Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cheer

We headed off yesterday to find Bill. 
He was waiting for us in his spot as he knew we were coming. 
He was even wearing a new shirt.

The boys handed over some fresh fruit treats and a Christmas card that little one had painstakingly worked on over the weekend.... an origami masterpiece.... full of little pockets containing little origami surprises.

Bill had told me previously how much he loved chilled Golden Circle pineapple juice. His eyes misted up when he saw his little stash. We had emptied out our ice trays at home and double bagged some ice for the bottom of the box to keep them chilled. He was excited about the ice. He was very excited about the included knife too. He needed a knife. 

The origami was explained in great detail.

Every piece.

Bill had made us a beautiful Christmas Card. 
A Christmas tree by the river that we share, with our city buildings behind it.
We will treasure it. 

As we walked towards the car to head home, Bill called out, "thank you my friends. Christmas of my life". He smiled a rare smile.

As soon as we got in the car, my eldest said, with a great sigh, "gee that felt good". Little one was absolutely beaming. "Did you hear that it is the Christmas of his life. He's really happy. He's going to have a good day". Sure is boys. He's going to be scoffing down that fruit, that's for sure.  My heart was light at my boys' pure reactions.

As we drove away, my youngest said, "look, Bill's holding the pineapple juice up against his cheek". I said "because it's cold and anything cold for Bill is a real treat". I could see the penny drop in his eyes. He got it. We had discussed previously where Bill slept and how he never got a hot shower or a hot meal at night and how he did not have access to everything we take for granted... electricity, running water, a warm bed, fresh, clean clothes, daily cuddles. 

My teenager was pensive last night when we were contemplating the universe before bedtime. "Mum, I know what the meaning of life is". Goodness..... big statement from a 14 year old. He said, "it's what we did for Bill today". 

It's got to be close I reckon. 

Happy Christmas Bill!


  1. I have goosebumps. You're amazing A-M. Truly. It's YOU who make those boys who they are. Love u x

  2. You´re truly teaching the boys the essentials of life, brings tears to my eyes.

    Tell Bill "Hello" från Sweden the next time you see him, he look so nice. :-)

  3. A-M you are one heck of a mother.
    I need to do these things but like most get carried away with our own every day stuff that "I'll do it tomorrow" attitude kicks in.
    Good on you!
    Your boys will be wonderful fathers and husbands one day because of you.
    Have a great Christmas.
    Pen :)

  4. "Comments?" - not needed
    Your little blog is positively glowing this morning A-M in all that is good about humanity. {{hugs}}Sharyne

  5. A-M, you are truly a beautiful caring person and so are your boys. I can't stop crying.
    Mimi xx

  6. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. That's such a big penny-drop. Your boys renew faith in common humanity A-M.

  8. Wow - That really is what Christmas is all about! My heart is singing this morning - Thank you xx

  9. Wow. In all that is chaotic and unfair in the world, your post reminds me of the good of people and how valued unselfish hearts are. Thank you so much for sharing A-M!


  10. Well tears, what a gorgeous family you are & great boys :) that is the greatest gift of all, your boys will grow into fine men!! :))

  11. Good Morning AM, Your generosity knows no bounds. I had tears in my eyes while I read your post. You and your boys are beautiful souls and what valuable life lessons you are teaching your boys. I hope Santa is as kind to you and your boys as you are to others. Love Nataliexx

  12. This is the meaning of xmas AM. Your boys are lovely and you are a wonderful mother. These are the lessons our children need. xxx

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

  13. Crying my eyes out. What a wonderful and heartfelt thing to to. I agree with the other comments - you are certainly teaching your boys to be exceptional men. Well done.

    Reminds me that being generous is about so much more than the obvious.

    Have a wonderful day A-M.

    Ruth x

  14. It brought tears to my eyes. If my two small children grow up as beautiful inside as your two boys, I would die a happy mother. Well done A-M. You inspired me. xo

  15. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the image of the Golden Circle Pineapple can with green tinsel around it and I was crying with delight when I heard how Bill said: "Thank you my friends. Christmas of my life".

    One of the best stories ever written about Christmas, life, love, compassion and happiness.

    Sending you a Christmas hug.
    Janelle McCulloch

  16. You and your boys .... the most beautiful people <3


  17. Just priceless, thank you for sharing this wonderful story and for caring so too.

    Best wishes for Christmas to you and those gorgeous boys.

    Christine xo

  18. What a wonderful post A-M. Truely this is Xmas spirit. I think it's such a good idea that you found a way to give directly to someone.That way some of the giving doesn't get lost in bureaucracy.I'm by know means rich but as I say to everyone I have more than I can ever need.
    Kind Regards

  19. What a truly beautiful heartlifting story, you and your boys are doing beautiful things, they will grow up to be remarkable men and they have you to thank for that. We need more "A-M's" out their teaching our children. Have a beautiful day A-M xx

  20. hi AM - tears in my eyes as i read this. you are a GOOD person. and a wonderful mother. wishing you a world of joy and peace in your heart this christmas.
    cheers Fiona

  21. Beautiful! You're raising some awesome kids there.

  22. Yep, like Katrina, I have goosebumps in Hobart, A-M. My, you're raising them to be fine young fellows. All credit to you, Lovely. Your boys are just adorable. J x

  23. A-M, what an amazing gift you have given, and continue to give to your boys. The wonderful example you have set for them will allow them to teach their own children about what a generous spirit truly is. You have made your children wise beyond their years as evidenced by your son's sage words about the meaning of life. I know Bill will be forever grateful for your kindness.

    Kat :)

  24. Oh A-M! My heart swells! What a loving and kind act. And what better way to impart a life lesson to your boys. Both Bill and you are blessed from this. May you and your boys have the "Christmas of your life" this year! Bill certainly will. Today I feel like driving down to West End myself to find Bill. Next time I am at the Art Shed I will grab some supplies for Bill

  25. Thanks for your lovely messages girls. Rozalicious - Riverside Drive, down near Victoria St. Early mornings are best. He goes walkabout when it gets hot. He would LOVE some more art supplies. A-M xx

  26. Beautiful story, it really is what Christmas should be about & such a lovely lesson for your boys. It really is amazing where some of life's best lessons are found. May you and your boys also have a beautiful Christmas Just as you have made sweet Bills!

  27. A-M , tears have come. I promise I will use that emotion to teach my children , the joy of giving in the way your family has done. Ill let you know how we go finding our "Bill' on the Gold Coast.
    Thankyou for this post. x

  28. Love how you've adopted Bill & that fruit looks amazing. What a beautiful life lesson your boys are experiencing through your kindness, fearlessness & generocity.
    I gasped when i drew YOU as the winner of my IKEA giveaway, congratulations. Love Posie

  29. You are one heck of a woman, and your sons are learning to be just like you. You make me want to do more to connect with others who are less fortunate. I hope you and your boys have a fabulous Christmas. You certainly deserve it.

  30. A-M
    As a fellow Brisbanite, I have been following your blog for ever so long.

    To date, I have never posted a comment regarding your blog but felt that I needed to on this occasion.

    Thank you - for reminding us of the true message of Christmas and best wishes to you and yours for this extraordinary gift that you have shared with us!

  31. You and your boys are so beautiful! I cried reading this post. Thank you for sharing this Christmas spirit with us.
    Wonderful lesson!
    Kisses from Brasil

  32. this post is pure love, joy and sharing. thank "you" for sharing it with us. what a lesson... for all of us.

    p.s. I just adore your boys...

  33. Totally a sweet and thoughtful gift to Bill and your boys.

  34. You made me cry. You are an amazing Woman A-M and you are bringing up two amazing men there. Their hearts are pure gold and it is all because of you.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your break.
    Merry Christmas Bill.
    Ness xx

  35. Puts it all in perspective. Thanks.

  36. "We are rich only through what we give and poor only through what we refuse"
    Anne-Sophie Swetchine

  37. Oh, crap. You made me cry. You are a very generous and special human being and your boys are lucky to be learning from such good active example. Precious.

  38. What an amaziong post, your boys are amazing....you are amazing. There is so much negativity surrounding boys and behaviour, it brightens my day everytime I read about your amazing boys. I am blessed to be the mother of two boys and really hope that I too can teach them to be good men as you are doing. Bill is one lucky man.

  39. A-M,
    With a lump in my throat and tears welling in my eyes and wet spots now on my key board!!!!.
    You and your boys are amazing.
    The meaning of life, gee has he got it all covered.
    You are a very lucky mum and they are even luckier to have mum a like you.
    You should be so proud. This has just made my day.
    After spending 15-16 hours a day over the last week and a half at the store "Doing Christmas". It suddenly gel's in just one sentence.
    Its 1 am and Im exhausted, but you have just given me the energy to do it all again tomorrow.
    Have a wonderful and joyous Christmas with your boys.
    Big Hug,
    Warm wishes Daryl Wark

  40. My teenager was pensive last night when we were contemplating the universe before bedtime. "Mum, I know what the meaning of life is". Goodness..... big statement from a 14 year old. He said, "it's what we did for Bill today".




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