Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Shout Out

Everybody is saying it..."Hasn't Christmas come around quickly this year"? Like every year. The year seems to gather momentum after March and then before you know it, you're getting the Christmas tree out from the back of the shed. 

As per usual, I have left everything until the last minute... so I am heading online to source gifts, avoiding all the Christmas crowds.... "and germs".... as Sheldon from 'The Big Bang Theory' would say (thanks to that show, my little one wants to be a physicist, thank you very much... or a Mathemetician.... still tossing up.. oh well, he's still only 9). I digress.

Soooo, I thought I'd do a shout out to all my lovely sponsors on my side bar and share with you some of my favourites from their stores..... seeing I am currently foraging through all their wares!

I found this gorgeous 'Black Linen Ruffle Cushion Cover' (above) over at 'The White Shed', for $40. It's also available in white and beige. Looks beautiful on both classical and modern pieces. You can find it HERE.

This 'Infinity Print', at 'Twine And Teacups', has long been a favourite of mine. All 'Twine and Teacups' prints are $29 and ready to frame. You can find the 'Infinity Print' HERE.

Over at the 'Decorating Emporium', I have my eye on this pretty 'Hampton's Blue Platter'. For $25, you can't go wrong. I think this would be perfect on a dresser, draped in jewels. I love keeping all my pretties laid out on a tray. You can find it HERE.

Julie-Ann at the Emporium also runs the very popular 'Decorating Forum'. She's a busy girl. Pop over and say hi at the 'Forum' HERE.

Look at this darling 'Mondo Cherry' artwork. This is one of their mini ones. Those girls are amazing. Every artwork is hand cut from vintage illustrations from damaged children's books. They have heaps to choose from, starting with the gorgeous little leaf one, HERE.

'Sam and I' has a beautiful range of children's pyjamas and lounge wear. Of course, I always make a beeline to the boys section, being a 'blue household' and all. My boys live in singlets when at home...too hot for shirts in the height of summer ..and their Mother won't let them walk around without shirts on. These boy's singlets are seriously stylish and Mimi even makes them up to Size 14, my big boys size! You can see Mimi's range HERE.

.. and last but not least, if you are wanting to splurge and 'self gift', why not get Katrina, at 'The Media Maid', to renovate your existing bloggy.... or create a brand new one! Nothing's too much trouble. She's wonderful to work with... sooo patient... and she still makes you feel like you know something even after you ask her really dumb questions about things you really should know after running a blog for 4 years.
Check out her vast portfolio HERE.

Righto, I'm online shopping today. I'm going to get this Christmas thing organised once and for all.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wonderful ideas for pressies A-Me. Next year I must be better organized, although I say this every year!

  2. I`m so happy to hear that I am not the only one. I have bought all of one present so far and done zero decorating.
    Such a pretty pillow and great poster, but I`m not suppose to be shopping for myself ack!! see so many things I`d like to have.

    Hope you get alot done today.


  3. Hi A-M, I've seen those ruffle cushions before and adore them. So glam. The black one is beautiful. Thanks for reminding me to buy one. We've bought lots of books for gifts this year. I don't know whether it's the fear of books becoming obsolete or the thrill of receiving a beautiful architecture or design title, but our tree looks like an unkept library with all the piles that are underneath it!
    Love your blog.
    Janelle McCulloch | Library of Design

  4. Oh looky! I am here! Thank you so much for mentioning me pretty lady. You're the best xo

  5. 'Tis the season of giving and even better than tips for where people should shop online is giving your bloggy friends a shout-out! Brilliant ideas A-M. Happy shopping!


  6. love the black linen cushion :) happy shopping with all the gorgeous on-line shops :)

  7. This is my second evening online shopping and I'm getting lost with all the amazing things out there.
    I have 'self gifted' from a few of the links that you've mentioned here - lots of lovely talented ladies in this blog world isn't there?

  8. Was I dreaming when I saw George Clooney hugging Katrina on the news yesterday morning? Seriously, was that her??

  9. Love the font on the print, great sentiment too. Love Posie

  10. Thanks for those few ideas A-M, they were all great Christmas gift suggestions.

    May I add that Katrina from the Media Maid was so quick and efficient to work with. Felt like we just bounced a few emails back and forth and my blog reno was complete!!! Have had great feedback re how cute it looks.

    Lou ; )
    http: //louwink.blogspot.com

  11. Louwink, I think I only saw one draft of my blog from katrina before I said, "yep". She just has this innate sense of what you want. Too easy. A-M xx


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