Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Neat And Tidy... And Some Waffle Too

I had heaps to do yesterday but as usual I got side tracked reading interesting things... like Minimalist Mom's Blog - A Rich Life With Less Stuff. 

I have got the decluttering thing mastered I reckon, it's just keeping what's left, tidy. I don't know about you, but that tupperware drawer of mine... grrrrr. I get the boys to do a big tidy of it once a week... and then it all falls apart from there. I swear they stand back and aim the stuff from the dishwasher to the drawer, like shooting hoops. Half the time it doesn't even close. So it's not all about the amount of stuff, it's keeping it tidy. 

Neat and perfect kitchen shelves just kill me....

... especially Trina's... over at 'A Country Farmhouse'.

Killing me.

Open shelves.....I love them.... especially in kitchens. Even fancy stuff looks good when it's tidy.

Seriously lovely. 
And neat.

Oh and look!... I was neat once.... except for all the messy groceries in the bottom drawers.

I think I have inspired myself to do a bit of a tidy up today. Busy day today, starting with the early morning Guitar Ensemble run. It's always a toss up between Guitar Ensemble and Maths Extension Class. I know, he's a nerd. I have to fight him to get him out of the Maths and into the Ensemble. Guitar Ensemble is playing at Speech Night tomorrow night so he has to 'ensemble it' this morning. 

Little tacker and I hang out in Macca's early on Tuesday mornings... until his part of the school opens. I know, ex Dietitian... yeah, yeah. I have the coffee and little one does his homework grid.

Oh and in other breaking news. Nigella (pet bearded dragon lizard.. for new readers...partner of Brian, other lizard) had 5 more eggs... but they all shrivelled up and died... and we couldn't blame Origin this time... for cutting off the heat lamp power. Nature is cruel sometimes. 

Speaking of Origin...they coughed up the goods... big time. Waived $800 off my year's electricity bill... as compensation for momentarily destroying my life when they cut my power off the other week. Must have been all those #epicfailorigin tweets I sent out, that all my twitter friends retweeted to all their friends. I'm afraid I sent out another one again last week, as despite being compensated, they are still sending out 'unauthorised use' letters to me saying that I don't live where I live and if I don't contact them, they are going to cut off my power!!!! It's rocket science you know.

Look at me, waffling like there is no tomorrow. Gotta go.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. So pleased to know i am not an island in the homework dept!!!! love all those open shelves - can't wait to do it all again in my next kitchen! Not sure when that will be......have a good day! KG xx

  2. I love open shelves....But just imagine all the dusting you would have to do! Or is that just because I live in inner west Sydney......and I.m laughing about your Tupperware comment .... the whole purpose of a Tupperware drawer is that you CAN just shove stuff in. When I designed my kitchen last year I made sure I had a massive Tupperware drawer. (and yes it's pretty tragic in there. But at least it doesn't falls on the floor like it did when it was in the cupboard on shelves.)
    cheers Fiona

  3. Waffle away Lovely, especially when you send out such fabulous gifts as these.

    Hoping that your day ahead is glorious, satisfying in the shelf and tidy department and filled with a lovely surprise or two.

    Happy day!

  4. Pictures of open shelves looking all gorgeous and colour coordinated make me feel like I can do that too.....but I think I would only be setting myself up to fail or a life of constant tidying up?

  5. i'm anti-dusting housework, so i steer clear of as many open surfaces as i can. although i have comtemplated this look before, but wa going to limit it to only a small number of things that could fit one perfect load of the dishwasher (ie hands free dusting) while i used the vacuum cleaner on the shelf :)

  6. Hello sweets, hope the coffee was good this morning.
    As you are aware my kitchen is totally shelfless and it was intentional. We grabbed the notion of hiding kitchen stuff away and going super minimalist was the best for us even though I just adore the look of open shelving. My sixth sense told me to avoid it however. Maybe because I knew I'd be flat out keeping it orderly.
    The Tupperware fiasco eases slighty once the cherubs finish their schooling.
    A-Mi xxx

  7. All power to you (yes, pun intended) with the electricity company!!
    RIP scary lizard eggs, i won't lie, not a fan & not enough boys in my household to encourage me!!
    The kitchens, oh wow, the rolling pin collection, the open shelving (this is why i collect Bison ceramics) to the laboratory sink, fantastic taste & styling. Love Posie

  8. I love that top image - want!

    So glad Origin came to the party with your bill.

    Pele xx

  9. You know we love a good waffle.... ;-)

  10. Oh how sad about the eggs:(.
    I am amazed they even clean the tupperware once a week. Good on them. I think neat & tidy shelves like that are an urban myth lol.

  11. I think your "waffling" has now replaced the Duck as my favourite parts of your posts. Have a fab day A-M ~ I'm seriously in love with all of those kitchen photos you posted.



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