Friday, November 11, 2011

I Bought A Bike... And Other News

Image Via Pinterest

... not this one. Girl is too skinny to be me.... plus I would never ride in a skirt....but this photo is the reason I bought a bike. It inspired me... oh and so did wandering past the Wednesday Farmers Markets in the city the other week, wondering how I could gather up all the gorgeous yummies without having to pay $50 per minute for city parking.

It was $49 from Target..... one of those moments when you think you are paying $129 and then the checkout chick says, "this one is on sale, it's down to $49". Thank.You.Very Much.

Ok, so I still have to put it together. That's why there is no picture of it. It's still in the box. I am going to whip it up this weekend, when the boys are whipping up the Christmas tree... and I am going to ride into town every Wednesday morning to skip through the raspberries and mangoes.

I love how Melissa, from 'Peace and Projects', describes what riding her bike means to her: 

"Maybe it’s the breeze on my skin or the cars rushing by that makes my spirit whisper, “Slow down.” By bike, life is slower. My errands are more enjoyable. While I ride, I feel aware and grateful for my life.
At the same time, I realize being able to ride my bike and slow down is truly a luxury. Not everyone can slow down (yet). In today’s world, slow living really is a luxury, though you might not think of it that way.
Each time I complete an errand by bike, I want to call all my friends and gush about how great I feel. I never do. The fact is, if you are a working mother, running errands by bike probably won’t be convenient. Especially, it seems, if you can’t figure out how your life could ever be slower".
It helps her practice 'mindfulness' - slowing down and really living in, and appreciating, the moment.... and not always thinking about your next blog post! Ha!

Read her beautiful article on mindfulness, HERE.

... and in other news: still haven't located the Christmas tree in the shed. Don't panic. I am taking your advice. You were right. When I announced that we were doing the big tree this year my little one almost cried with excitement. I know, how could have have even considered not doing it? Forgive me. 

Thank you for all your beautiful comments on my boy yesterday. The whole experience was made ever so much more special handing them over to him to read. He smiled and smiled as he read. He's a good boy.

Little tacker is now doing Karate. The nice man upstairs, who has the 4 girls, is a super duper instructor... so tacker has signed up. He needed to do something 'fierce'... like I do with my running and big brother does studying?... not really a good example. It will be nice for him to do something different to his brother. They both do soccer and piano together. Time to break the 'live in your brother's pocket' strings.

Yay, Friday. Spending mine in the shed. I will find that tree. I will.

Have a happy one!... and thanks for keeping me company this week and for all your supportive comments. My boys have YOU to thank for their Christmas tree!


  1. A $49 bike?? What a bargain. Just make sure you tighten all those nuts and bolts really, REALLY, well! Thank you also for leading me to the lovely Melissa. I've just read a couple of her beautiful postings and am definitely going back for more. Enjoy the shed! ;)Sharyne

  2. Good morning A-M, wow I just love going to the counter not knowing you are getting a discount and being completely surprised. Enjoy putting your bike together. I love riding but I don't do enough of it. You have inspired me, thank you! Enjoy your weekend. Mimi xx

  3. Well, I know what you will be up to this weekend. I hope the weather is nice for riding up and down the river foreshore. It sound like you have had a really good week, A-M. Don't you love those. Now off you go and find your tree :)

    Kel x

  4. Oh a new bike! I was thinking the same thing. Except last time I rode a bike I forgot how to and failed miserably!
    I can't wait to see a pic of your bargain bike :)

  5. I'm going to shamefully confess that I bought a bike, almost identical to that pink one. I have not been on it in over a year.
    I hope you have luck finding your tree. I'm so very tempted to go out and buy a REALLY big one now that we have the space. Maybe I'll do just that.

  6. A-M loved your post...again! Thanks for making me laugh. Have a beautiful weekend xx

  7. Hi A-M,
    Love your blog!
    New bike sounds like a bargain. I suppose you'll be wanting one of these now:
    Unfortunately it will cost more than the bike! ;o)

  8. Ha ha, you do know why it was $49 dollars don't you! My advice is the same as for phones and electrical gadgets. Enlist the help of someone under 25 to put it together.
    Have fun. Oh, and A-M I invested in a spongy big seat for my bike. Best money spent. Don't be sucked in by the gel over seat things apparently they slip and can add friction in the lady garden area.

  9. Congrats on a bargain :)

    Look forward to seeing your xmas tree and all the yummy goods you buy thanks to your new bike :)


  10. Hi A-M! Have you seen the December HB? "The House" is in again! In 'How to prepare for Christmas'. Congratulations! It's a beautiful shot! Rebecca xo

  11. I chose a red bike for my birthday, with a huge basket and called her Queenie and when my kids/husband are driving me bonkers we go cruising at dusk and just soak in the smell of all the summer jasmine without a care in the world. And definitely doing the last minute we need bread run in the morning is enjoyable. melx

  12. Oh ~ so glad you are doing the tree ~ well, boys are doing the tree. Can't wait for the construction phots :) Mx

  13. The elderly gent who hoons past me on my morning walks is not after a slower pace of life! He would have to be 80 and rips along like he is relishing the wind in his face. Good on him! He has inspired me to dust my bike off and get back on it.

  14. oh yeah, target do that sometimes! $49 - bargain - get that basket that lady recommended!! cute!

  15. Hi AM, your boys look so grown up in your last post; isnt it sad how quickly it happens and how fast their childhood passes.. hope you had a great friday and enjoy your christmas traditions over the weekend!
    Laura xxx

  16. AM,

    Beautiful bike, I can see how you got inspired to buy one.

    Nothing better than a bargain too!!

    Love the idea of getting fresh produce at the markets and just popping them all in the basket on the front.

    Hope putting it together is fairly easy, not a fan of reading instructions. Could be a necessity though for your safety.

    Lou ; )


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