Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well, The Rumours Were True

'The House' IS in this month's Australian 'Home Beautiful'!

They used the front door for their Christmas article. The glamour continues, long after the house has gone from my life! Feeling warm and fuzzy. I loved that front door (you know my obsession with joinery.... especially windows and transoms). I still have my original 'chicken-scratch' sketches of it when I was scheming the house. I changed my mind like a hundred times. Home Beautiful make it look so nice. Sigh!

To celebrate, I hightailed it up to Justine's coffee shop ... after my run.... and had her 'Haloumi Special' for breakfast (toast, avocado, tomato, and Haloumi... with a slice of lemon). They sort of cancel each other out really..... running cancels out Haloumi... it does... really.

It's getting really hot here in the mornings now...and the sun is strong. I think I might have to head out before light now.... which means the early morning blog post might have to wait. Will you cope? .... with my waffle being delayed somewhat?

Meanwhile back at my current abode....nothing escapes tinsel.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your old doorway does look beautiful, and it will live on in beauty, in magazine and blog-land (though one could take umbrage at the suggestion of 'peeling paint' - I suppose they are just trying to be chatty and inclusive...)

  2. Gotta LOve Home Beautiful ! IT really does showcase the warm & beautiful homes.
    Im glad you did this post, last week I was out looking for timber plant pots like this. I did find some ( at all places the florist gift shop at the PA hospital Brisbane)
    But at $195 each (no plant in them) I was hoping to spend a little less then this.
    Can head me in the right direction ? Gold Coast or Brisbane please.
    Karyn x

    A-M "The house" always has inspired me.

  3. AM,

    Worth celebrating, the cafe breakfast was in order. You need to have the odd vice and the run justifies everything.

    I dare say the issue with 'your house' sold them a lot of issues and it's great that they can still re-run images as they see fit. Very cute for a Christmas image - the front door detail with the beautiful trees on either side.

    Lou ; )

  4. Oh wow that is awesome! All the front doors in Australia they keep using it. I don't blame them, it exudes such warmth and welcome ness.

  5. Isn't it funny that your door has been used for a Christmas article when you were wondering about whether to have a tree or not!

  6. What a way to start my day A-M.
    Eye candy in the form of 'the houses' glorious entrance and tummy rumbling after reading about the Haloumi brekky combo - shame we don't have any in the house may have to substitute!

    Happy day Lovely!

  7. It is always lovely seeing your house, you know it will always be 'your house'. I hope HB acknowledged you in the article. I must grab it when I do the grocery shop this week. Well done! ;-)

  8. Yay!!!
    That breakfast sounds amazing. Want!!

  9. Now I'm even more excited about my copy of HB arriving.....Congratulations the door looks amazing. x

  10. Still waiting for my HB copy to arrive in the post. I think The House will always be 'A-M's house'. We'll still be referring to it in years to come as A-M's. Yes, definitely getting hotter, it's already 29 degrees at 9am.

  11. Ahhh. One of the most stunning front doors/entrances. Love it!

    What kind of plants are those? They look so perfect. Are they real?


  12. Was going to post that same image on my blog last week for christmas inspiration...I guess great minds think alike..he he! Have a beautiful day xx

  13. What a compliment! It is a beautiful creation of yours and you should be so proud.

    I am getting out and about at dawn these days. Quiet and cool. Pretty good for someone who wasn't a morning person!

  14. Stunning, Love classic , simple and classy xx

  15. i recognised your home straight away - so lovely!!!
    oh enjoy that Halloumi, its SO good!

  16. Yay! Congratulations! I have to figure out how to get this in Los Angeles....



  17. Oh yay! And congrats to "The House" even if it is no longer yours. You must be so proud. LOL love that tinsel is on everything right now. It's blizzarding like mad here right now ~ it definitely feels like Christmas is coming.


  18. I LOVED that house.

    Meanwhile love love the decs on your tree esp the photos.

    Inspired by you yesterday I got online and ordered some china ornaments with the Baby's photo on them!!! Such a good memory keep sake.

    Your post on how fast boys grow up bought tears to my eyes A-M. Can you believe my little darling is almost 8 months old? It goes TOO FAST!!

    Everything is fleeting. xxxxxx

  19. Oh A-M how we miss 'the house'...but we still have your wonderful 'ramblings' to keep us going. As Jenny said...it will always be the house of A-M. Loving your Chrissy decos... XOX

  20. That's so funny I actually recognised the pic in HB as yours. Not too sure what that says about me and my house obsessions. My gorgeous friends house also made it back on page 32 (aka Stella and Pearl). Two of my all time favorites. Now that would be my Christmas wish, to have my home in a magazine. Congratulations enjoy the glory. M

  21. I had better dash out tomorrow and grab myself a copy of HB!

  22. Grabbing my copy now to have a sticky!! How exciting it must have been for your to have your home feature in a magazine and to see it appear again and again. I love your purple tinsel A-M, very festive. Have a great day x Jode

  23. Loving the purple tinsel!!! KP

  24. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh well done! i didn't even make the connection because I read the mag today and fell in love with doorway immediately! well done, looks gorgeous;)



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