Friday, November 25, 2011

A Nook Before I Rush Off

How I love this little nook. It's almost worth building a wall, out from the stairs, in from the front door, in my next place... just so I can have a nook like this.

Sorry, I'm not staying to chat this morning.... as I have mothering and stuff to do.

Pop over to Cape Cod Designs and have a look at my latest light.... and take a deep breath before you do. Heart stopping. Big statement. But true.

Happy Friday! Catch up tomorrow. xx



  1. Happy Friday to you A-M, I would put a wall in next to the staircase. Love the image. Love your quote from yesterday. I think I need notes from the Universe, thank you. Mimi xx

  2. goodmorning,
    i love the nook too.
    i have just got back from my walk in the rain......
    no for a cuppa before i wake the billie lids.
    pen :)

  3. Hi A-M, Love the nook too, well worth the wall. KP

  4. I always laugh when I see waffle is part of your categories.

    Meanwhile do you find social media tiring? The blog was easier, FB straight forward but twitter seems challenging...x

  5. FF, I am probably not the best one to be advising re social media as I only post my blog posts to facebook and don't really stick around over there....and I tweet only when I have some 'cup of tea' time! I blog first thing as soon as I wake up and then answer emails and comment on blogs (like I am now from my car at the shed) when I am online doing up invoices and other things for customers. I suppose I just fit it in around all the jobs in my day. I am rather slack with the whole social media thing really. So pleased to see you out there sharing the fuchsia love around. A-M xx

  6. Happy friday A-M :)

    That nook is amazing. We have a wall sticking out like that but it's only 600mm long :(
    ... but I am struggling to find a console/occasional table to fit in that space :(


  7. We have that little nook too although its face brick mmm.thinking of rendering.

  8. Love a good nook. And the stairs are beautiful too.


    (my first comment here but I've been following you since your gorgeous house appeared in Home Beautiful)

  9. Hi AM, I will forever think of you when I hear the word 'nook' and will always remember how I used to so look forward to your Monday Nooks!!! and they were always so fabulous! also, i really love the quote on your last post! I am a huge believer in grattitude and just remembering and being grateful for everything we do have; this quote is one i want to try to think about each day, and show to my mum perhaps!!
    Have a wonderful weekend AM!
    laura xx

  10. I adore this nook too. I often dream of a staircase and nook like this. Have a great weekend! xo


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