Thursday, December 22, 2011

5 Interesting Things I Have Learnt At The Beach

1. It is way too hot to run on the beach at 7am. Way. Too. Hot. Distressing almost.

Don't let the beauty fool you.
Too hot.

2. Beach folk take their fitness very seriously. Sorry madame, I snuck in a photo without your permission. There are rowing machines, stationary exercise bikes and even elliptical machines dotted throughout the parks. The shady park paths are the 7am beach running alternative. Way cooler.

Impressive. I am surprised they haven't been fleeced.

3. One has to search high and low for a gable.



Yay, Gables!


4. If you search for them, you can still find darling little beach shacks....

..... that are worth squillions of dollars now. 

Oh, the fifties!

4. Beach folk take their beach-themed decorating very seriously.

Check out this glass lamp base full of coral!

Have to put in a plug for 'Natural Living' at Oasis, Broadbeach.
Debbie, who runs the place, is the most gorgeous person.
Instant new best friend.

5. Beach folk seriously embrace colour....

... and silky things...

... and leopard print...

... and sparkly things.

Speaking of sparkly things, we have our little Christmas tree down here with us... with like 4 decorations we grabbed off the big tree at home as we ran out the door. It does the trick. It's fibre optic so it is good value for maximum sparkle at night and it keeps us all mesmerised.

Happy Thursday! My little one is counting down the sleeps now.


  1. Wonderful pics - especially of the beach. Loooooove the beach! :-)

  2. We were at Broadbeach on the weekend and had a lovely time. That lifesaver tower is where our friend Brett works, so do say hello he is very friendly. Enjoy your time out at the beach. ;-)

  3. Lovely beach photos. That shop at Broadbeach looks lovely - I'll have to have a look next time I'm down that way. Your fibre optic tree is lovely - we have one as well set up in Junior's room and it looks gorgeous at night. Enjoy your time at the beach. Ange

  4. Perfect summation of the Gold Coast dear A-M - gold shoes, leopard print & muchos concrete. Wouldn't you just love to blow the whole place up & start again. The winner of that Tender would have to be The Tasteful Development Company with you as their Principal Consultant!
    Millie xx

  5. Your posts are hysterical A-M. Nope, the Gold Coast isn't a good place to find gables. You should be in Key West if you want to see lots of those. It's gable paradise down there! But the beach does look divine. And Fifties fibro shacks are back! Apparently they're very cool, according to architect friends of mine. Much cooler than monoliths. Wishing you and the boys a wonderful Christmas.
    Janelle McCulloch | Library of Design.

  6. I think it might just be Broad - beach (and Main- Beach) folk who are into leopard print and sparkles! Gold Coast uniform :)
    Gorgeous beaches. We'd kill for a beach that was too hot to run on down here in Sydney. Raining and cold.
    Have a lovely Christmas

  7. Love Broadbeach - we always stay there when we venture up. Enjoy your break and have the best Xmas A-M! Will be thinking of you and the boys. Take care and much happiness. xxx

  8. I am so happy for you that it is too hot!!!! I am sitting on the beach under a large umbrella...not to keep the sun off but the rain!!!! Did I bring a jumper with me..NO!!! Do I need a jumper or two or three...YES!!! Sydney is depressingly wet and cold! So enjoy the heat, the machines and count down the sleeps to a wonderful Christmas for you all xx

  9. A beach can never be bad. Enjoy for me.

  10. OMG that's me on the machine! ;-)

    bit hard when I live in Melb, I spose! But, I love how you call them "darling" beach shacks, don't know I'd call them that, but I guess there is no All-round name is there!!

    Mine is counting the sleeps too.

    so cute.

  11. I so want to be a beach person! Well, OK, we do have a few beaches here - but a beach next to a polluted river doesn't quite cut it!

    Your little fiber optic tree is adorable :-) A Christmas tree doesn't have to be big and covered in ornaments - small and simple is just as festive :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, AM!

  12. I love these photos.....I wan't to go back NOW! 20 years ago when I first visited Gold Coast fibro shacks were quite common, usually with a surfboard parked outside, but I noticed on my last visit earlier this year they are non existant, replaced by apartment blocks. Why do they put monolith in hot climates, surely gables would be much cooler!

    I do hope my visit to the beach next week will also be hot but I fear it may well be long as the rain stays away.

  13. LOvely post A-M of my Gold COast.
    I thought one of your readers comments was a bit harsh. Sorry but I have to defend my city ( since you have so many readers world wide) I laugh sometimes as I have friends who live in Brisbane who bag the coast often but they are the first to get out of Brissie on the weekends & head down here to enjoy what is on offer here. Sure its not always perfect (but where is) the coast has some amazing places, the best beaches, relaxed lifestyle & just plain fun if you choose. I think you have highlighted well , thankyou. x

  14. SIgh to the white beach house , that is exactly how I would build a house on the beach. Where is that , I must take a look.


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