Monday, November 21, 2011

This Is My City....

It will come as no surprise that we spent most of the weekend on our new bikes. 

It's amazing how you see your city in a different light when you travel bike paths as opposed to highways. Who knew there were so many bike paths? 

We stopped at every park and playground. No. Really.

I was instructed to photograph every minute of it all.

Me and 'Tacker'.
He was happy. He loves riding his bike.

This park was under in the flood :(
Now we need rain...
...but they're emptying precious water from our dam....
...because they're scared of another flood. Go figure.

We found a really nice park....

... in which to play...

... and have our weekly 'Family Meeting'. 
Little one was 'Chairperson'. Again.
This week we read about 'how important it is to share our feelings'.
They feigned interest. 

This thing watched us the whole time we had our drinks at our destination coffee shop.
My boys attract wildlife. 

We stopped and watched the rock climbers.
I screamed for them when they sort of fell a bit.
Not for the faint hearted.
Little one wants to do it so desperately now.

It was a beautiful weekend.

Happy Monday.



  1. My favourite city in the world. xx

  2. What a beautiful photo of you and the little tacker. Looks like you had fun and what a great way to keep fit AM. Oscar seems to think because he is now at the ripe old age of 9 that he is too old for the park. Up until about the age of seven 1/2 our lives consisted of going to the park at least twice a day except for when he was at school. Such carefree times were had at the park. Have a lovely day AM

  3. Beautiful post A-M.... I miss riding my bike as I has knee surgery a few months ago and can't yet ride. We do the same weekend family rides! Great action photo of ur little one!

  4. My boys rock climb.
    I don't watch.

    Lovely day!

  5. Love this town, so much!

    We did some rediscovering this weekend too. It has absolutely reignited my love affair with ye old BrisVegas.

    Lovely photo of you and the little one!


  6. You should do a tourism add for Brisbane, you make me want to go. x

  7. Isn't it just the simple things that are such rich experiences. Your boys will always remember their rides with Mum. Something Gorgeous is right, Brissy tourism should be sponsoring you.

  8. A gorgeous post , lovely memory making.

  9. gorgeous pics - one of you and son? kill me now, priceless. And reminds me why Brisbane is the most beautiful city.
    ps - so sorry i didn't get in contact with you when i was in brissie for a day the other week. was total hectic madness and to top it off, had lost my phone the week before so i was a crazy woman! see you next time i'm up there xxx

  10. Ah how I miss Brisbane! As a Uni student up there many years ago, bike paths were my mode of transport most of the time - so many amazing sights and wonders to be found. Glad you got out to enjoy it - I'm jealous of your weather - we copped rain most of the weekend - wish we could send you some!.

  11. I am so glad you all wear ordinary clothes and not those bike outfits everyone seems to wear these days even when riding to the corner shop for some milk! What a perfect day!! xx Katherine

  12. Every time you show a little snippet of your city, it makes me want to travel there even more! One day, one day!

    Kat :)

  13. Thanks girls. Ok, so Brisbane is not all that bad. I whinge a lot about the heat and dream of colder climates but after last weekend... I am making the most of it!

    Not just ordinary clothes Katherine but also the same ones over and over again. Have to be comfortable. I am also paranoid about skin cancer and am taking to wearing long sleeves as I am now getting cancers cut out thanks to sunbaking in the 80's. And who could possibly consider proper bike clothes on a $49 bike! I would be laughed out of town by all who pass me at great speed, in proper bike clothes. A-M xx

  14. Lovely photos of your weekend adventure. What beautiful family time! We took the boys walking on Sunday. I think it is a great way to help them get their bearings.

    I love your family meetings. Who takes the minutes?

  15. Sounds like an action packed, healthy and fun weekend. I so want a bike!! Fiona

  16. Briz on bikes is just the best isn't. I even lashed out and bought the trailer/chariot thing to haul the 2 yo while the 5 yo rides next to me. You'll be able to all ride down to Urban Climb the fantastic indoor climbing gym down in West End to give your little fella a taste of it. melx

  17. Such a beautiful city Brisbane is and so much more precious to me now seeing it through your eyes this weekend. Thank you for this A-M, you and the boys warmed my heart!



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