Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happenings At Home

I have promised him and only him, the 'Good Chair' for his reading... to encourage more of it.

Well, so far so good. My boys first week of school holidays is going swimmingly. 

The boys agreed on my suggestion that we start the holidays completely computer game free.... just for a week... just like the olden days. I explained my reasons why, before they quite happily agreed (even the ADDICTED little one), sweeping my hand across dusty boardgames and shelves of wonderful kids books!!! They got the message loud and clear... and have been reading and board gaming, swimming in the pool, hanging out with girls by the pool, shooting nerf guns near the pool (much to the delight of Mr Cranky Supervisor)... go boys!... and I have even heard big son attempting to play the Pirates of the Carribbean theme on the piano. Get bored boys, get creative!

We sorted the shed.

Ended up getting it all out and then putting it all back on pallets. Big day. We deliberated over that new shed.... and in the end it was unanimous... to stay put and not move. The new shed just didn't have enough light. There wasn't even a power point nearby for a light. Major oversight. Little one picked that up! So we inspected the recesses of our shed for more water damage and then put everything back.
It's all so tidy. Just waiting for the next downpour. All safe on pallets though. 
So Scotty, I'm still hanging on to the 'prime shed real estate' site just down from you! ... and despite what you say, mine's more 'prime' I have the powerpoint... which you can borrow any time!

I was grateful big son's prep school album was so thick and absorbed most of the water so I could still rescue photos and awards. Small blessings.

Ol' wedding dress didn't fare too well. It was on the top of the shelves that captured all the water.
I won't bore you with photos of damaged stock and spectacular mould.... oh ok just one....

T'was a nice magazine rack. Maybe it's good to put some of these up for 'Mr Insurance Assessor'.

Puddles of the stuff.
At every level.
Aren't I lucky!... just as well I have honed my flood cleaning up skills over the past year.
This was a cinch to clean up really.

Wanna know what 'Mr Shed Supervisor, Floor Cleaner Upper, Pseudo Manager' said about this pile?
"Oh you could still sell them, just clean' em up a bit".
I hit the roof. 
He got me at weak moment, just 5 seconds after I had started pulling out the damaged stuff.
My boys had to calm me down. They're good boys.

A 'pretty' to erase the past nasty images from your retinas.
See that little round trinket box at the bottom?
My friend just brought that back for me from Hong Kong.
I will treasure it.

We're off to the dentist this morning, then the barber.
It doesn't get much more exciting than that.
It's raining... so I slept in (to like 5.30am ... miracle!)... and ditched my run.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. How very lucky to be allowed the 'chair' privilege. I would love to sit there with a book. Shame about that water damage to your stock - I do hope they compensate you. I am so happy for all of this rain, it has been so dry lately and we are on tank water - bring it on, but not for too long! Have a fun at the dentist, hope its all good news. ;-)

  2. Well the spectacular item in the magazine rack looks like it could be used in a bee hive, so I am amazed your brainless shed supervisor/manager didn't suggest it.I mean is he a **** or what Ggrrr.
    On a lighter note what a gorgeous little trinket box.Thank goodness for good friends & awesome sons.

  3. "Oh you could still sell them, just clean' em up a bit".

    He deserves to buy them...

  4. I so feel for you, A-M. It's heart breaking seeing water damage on all of your personal things. I try and erase the memory of my storage shed flood, but there is always a book with curly pages, a couch with a tell-tale water stain, or a swolen piece of furniture. It does get easier, though. Glad you are enjoying the school holidays, mine have 2 weeks left until they break up (waaay too close to Christmas if you ask me, but gives me a few extra 'shopping' days!!)

  5. That butterfly! OH! Love!
    PS> Bearded dragon not happening :( NSW laws too hard, none locally and would have to fly one in and the project was nearing $1000. Gasp!

  6. What? No bearded dragon for Christmas? I'm so sad about that. Maybe we could keep one of our eggs alive and smuggle one down to Wagga... but now that I have published this comment the 'wildlife people' will be on to me quick smart. A-M xx

  7. No, not all your lovely stuff. Our garage has flooded twice this year so know the hassle however on the up side think about that lovely insurance cheque you'll get to replace everything he,he

  8. I'm really sad I can't get one. But I drew the line at going to the airport to pick one up and paying for the flight hahahahaha. My husband was like, no way Katrina, get a grip! So it's going to be a ping pong table instead.

  9. OK that is some Hardcore Mould. Poor poor you.

    The Universe will grant you lots of luck soon x

  10. I love the fabric on your chair AM - I too would love to curl up there and read...and I hope the issues with the water damage and insurance are resolved quickly for you.

  11. Oh it was hard to see the pics of all that damage. Thanks for the pretties at the end! I still remember that wonderful sight of The Chair, still dry and up on the bed.

    Your boys are so cool and very resourceful. I followed your model of no gaming during the school week and it works very well.

  12. OMG I dread to think what his home looks like with a comment like that (scarry).
    So glad you moved out to your drier storage good boys for helping love the blue butterfly :))

  13. I've had a big day and only now reading the blog at 10pm so I'm guessing you are sound asleep.
    Can't believe the manager said to sell the damaged goods...clueless!
    The trinket box is cute and looks right at home on your table, glad you like it sweets.

  14. What a great way to start off school vacation ~ I used to treasure the days I had to just sit in my PJ's and read books. Someday when my reading for school is done I'll go back to the same.

    So sorry about the flood damage but you really do have the best outlook on it all. Have a lovely week A-M!


  15. Isn't it wonderful when children use their imaginations for play. Whilst I really love this new techie world I worry about kids whose parents don't help them to stretch their own minds.
    Sorry so much was damaged hopefully you have a good insurance man!

  16. Good on the boys for agreeing to go game free for a week. They are such good boys.
    What a pity about the stock. So annoying for you:(. I bet you are an expert at cleaning up after floods. You and most of Queensland:(.
    Enjoy the holidays with your lovely boys. They grow up too quickly:(. Mine is still planning on leaving home in February:(. I will be cherishing every moment until then.


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