Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Ponderings

The afternoon sun was just glorious yesterday. 

It danced all over my poorly styled table and chairs! 
(cushions all over the place, cord in background connected to UV lamp in lizard tank... never think of styling before I take the shot... too impulsive)

... and made my flowers look super pretty...
 even though I couldn't find a vase and ended up shoving them in a water jug.

This is where I spent most of the afternoon, feet up on my 'globe'. Big one was at the movies and little one was off running wild with the girls who visit upstairs... so I bathed in the gorgeous afternoon sunlight and read my book. A perfect afternoon. That sun! 

Hope you get to stop and enjoy some little 'moments' this weekend.


  1. Good morning A-M,

    Surprisingly, I'm up with the birds too this morning and it's a Sunday, what is wrong with me!

    I love your views, of both the river and your gorgeous flowers. There is nothing nicer than the smell of a bunch of fresh flowers and a beautiful sunny day.

    Have a fantastic weekend! x Jode

  2. just gorgeous...those cane chairs look very relaxing :)

  3. Oh how i LOVE those moments... (and I LOVE your globe!)

  4. Enjoying one of those moments right now! Sitting in the chilly afternoon sunshine checking my e-mail and catching up with wonderful people such as yourself. Glad you've had a relaxing weekend!


  5. It all looks very tranquil and relaxing, perfect for an afternoon on the weekend. I love your chairs but wonder if you have to bring them in at night or if the weather gets to them on your balcony? Enjoy your Sunday. ;-)

  6. I leave my chairs out there. They are still under cover in that position... just. I move them around a lot, depending on the sun. When we have a wild storm with lots of blowing rain, I move them closer to the house. They are ageing 'naturally'!!! A-M xx

  7. Love water jugs as vases, great making do. KP

  8. Your home is looking lovely AM, that balcony is a fabulous place to sit and read a book. Enjoy your Sunday.x

  9. I love to use water jugs for my flowers! What a perfect outlook. Mimi xx

  10. A little slice of perfect! The weather is glorious this weekend but it sure is starting to heat up. xx Katherine

  11. Well for photos that were not 'styled' they came out pretty terrific in my opinion!
    How wonderful that we can now fill our fruit bowls with cheaper priced narnies.
    Annie xx

  12. Hi AM, how nice is it in the sun. We've just spent the day at my favorite beach (neilsen park in vaucluse) and just home now feeling deliciously salty and warm. Have a good afternoon. Cheers Fiona

  13. Beautiful pics - and good morning! :-)

  14. Yes A.M. it was one of those afternoons. Full of summer promise! Mine was held with a glass of wine and cheese platter shared with a friend of 46 years. (Not a typo) Our bottoms were on plastic chairs and our feet on temporary dodgy handrails but we watched boats and the world go by in the sunshine! Covered with paint from the morning working bee it was - Bliss!

  15. What a gorgeous spot you have to relax at there!
    ....and as always, your home is gorgeous!
    Ness xx


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