Thursday, December 8, 2011


Want to know which one of my Pinterest images gets repinned the most? This beauty.

Look at the pitch of that roof! I love the 'board and batton' exterior. Love the black and white contrast with the windows too. 

It's old I reckon.....and the lovely thing is, if maintained, it will still look beautiful in another one hundred years. I am sitting in one of those rocking chairs, on that porch, gazing out at those trees now as I type. If you squint your eyes, they could be gum trees and we could pretend that this beauty is in Australia somewhere.... Southern Highlands perhaps. BTW, I love L shaped porches! Gonna do an L shaped porch next time... with just a few steps up to it. That's a definite.

School holiday programme for today?
I am hoping the rain will clear up just for a bit we want to ride into town this morning and just 'hang out'... and eat some of that fabulous $2/ roll sushi that people line up down Adelaide St for. We'll get in early!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Beautiful home! My husband lines up most days in Adelaide street and now little Mia is hooked on it as well. Have a lovely day with your boys. Mimi xx

  2. Morning A-M,
    Have a lovely day with your boys. I hope the rain eases a little so you can all ride your bikes into town.

    Beautiful home.

    Lotsa Love xox

  3. Oh A-M, you are gonna be the death of me, or at least my pocketbook with all of the pretty homes you show on here!

    I hope you enjoy your sushi!

    Kat :)

  4. It is great sushi - worth the line up. Have a wonderful day.

  5. It has to be the best for grab and run sushi in Brisbane. Last time we visited the cue ran back to the plaza entrance.
    Hope you get your bike ride in guys.

  6. A beauty indeed, my 5 year old loves it too. Hey, is that The House front door featured in this month's Home Beautiful? Certainly looked familiar! Have a lovely day..Rachaelxx

  7. AM we are all sick- Mr FF has influenza (the real one not man flu) and is getting blood work to see if he also has whooping coug the baby is sick and awake all night, I am cheer me up by contributing to my Devil's work list- know you will have some fab ideas!

  8. Hope you are having an amazing time with your boys <3


  9. I can see why it does...drool, drool, drool!
    Hope you are well love
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer


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