to be

  13. Yes I do like the last photo of lights, very simple but elegant.

    Yep, running in the heat is a shocker, I do love a good sweat though, makes you feel like you have just had a major detox!

  14. I've been looking for the right pendant for over our island and I thought I wanted a simple chrome but I'm loving the glass -


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