Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Interesting List

I came across an interesting article in my travels, listing the following top 10 'Timeless Classics' over the past 10 years.

1. White on white
2. Slip covers
3. Sunburst mirrors
4. A hand-written thank you note
5. Freestanding bathtubs
6. Subway tiles
7. Ghost chairs
8. Blue and white
9. Alabama marble
10. Monograms

Hmmm, I must admit, without intentionally breaking anyones heart... the 'Sunburst' does not personally do it for me... a thousand apologies..... and the 'Ghost Chair'.... meh... I'd prefer the original. The rest... yep, timeless. If I was compiling my own list I would also add traditional moldings, transoms, architraves, cornices... if I was allowed to extend it to timeless architectural elements. I think a timeless 'canvas', on which to work on, enables incorporated 'current fads' to remain more timeless than their intended lifespan!

What would you add to the list? Original article here at: Birmingham Home And Garden

Happy Wednesday!
PS. He's gone. 'Duck' is gone. Apparently he was cut free by vandals before the duck race and ended up in a rather sorry state down near the Story Bridge. I don't know if they managed to get him back for the race. I think he was supposed to be the finish line. Sad ending. Missing you 'duck'.


  1. Starbusrt mirrors? Classic? Nope, I'm with you. They don't do it for me either. But I guess, like everything, it comes down to personal taste. I love white on white accompanied with neutrals. But some would say I'm boring.

  2. hi AM I agree about sunburst mirrors. Not a classic. And maybe a bit overexposed? I think black and white is classic. But you could easily have a list of 50 classics and just be getting started.

    Hope you are well.

    Am sad about Duck.


  3. Argh the duck was freed :( Poor ducky.

  4. Although the sunburst may not do it for you I noticed a few things on the list that have popped up in your posts before.

    So very sad that Duck is gone - he was that little bit of cheeky sunshine to my day :(


  5. Sunburst mirrors, freestanding bathtubs (I imagine reaching under and around them to clean), Ghost chairs and most monograms would be off my list... what is Alabama marble?

    I would add Aspect (the way a room faces is so important!), good woodwork not those hideous pressed mouldings, a decent natural floor, wood or stone. Oh, and good ceiling height. And Flow.

  6. GOsh I have really no idea and most of all your list will be slightly different from the one in Holland ;)

  7. Oh poor duck. x
    What an interesting list. Have to agree with you about the Sunburst Mirror, certainly doesn't do it for me.

  8. I agree with you on the changes needed to the list. I think gold elaborate frames should be there too. Fiona

  9. I'd possibly add chesterfield sofas to the list?

    I thought the ghost chairs were a current fad, rather than a timeless classic? Not sure I can picture them being around in 10 years...but who knows!

    Tricia - I love our freestanding bath, but it does require an awful lot of clean up, around the back and underneath.

  10. Dont let Austin Powers hear you say that about Sunburst!

  11. Top of my Top Ten is natural light.

    Vale Duck. Go in peace.

  12. Oh thank god - I thought I was the only one in the design world that wasn't into sunburst mirrors! I just don't get them....

  13. Well they got the list right with no. 1...white on white!
    I'm going to miss Ducky as he kind of had a personality :)

  14. Hello A-M, Simple lines & simple blending for me. Ghost chair only if it is one or two, not the whole dinning setting, otherwise too much like a fad. I think your pendent lights are timeless classics. Have a great week. KP

  15. Sunburst mirrors have never been on my list and I don't think they are timeless. But I would add french doors- never date and always look gorgeous!

  16. Poor duck after all that! Some people are right spoil sports :(


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