Monday, November 14, 2011

Tree's Up ...And Other Stories

...hmmm, rather 'boy themed'...

...except for this 45 year old (and counting) little mangled angel from my Christmas tree of childhood yesteryear. Over the years the loop to hang her from disappeared so now I use her tattered halo.

.... some serious handmade treasures....

... and pictures of drooling babies...


I have a Christmas tree in my kitchen.

We have nothing for the top of it ... the star did not survive the 'Great Decoration Box Crash of 2011'.
We're gonna make one and then reveal all!

And in other exciting news:

... we ran into Bill on our bike ride yesterday.

He laid out some new artwork for us to enjoy.

It was the first time Bill had met my eldest son. 
He was rather delighted to do so.
We did the customary staged 'meeting of men handshake' photo.

We made it into the Botanical Gardens.
 The view was nice. 

Of course we found 'Water Dragons'....

... and I was instructed to photograph every. one. of. them.

We found a shady spot near the kiosk to have our weekly 'Family Meeting'... where we share our feelings, grievances, amends etc. Here is little one seriously contemplating his role as 'Chairman' of the meeting this week. He loves being 'Chairman. 

Even Nigella and Brian, our lizards, get a say in the meeting... via proxy. 
Boy we laugh at the Brian and Nigella bits.

Here's my bike. 
She even has shock absorbers.
Brakes are a bit questionable. Just as well I took along the trusty spanner. 
There were a few 'adjustments' along the way.

We had a quiet afternoon, playing Nintendo and other stuff.
I know you are pleased to see that I also, like Faux Fuchsia, "never knowingly 'under-cushion'". 

Happy Monday!



  1. A glorious day of family fun and I'm so impressed with your technical skills in putting together your bike.
    Me, no clue when it comes to this stuff.

    Hoping the week ahead is a 'goodie' and can't wait to see the star on the top.

    Felicity x

  2. Tree looks fabulous, you have inspired me to put mine up. Love your bike an absolute bargain. Beautiful colours in Bills' Artwork. Mimi xx

  3. You're tree is up?! Oh, I need to get going..! :-) Love the pics and Bill's art!

  4. his handshake breaks my heart! look at how firmly he's holding on with his muscles!

    those boys. seriously.


  5. Your tree is a true reflection of you and your boys, that makes it the most special tree anyone could have at Christmastime!

    I can't get over how big your boys are, I've thought that often, but in your earlier post when you showed how little they used to be it really hit home! And your son did such a great job playing his guitar! I know how very proud you are of both of them, and they clearly are proud of their wonderful mum!

    I love your new bike, be careful with those questionable brakes...yikes! And can you tell I'm getting caught up on posts?! ;-)

    xo Kat

  6. The 45 year old angel is really beautiful. You have a very sentimental tree! Enjoy your day.x

  7. So sorry to hear about The Great Crash, A-M. One to go down in family folklore, no doubt. I adore those baby-faced treasures. Hmm, a great idea for Planet Baby - time to get creating, I think. I hope my little tree contributions survived the crash! J x

  8. Hi AM Glad you all had a great time cycling on the weekend. Your apartment looks beautiful with all your lovely furnishings. Love the idea of your family meeting and what a cute picture of the CHAIRMAN. Decided to finally get myself a google account so i can chat to you even more and not have limited word on twitter. Have a lovely week with your boys. Nataliexx

  9. Hey girls, thanks for the 'tree vote of confidence'. My little one stops every time he walks past it and says how much he loves it. I can't believe I was going to go minimal and deprive him of a tree! Thank goodness you talked me out of it. Lucky escape from the 'bad mother' tag. Hey Nat, yey! you're here in Google land. So nice that you can talk to me here now, not limited by 140 characters!

    Have a great day girls. It's sooo hot here today! A-M xx

  10. Given we were in the process of packing last Christmas, we didn't do the tree. Now we have a much bigger living room I went out on Friday and bought a 2.1 metre tree and we decorated it yesterday. I seem to be missing some lovely vintage decorations though.

    Yours looks beautiful.

  11. Dear A-M, your tree is gorgeous, your couch is divine, I love it! Good to see you are never knowingly undercushioning. Have a lovely week.x

  12. The tree looks great and it's YOURS! I love having little handmade treasures and the boys are so proud when they catch sight of them.

    Bill looks really well and his art is fabulous. I love the manshake!

    Go you with the bike maintenance!

  13. Oh my goodness your so brave to put your tree up so early. Are we allowed to? I'm chomping at the bit to get mine up I love do I have to wait till Dec 1 or will I be brave too?

  14. Good to know about the cushions. I hate to think you were going minimalist with those too! Big boy has very big feet, they must be costing you a fortune in footwear.

  15. Looking at these photo's makes me realise how long I've been out of action - A-M what on earth have you been feeding those boys, they grew up all of a sudden!

    Love K

  16. I know, haven't they grown TAS... well the big one has heaps. All those weekly groceries! A-M xx


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