Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sundays.... in Paris

This morning...... I'm back in Paris.

It's early and I've just found an empty cafe, just over the little bridge from Notre Dame. 
You know the place. Sit with me a bit?

We might have some crepes and some coffee.
Ordered in broken French of course....."les crepes et un cafe s'il vous plait"...
The waitress smiles at our attempts.

We sit for ages in that little cafe, watching the world go by, breathing it all in......'osmosing Paris'.
We remark that we could just sit there all day and we would be happy.....

.... but there are things to do and such places to see. Let's go! Spend the day with me?

I dream. 
.....and while I wrote this post.....I was there..... 
.....even with accordion music playing in my head! Ha! True!
You never really get over Paris. 
I shouldn't have seen that movie last week. I'm a Paris tragic all over again.

Happy Sunday!... "Bon Dimanche"
We're off on our bikes.
One day we'll all be on bikes in Paris!
One day.



  1. How perfect. I went there briefly in 1997 and have ached to go back ever since. One day...
    Enjoy your bike ride :)

  2. I was there again for a perfect week in late May. You are right, you never "get over" Paris. We stayed in a hotel we had stayed in previously on Bvd St Michelle near Sorbonne - I loved throwing open the shutters early in the morning and watching Paris wake up. Saw Midnight in Paris yesterday and drooled (not sure that hubby was all that taken in by the actual movie). But the scenery was magic.

  3. Ooh! That was lovely. My daughter is larding French at high school (almost finished yr 8) and we r saving desperately so we might all go over when she reaches yr 11- not sure how we'll afford it but, we'll go down trying! Nice to have goals!
    ThexFrench language just drips off her tongue lie butter. Her teacher says she has a knack for it. They go down south near Toulouse and get farmed out to local parents whilst attending 2 wks of local school and spend some time in Paris beforehand, where we hope to tag along. We'll rent a farmhouse or something while she's at school.
    I can dream at least!
    "a bientot"

  4. I just got back from my first trip to Paris last week. It was magical but I will return soon because I did not have the time to just sit and soak it in as you must. We were running from one site to another but next time, oh next time, I will sit and enjoy.

  5. You made me laugh A-M, do you think there are Parisians wishing they were in Brisbane? Enjoy your day with your boys!

  6. Nothing is ever wrong with dreaming. Enjoy your bike ride.

  7. My heart skipped when I started reading as I thought you had maybe done a mad dash and were really there. How lovely it is to tap those memories. I'm with you!

  8. I went with you. It was fun. Cant wait to really do it again. Ive put in an order for a bike for Xmas. Doesnt have to be new. Fingers crossed. Fiona

  9. Thank goodness we have photos and memories to cherish and the will to one day return to our favorite destinations. I could go a nice sit down at a little French cafe and people watch this morning, wouldn't that be divine?

  10. Yes we were there in April and have promised each other to return one day.A magical place. keep dreaming and it will come true!x

  11. oh dear, that's done it. i'm seriously looking at flights now! the other day i was looking at the apartment rental website that i went with when i was last there to see if they had any new places with even better views of the tower. i must be brewing up to a trip soon! xxx

  12. It's that wonderful movie...I saw it a few weeks ago and have been dreaming about Paris ever since. I will be there over Christmas and am sure I won't want to leave.

  13. Hi AM I will meet you for cafe au lait and crepes and then we will spend a leisurely afternoon perusing bookshops. What time shall I meet you?? Have a fabo day. Love Nataliexx

  14. Perfectly timed. My baby sister leaves for her first trip to Paris on Friday and I'm beside myself with worry. This post just made me cry and smile because it reminds me what a gift it is. Thank you xxx

  15. oh my gosh Am, you are so lucky to get to paris again!! wish i was with you!!! enjoy your crepes!! have a fabulous time!!
    laura xx

  16. Laura darling, I'm only there in my head. My feet are firmly on Aussie soil. But I plan to visit there every Sunday on my bloggy. A-M xx

  17. I WILL be there with you! Hope you had a great day out on the bikes A-M (so healthy).


  18. Oh I walked past that cafe at this time last year and I yearn to go back....oh the memories...thank you for sharing...Love c xo

  19. The coffee just right the crepes delicious! I will join you next Sunday too!

  20. Fantastic memories, right down the music & tastebuds!! Have you seen the new Woody Allen movie Midnight In Paris, it's so lovely if only for the scenery & Carla Bruni. I saw it weeks ago with some school mummies, fabulous. Love Posie

  21. Two words for you girly...
    Baguette Quartette. Check them out on Youtube.
    Love, Heidi

  22. Oh my!! I've actually, physically been to that cafe on my first day in Paris, way back in December 2000 and had a lovely Jambon et Fromage Crepe!! I know I've asked you before, but which arrondisement did you stay in again? I can't find the post where you answered my question :)

    V x

  23. I am still tring to get to Paris, meanwhile I have a little of Paris here at home. I have French guests staying for 2 weeks. We are drinking to much wine, cofffee and crapes...
    and I'm loving every French minute of it.

  24. You made me want to cry!
    This post sounds just like something I would say... Dream of a coffee in Paris, just doing nothing more than watching people, enjoying every second, dreaming...

  25. oh you've taken me back there too! I was there in October in that exact spot, I remember that cafe I think I walked past it at least 50 times!! Thanks for taking me back now I want to book flights!!!


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