Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thoughts Become Things

I get little notes from 'The Universe' every day in my inbox.
This one below was very timely yesterday: 

             " It's being alive, A-M, that makes you rich.

             So easy to forget,
             The Universe  "

If you want a daily reminder in your inbox..... of how to live with gratitude, how wonderful life is and how you can achieve anything you want to..... then here's the site:

As they say, "Thoughts Become Things".

Happy Thursday!



  1. I have always believed this this : thought become things. So glad you reminded me of it today though - I needed it. x

  2. First time commenter! I love your blog, particularly today's post. I have been so inspired that I have now signed up myself to receive notes from the universe! Thank you A-M

    PS ......and I am fascinated how you are up sooooo early each morning and religiously blogging every day! I am in awe xxx

  3. Love it A-M.

    It still gets me about how many people where sooo devastated for us, when we decided to sell almost everything we owned. We were fine with it all, I have realised that for me, as long as I have my family, that's what matters most. Not what you own.

    Thanks for your notes of inspiration. I have signed up too!

    Have a great day.

    x Jode

  4. I think we all need to be reminded of this....especially my teenagers! Have a nice day. x

  5. Thanks for this timely post, it is
    just what I needed today. I've signed up to receive them daily.

    Enjoy your day

  6. Hello darling
    I'm grateful to be living in a country with lots of space and acknowledge I should be forever grateful. It's not till you return home that it hits you.
    Now I just want the unpacking fairy to get our bags sorted pronto before I fall asleep.
    A-Mi xxx

  7. I love this idea. What an affirming way to start each day. Thanks so much for sharing A-M!


  8. That's such a lovely quote. I'll be carrying it around in my head all day. Thank you!


  9. Hi A-M,
    I can not think of a better way to describe being rich.
    Friends, family and love are on the top of my list.
    I friend a couple of weeks back was diagnosed with breast cancer, I would give all the money in the world if I could free her of this terrible burdon.
    We have much to be greatful for.
    Thank you for your wonderful post.
    Warm wishes ,


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