Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Goodness it's hard not to blog every day. I have so much to say but I am forcing myself to have a break from my blog. Apparently it is supposed to be good for me. I still wake with the birds and not tending to my blog at that time, I find myself ironing and sorting and drinking way too many Nespressos.

So, this isn't really a blog post... I'm not really here ... so carry on with whatever you were doing.

Oh, I will say though, that I am out and about looking at real estate. Hoping to find these bargains that all the experts are saying are out there. Best time to buy, ra, ra. Not inner city I'm afraid. Same/higher prices than the boom 2 years ago. I'm looking for a knock down/removal house so I can build again and I'm also looking for somewhere to live in the meantime as we're being turfed out of here very soon.

Ok, had my fix. Back to my break. One more day I reckon and then I'll be back!
Missing you.



  1. What an adorable cottage, with lovely big windows too, not a combo you find often in the UK. Best wishes for a wonderful 2012. Belinda x

  2. AM I squealed with delight when i clicked on your site tonight to see a new post.Enjoy the rest of your bloggy break and we look forward to seeing you real soon. Love Nataliexx

  3. Ah, loving your *non-post*, A-M. I'll take my fix any way I can! Keep them coming, Sweets ☺. J x

  4. Miss you too A-M!

    Enjoy the last day of your bloggy break....see ya soon


  5. hehe! I know what you not here either ;0)
    Ness xx
    Marley & lockyer

  6. I miss you too! My day isn't the same without an email from you in my inbox. xxx

  7. Blog or iron!!! Is there really a choice to be made here?
    Hope you find that bargain very soon! xxx

  8. Like Natalie, I was so excited when I saw that you'd written a new post, even if it was only a "faux post"! Don't rush back to blog world if you need a little break, but do know that we miss you!
    Janelle McCulloch

  9. Sounds exciting - do tell if you find something! :-)

  10. Glad you weren't really here! ;-)

    I hope you find that perfect knock down so that we can follow along as your work your magic!

    No reading comments either!!!

    Kat :)

  11. I know that trying to take a break from the computer is suppose to be healing, but when all your buddies are here it gets lonely. Glad to see you today A-M.
    I love love this little cottage. I want it!
    How exciting that you are thinking about building again. I would love to have my house built,but it would never get done. I would be changing things all the time. The contractors would hate me. Heh!
    We have some fabulous knock down house bargains out here A-M. But, sadly it is because of the flood we suffered several months ago. And Upstate NY isn't really in your neighborhood. Hahaha! Great deals though for those that can rebuild.
    Hope you have a great evening.



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